Is Envato Elements Worth It? How & Why to Give It a Try

For many years, Envato Elements has been the go-to platform for many professional designers to find everything from high-quality graphic templates to premium fonts and various other creative assets.

However, with access to AI platforms and tools that are able to generate design resources with text prompts, do you even need to have a subscription to a marketplace like Envato Elements? We’re going to find out!

In this blog post, we dive deep into what Envato Elements offers, exploring its features and benefits as well as pros and cons to see if it’s worth subscribing to Envato Elements.

Let’s get started.

What is Envato Elements?

envato elements

Envato Elements is a subscription-based online marketplace for digital design resources and assets. You can find everything you need for your graphic design, web design, photography, and video editing projects all in one place on this platform.

The marketplace hosts items in many different categories from premium fonts to Photoshop templates, Lightroom presets, stock photos, Premiere Pro templates, sound effects, PowerPoint templates, and everything in between.

Every item on Envato Elements is created by professional individual creators and design studios and they are quite unique from one another.

And you can access all those assets for a single price.

What Do You Get With Envato Elements Subscription?

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So, is Envato Elements worth it? What do you even get with the subscription? Here are some of the biggest benefits you get from the monthly subscription.

Unlimited Downloads

Before Envato Elements, you had to buy premium design assets individually. For example, if you were to use two premium fonts and a high-quality stock image to design a poster, it would normally cost around $50 bucks or sometimes even more. But, not anymore!

Now, you can access thousands of fonts, stock photos, and all kinds of other creative assets for a single monthly subscription. And you can download as many items as you want!

More Than 18,000,000 Design Resources

Envato Elements hosts more than 18 million assets on the marketplace and it’s growing every day. What makes it even more impressive is the quality of these items.

Envato carefully reviews each item before publishing them on the platform and its authors are vetted to make sure the items they upload are up to industry standards. This ensures that each and every design resource you download is worth what you pay for.


Having access to millions of design resources can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding the right items for your projects. Envato Elements introduced a new AI-Search function as a solution to this problem.

With AI-Search, you can enter what kind of project you’re working on and what kind of items you’re looking for, and then the AI will scan the entire Envato Elements directory to find you the best items that match your project.

WordPress & Premiere Pro Extensions

Envato Elements also offers two useful extensions for its users. The WordPress extension allows you to access all the premium and free Elementor template kits directly from the WordPress dashboard.

The Premiere Pro extension is perfect for video editors as it lets you browse and add stock video, music, and sound effects to your timeline without having to leave the software.

Simple, Straightforward Licensing

Unlike most other marketplaces, that have sophisticated licensing plans with restricted use, Envato Elements has a very simple, single commercial licensing model for all of its items.

Every item you download from the platform gets a commercial license. You can use it in your client projects, advertisements, YouTube videos, and basically in any project you want.

Even if you decide to cancel the subscription, you can continue to use the items that you downloaded. However, you will need to register them again if you want to use them in a new project.

Free Downloads

Every month, Envato Elements gives away a bunch of free design resources. These items are available to everyone, even for free accounts. You can use these in a single project.

Pros of Using Envato Elements

There are many benefits to using Envato Elements. Some of the best uses are:

  • Having access to millions of all kinds of premium design assets in one place will save you time and money
  • A very cost-effective solution for freelancers
  • Help your clients save a huge chunk of their budget that otherwise spent on premium design assets
  • Find specific items fast using the AI-Search function
  • Uncomplicated licensing makes it easier to keep track of your downloads

Cons of Using Envato Elements

Of course, there are some downsides to using Envato Elements, such as:

  • Having to register items every time you use them in a project can be inconvenient at times
  • With millions of items and new items added daily, some of the designs will look a bit generic or outdated
  • The price difference between the monthly and yearly commitment

How to Try Envato Elements & Pricing Plans

The best way to try Envato Elements is to first sign up for a free account. This will allow you to access monthly free downloads. As well as the dashboard for managing your downloads, collections, and especially the AI-search option.

Once you get a feel of the platform, you can upgrade to a premium plan. For individuals, the subscription starts at $33 per month. However, you can save 50% of that price when paying annually, which drops the price to $16.50 per month, or $198 per year.

If you’re a student, you can get another 30% discount on top of that at only $11.50 per month.

There are also plans for teams and enterprises. Teams plans start at $29 per month for up to 2 members, $37.25 per month for 3 members, $45.50 for 4 members, and so on.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

The main benefit of having access to a marketplace like Envato Elements is convenience. Rather than having to jump between multiple marketplaces and paying huge sums for each and every download, you will only have to pay once to find all sorts of design resources in one place.

As you can imagine, it will save you lots of money and a ton of time that you can re-invest into making your work shine brighter than a diamond.

Whether you’re a beginning freelancer or an experienced designer, you should always have a go-to place for downloading high-quality creative assets. And Envato Elements serves that purpose quite perfectly.