10+ Most Useful AI Tools to Improve Your Business in 2024

Growing and improving a business is all about innovation and finding the right tools to do things better, faster, and more efficiently. And that’s exactly what this post is about.

Today, we will guide you through a list of the best AI tools for business management and automation. These tools will help improve many aspects of your business as well as reduce costs and save time.

Even though you can’t replace humans with AI (at least not yet), they offer ways to supercharge sales, marketing, customer service, and various other areas of your business. And they are especially useful for small businesses.

Let’s dive in and discover how these AI tools can boost your business.

1. Marketo Engage (for Marketing Automation)

Marketo Engage

Adobe’s Marketo Engage is one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms available. It’s widely used by various types of businesses ranging from small to large for automating the B2B sales and marketing process.

Marketo can handle many different stages of the business marketing process, including lead management, email marketing, and more. And they all get managed with Adobe Sensei GenAI.

With the Marketo AI system, you can create chatbots to speak in your brand’s tone and personality. It can help prepare sales agents for meetings. Build predictive audiences and segments. Build best-fit accounts lists. And much more.

2. Salesforce Einstein (for Sales & Marketing)

Salesforce einstein

Salesforce is an industry-leading platform that enables businesses to manage customer relationships, interactions, marketing, and sales data. Its new Einstein AI takes the platform’s capabilities to a new level.

Salesforce AI utilizes your customer data to create more engaging and impactful experiences for your customers. It is capable of writing more effective emails using customer data to sell products, solve customer issues faster, create personalized customer journeys to increase sales, and more.

The platform also has an AI assistant called Einstein Copilot that helps you manage your CRM even better and more efficiently.

3. Zendesk Chat (for Customer Service)

zendesk chat

Not every business can afford 24/7 customer service. In fact, most businesses can’t even afford live chat services. Zendesk offers a very convenient AI platform to help those businesses.

Zendesk Chat is an AI-powered customer service platform that not only allows you to setup and automate 24/7 customer support but it can handle various other tasks too.

Zendesk claims its AI to be much more advanced than just a chatbot. It’s capable of helping customers with product returns, answering questions, sending personalized replies, and even helping your agents find better solutions.

4. Jasper (for Content Creation)


Jasper is an intelligent AI assistant that will boost your marketing efforts by helping you come up with better copy and content ideas.

You can use Jasper to come up with more effective and highly optimized copy for your marketing campaigns, product pages, website homepage, and much more. You can also use it to craft SEO-optimized content for your blog and social media posts.

Jasper allows you to build a knowledge base full of company info so that it can write and reply in your brand’s voice, helping you to create more personalized and engaging content.

5. ClickUp Brain (for Project Management)

clickup brain

ClickUp is a popular project management tool that makes things easier for managing projects, and tasks, and tracking progress in one place. The platform now has AI-powered features that make project management even easier.

ClickUp Brain utilizes an AI Knowledge Manager, AI Project Manager, and AI Writer to speed up project management tasks and solve problems.

With AI Knowledge Manager, the platform helps you find answers to your work-related questions instantly, without having to call your boss.

With the AI Project Manager, you can automate tasks and progress updates as well as status reports. The AI Writer for Work is simply a supercharged writing assistant for all your work-related documents and copywriting.

6. Reclaim AI (for Scheduling Meetings)

reclaim ai

Reclaim AI is a smart, AI-powered calendar app that allows you to schedule meetings and manage a better work-life balance.

This app is capable of various tasks from organizing your meetings to managing habits, syncing calendars, time-tracking, and much more. With the help of its AI, you can easily create Smart Meetings with specific instructions. It will also help you intelligently create time slots to manage long-term projects. As well as create smart daily timetables for a healthy work-life experience.

7. Document360 (for Knowledge Bases)


A knowledge base is a must-have feature for all businesses. It not only helps customers find answers to their questions and problems but also allows you to reduce customer support tickets and provide better customer service.

Document360 is a platform that allows you to create more advanced knowledge base systems. The key feature of this platform is its AI which helps your customers find solutions much faster with features like AI Article Summarizer, provides more accurate answers, related article suggestions, and more.

It also has many useful features on the backend side to help you create knowledgebase articles more efficiently.

8. Darktrace ActiveAI (for Cyber Security)


Darktrace is a platform that allows you to protect your data from hackers and various attacks. This platform uses a powerful AI system to secure your cloud, apps, email, network, and much more to provide intelligent protection for your business.

Darktrace ActiveAI is a self-learning AI tool that learns from your day-to-day activities to better itself and anticipate risks ahead of time to help you find the right tools to protect your company data.

9. HireVue (for Recruitment)


HireVue is a hiring platform that provides businesses with tools to make their recruitment and hiring process much more efficient by using powerful AI tools to treat candidates better and identify the best talent for your team.

The HireVue AI Hiring Assitant works 24/7 to help candidates figure out the right job opportunities for them as well as to automate scheduling interviews, analyze and assess candidates for faster hiring, and much more.

10. Beautiful AI (for Presentations)

beautiful ai presentations

If you spend hours designing beautiful slideshows for your business meeting presentations, you’ll find this AI tool quite useful.

Beautiful AI is an AI-powered presentation-making tool that can be used to quickly design effective business presentations without effort. All you have to do is pick a template, add your information, and the AI will take over from there to design the best and most beautiful slides suitable for your topic.

11. ChatGPT CustomGPTs (for Ideation & More)

chatgpt customgpts

We didn’t forget about ChatGPT. Even though ChatGPT works more like a general chatbot, the custom GPTs allow you to turn it into different types of AI assistants capable of specific tasks.

Whether you want to quickly scan and summarize PDFs, analyze competitors, find ideas for your next marketing campaign, or even write website copy, there are many different CustomGPTs you can use for various tasks in your business.

12. Google Gemini (for Email Management & More)

gemini ai

Google’s Gemini AI chatbot works similarly to ChatGPT, however, Gemini is deeply integrated into Google’s ecosystem. This makes the Gemini AI much more useful in your daily business activities.

For example, you can find Gemni AI in Gmail to quickly summarize long emails for you. Generate copy in Google Docs. Or even design presentations in Google Slides.


These are just a few of the most useful AI tools for business you can use to improve your workflow. There are many other AI tools and platforms you can use to automate more work and tasks to turn your business into an innovative company.

You can also find much cheaper alternatives to all of the platforms we’ve mentioned in the list. So be sure to test and experiment with these tools to find the right AI tools for your business.