10 Best AI Tools for SEO & Content Optimization in 2024

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing field and as a professional, you should always adapt according to the trends in this industry.

Especially with the advancements in AI and the new Google algorithm updates you now need to drastically change your methods and techniques in order to get better rankings for your content and websites. Thankfully, there are lots of amazing new AI tools available to help you achieve that goal.

Today, we take a look at some of the best AI tools for SEO that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help analyze and optimize your content to create better and more effective SEO strategies.

Dive in and see if you can use any of these tools in your workflow.

1. Surfer SEO

surfer seo

Surfer SEO quickly became one of the go-to AI tools for SEO experts, as it provides an all-in-one solution for automating various aspects of the content optimization process.

Surfer SEO includes several useful AI tools, including keyword research, an AI outline generator for articles, a content editor, and more. The highlight of the platform is the Surfer AI, which is capable of generating fully optimized articles within seconds.

Main Features

  • Ability to generate SEO-optimized articles using AI
  • Use AI to create outlines for articles
  • Keyword research topics that are suitable for your audience
  • Use AI Detector to “humanize” AI-generated articles
  • Audit existing content and optimize it for SEO


Pricing plans for Surfer SEO start at $89 per month. This plan includes the Keyword Research feature and allows you to write and optimize up to 30 articles with AI. To access the Audit feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the $129 per month plan.

2. Jasper


Jasper markets itself as an AI copilot for enterprises. Part of its marketing tools includes an SEO mode with access to tools for writing and optimizing your content to rank higher on search engines.

With Jasper, you get to create a unique brand voice and style that matches your business’ identity. This allows you to create content using the AI that fits your brand and resonates with your audience.

Main Features

  • Create high-quality research-based AI articles
  • Use your brand voice and style in your creations
  • Generate AI images to go along with your content
  • Chrome extension and Google Docs integration
  • Prompt library with 500+ prompts to generate better content


Pricing for Jasper starts at $39 per month, this includes access to AI article writing tools and access to SEO mode. The Pro plan includes more features and costs $59 per month.

3. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is an advanced AI SEO software that you can use to create a complete content strategy for your business and automates a big part of that process.

With MarketMuse, you can do a full competitive content analysis and content audits to find out how to optimize your strategy. As well as do keyword research, content planning, content clusters, and optimizing articles, all with the help of AI.

Main Features

  • See what competitors are doing differently with competitive content analysis
  • Find the best keywords to optimize your content
  • Create content clusters to build topical authority
  • Create content plans with page-level insights
  • Find and optimize low-quality content


MarketMuse offers a free plan that gives you up to 10 search queries per month. Premium plans start at $149 per month and it includes full page-level insights and 100 search queries per month.

4. HubSpot


HubSpot is a platform that specializes in CRM and marketing. The platform also added a bunch of useful AI-powered tools to make business marketing campaigns even more effective.

Similar to Jasper, HubSpot also allows you to create a brand voice that’s capable of generating consistent content according to your brand identity. It also has tools to help optimize your existing content and web pages. As well as for generating unique SEO content, among many others.

Main Features

  • Draft and generate content using AI content writer
  • Generate meta descriptions and call to actions using AI
  • Create content according to your brand voice
  • Plan your content strategy and optimize content for SEO
  • Manage and organize your campaigns in one place


HubSpot has a free plan that gives you limited access to some of its AI features and free tools. Paid plans start at $15 per month and it includes the AI assistants. However, you will need the $450 per month plan to access all of its features.

5. Frase


Frase is a simple yet powerful AI SEO optimization tool that allows you to turn your keywords into full-fledged SEO-optimized articles instantly.

Frase is capable of helping you with 4 stages of SEO content creation: Research, Outline, Write, and Optimize. In each stage, the Frase AI will help you with suggestions and guidance on creating content that will rank at the top of SERPs.

Main Features

  • Quickly generate SEO articles using your keywords
  • Create and re-use templates to generate articles faster
  • Optimize articles to rank better
  • Integration with Google Docs and WordPress


Frase pricing plans start at $15 per month, which includes up to 10 search queries per month. It also includes SERP analysis, outline builder, and content optimization. There are also plans at $45 per month and $115 per month with better features.

6. INK


INK describes itself as the “world’s best AI content assistant”. It’s an AI-powered platform that includes several useful tools to help your SEO projects.

In addition to AI-powered keyword research and content writing tools, INK also features an AI assistant that is capable of creating copy for anything you want. It also has a tool called AI Content Shield, which helps you optimize content to avoid AI penalties.

Main Features

  • Do keyword research to find the best keywords using AI
  • Find keyword clusters to grow topical authority
  • Write and optimize AI articles for SEO
  • Improve AI articles to sound more like humans
  • Generate images for blog posts using AI


INK costs $39 per month with an annual commitment. It includes unlimited AI writing, SEO articles, and AI image generation. For teams and agencies, there’s a plan at $99 per month that gives access to more users.

7. SEO.ai


SEO.ai is an AI writing tool that’s trained to generate SEO-optimized content. It features tools for powerful keyword research, article generation, and optimization in one place.

The AI assistant in SEO.ai provides you with sophisticated tools to create fully SEO-optimized articles with automated internal links, title and outline suggestions, paraphrasing, as well as optimizing the articles to perform better on SERPs.

Main Features

  • Built-in AI chat assistant to help you create better SEO articles
  • AI suggestions on placing internal links
  • Titles and outlines generated using AI
  • Generate 2,000-word AI articles with one click
  • Optimize articles with keywords


The Basic plan for SEO.ai starts at $49 per month and it allows you to generate up to 10 AI articles and do 40 content audits. There are also plans at $99 per month and $199 per month with better benefits.

8. Alli AI


Alli AI is another powerful content optimization platform that’s most suitable for marketing agencies and enterprises. The platform provides you with some powerful tools but at a hefty price tag.

Alli AI works a bit differently from other AI SEO tools on our list. First, you integrate Alli AI into your website using a code snippet, then it analyzes your website and content to offer content recommendations, and then you can approve the changes to deploy the improvements in minutes.

Main Features

  • Fully automated AI tool for analyzing, improving, and optimizing entire websites
  • Works with WordPress, Shopify, and any other CMS
  • Do keyword research, create content, and manage your SEO campaigns
  • Create custom automations according to your needs


Alli AI pricing plans start at $299 per month and it allows you to manage 5 websites, 500 AI credits, 500 keywords, and 2500 keyword ranking updates. There are also plans at $599 and $1,199 per month for bigger agencies.

9. Scalenut


Scalenut is an all-in-one content creation and marketing platform that provides you with a bunch of AI tools to supercharge your SEO campaigns.

This platform has several useful tools to take you from the planning stage to creating content and optimizing in just a few steps. With just one click, Scalenut allows you to generate an entire keyword plan with blog ideas and topic clusters. Then you can also write articles fully optimized for SEO.

Main Features

  • Create a full keyword plan with one click
  • Do competitor analysis and discover key insights
  • Write SEO articles and optimize for keywords
  • Create content to match your brand voice and style
  • Audit and optimize existing pages


Scalenut costs $39 per month for the Essential plan, which includes 100,000 AI words, up to 5 AI SEO articles, and AI image generations. For unlimited AI words, you can switch to the $79 per month or the $149 per month plan.

10. ChatGPT

chatgpt customgpts

OpenAI’s ChatGPT needs no introduction. It’s the platform that kickstarted the AI revolution that we see today. ChatGPT is a powerful chatbot capable of many tasks, including writing SEO-optimized content.

The best feature of ChatGPT is the ability to program your chats with personas. For example, you can program a chat or create a custom GPT as an SEO expert. It will then help you create content and research topics with a focus on improving SEO.

Main Features

  • Custom GPTs programmed for SEO
  • Ability to program your chats according to your needs
  • Create more sophisticated SEO articles
  • Ability to generate AI images using DALL-E
  • More flexibility in generating AI articles and images


ChatGPT free version allows you to access the older GPT3.5 version. To access the latest versions of ChatGPT, you can subscribe to the $20 per month paid plan.


Of course, even in SEO, you need to avoid over-optimizing your content and websites. Using too many of these AI SEO tools will lead you to do just that.

While we encourage you to test and experiment with a couple of these tools, you should be mindful not to over-optimize. Keep in mind, your target audience is humans, after all.