Cool Blue Modern Lightroom Presets

Make your photos stand out with Cool Blue Modern Lightroom Presets.

Make your photos stand out with Cool Blue Modern Lightroom Presets. Sporting a refreshing blend of blue and violet hues, these presets are excellent for enhancing the unique features of your snapshots. The bundle contains 10 singular presets, with an impressive focus on enhancing portrait shots.

Each Cool Blue Lightroom Preset provides a visually appealing and modern cool-tone finish to your images. Imagine, with just a few clicks, you can transform your ordinary shots into professional-grade photos. These presets are adaptable, featuring a range of slightly distinct color and tonal variations designed to give you the perfect look for any image.

Recommended for outdoor weddings, portraits, lifestyle shots, fashion, and still-life photography, these presets offer versatility. The adjustments are easy to make, further allowing photographers of all levels to edit their images vibrantly. Jump into the realm of professional editing with this enticing set of presets today.

Details & Features

  • Bundle includes 10 distinct Lightroom presets (.dng)
  • Works on both RAW and JPEG images
  • Flexible and fully customizable to fit your style
  • Slight variations in color and tone for the perfect finish
  • Suitable for a range of photographic styles
  • Includes PDF Installation Instructions

Why We Like It

We believe in the transformative power of these presets. In a few simple steps, your ordinary photos can exhale an aura of professional sophistication. The blend of cool blue and violet hues is not only trendy but also versatile. Plus, with different tonal variations to choose from, we are confident this pack offers something for everyone.