Film Look VSCO Presets for Lightroom

This is precisely what the bundle of Film Look VSCO Presets for Lightroom achieves.

Imagine infusing your digital photographs with the charm and elegance of old school film styles. This is precisely what the bundle of Film Look VSCO Presets for Lightroom achieves. This bundle of over 50 distinct effects is designed to lend a vintage, retro look to your images, along with other stylish VSCO-inspired presets.

The Film Look collection isn't just about adding charm to your photos, it's also about making them stand out. Crafted meticulously by professional designers, these presets can transform your photographs into striking works of art. Be it a black and white effect or a minimalist look, these presets have it all covered to meet your unique artistic vision.

As an added bonus, using the Film Look Presets is a walk in the park. It boils down to a simple click to instil your photos with a specific mood or style. Despite the simplicity, the presets provide significant flexibility, letting you modify every setting to harness unlimited creative potential. With features that provide incredible value, these presets are undoubtedly a must-have for any photographer.

Details & Features

  • Over 50 diverse Lightroom presets
  • Includes retro, film, black and white, minimal, and other VSCO-inspired presets
  • Mouse-made & professionally designed presets
  • Easy to use, with just one-click application
  • Offers flexibility to tweak individual settings
  • Excellent value for money
  • Compatible with Lightroom and Photoshop Camera RAW

Why We Like It

We stand behind the Film Look VSCO Presets for their ability to breathe life into any photograph with stunning film-like quality. The diverse preset options coupled with ease of use and customization possibilities make it a powerful toolkit for photographers. The vintage charm and professional-grade design make it an asset worth investing in.