50+ Best Pages Resume & CV Templates 2024

If you’re using Apple Pages to design your CV or resume, this is a great handpicked collection of resume templates to get you started fast. Some of these cost a few dollars, and some are completely free!

Did you know that 98% of all resumes received for a job gets eliminated during the initial screening process? This means you only have a 2% chance of getting through to the interview stage.

As you can imagine, the design and the content of your resume play a crucial role in helping you get the attention of the hiring managers and have a chance at landing an interview. Your resume is the one thing that may help you get your dream job.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a designer to make a professional resume. You can simply download a pre-designed resume template and easily edit to make it your own.

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4 Tips for Creating a Resume Using Pages

Apple’s default word processing app, Pages comes with a set of useful tools and features that allows you to easily create documents like resumes with ease. These tips will make that process much easier for you.

1. Get a Better Template

When creating a resume in Pages, you get to choose from a set of default resume/cv templates that comes with the app. Needless to say, you should avoid using these default templates if you want to ever win a job interview.

The default resume templates included in Pages are way too outdated and have terrible designs that will only hurt your chances of getting a job.

Thankfully you can download and use third-party templates made by professionals instead. Be sure to grab a free or a premium resume template and upload it in Pages to create your resume.

2. Use Proper Formatting

Formatting the paragraphs, adding bullet points, dividing information to different sections, and designing the content layout of the resume is the most important part of making your resume look more professional.

If you’re using a great resume template then you probably won’t have to worry about the content formatting. However, it’s always best to optimize the layout to match your industry and your skills as well as your personality.

3. Change to a Professional Font

The font you use play a key role in your resume design. While there are many great default fonts you can use in your resume, using a unique or a premium font can make your entire resume look unique and stand out from the crowd.

4. Use Persistent and Minimal Design

Try to keep a minimal overall design. Use fewer colors to avoid making your resume look amateurish and be persistent when using fonts, headings, and even when writing the resume copy.

Top Pick

Minimalist Pages Resume Template

Minimalist Pages Resume Template

This Pages resume template is perfect for designing a stylish CV while also crafting a cover letter and a reference letter with matching minimalist designs.

The template is available in multiple file formats. You can edit it using Pages, MS Word, and Adobe InDesign as well. It includes a 2-page resume template, cover letter, and reference letter templates.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The clean and minimal design of this stylish resume template makes it a great choice for making resumes for creative professionals as well as for applying to corporate positions. This multipurpose design is what makes it special.

Minimal Resume CV for Apple Pages

resume template

Regardless of the industry you’re in, this resume template will always have your back. It features a minimal, no-frills design that feels right at home in strictly professional setups. It’s a two pages resume template with matching cover and reference letters.

Elegant Resume Template for Apple Pages

resume template

Here we have another elegant-looking template specially designed to cater to the resume needs of minimalists. It features a classy design that no recruiter will be able to say no to, and is compatible with Pages, InDesign, and Word.

Stylish Resume for Apple Pages

resume template

Next up is an effortlessly stylish resume template that’s sure to draw your interviewer’s attention, and keep it there. It comes with a two-page design accompanied by a matching cover letter and reference letter, ensuring you have everything you need to land the job of your dreams.

Creative Pages Resume Template for Freelancers

Creative Pages Resume Template for Freelancers

This creative Apple Pages resume template features a unique horizontal-style layout. It allows you to display your skills, experience, and other information in a completely different way. It’s perfect for freelancers and artists.

Free Pages Resume Template for Designers

Free Pages Resume Template for Designers

This free Pages resume template comes with a simple design where you can briefly explain your skills and experience. It’s most suitable for students and professionals applying for internships.

Free Civil Engineer CV Pages Resume Template

Free Civil Engineer CV Pages Resume Template

Another simple and free Pages resume template with a minimalist design. This resume is made with civil engineers in mind but you can easily customize the layout to make CVs for other professionals.

Professional Apple Pages Resume CV Template

resume template

This resume template is all you need to make a lasting impression on potential clients. It features a stylized but not flashy design making it a perfect fit for almost any job position out there. We highly recommend you try out this template if you truly value standing out from the pack.

Patrizia Resume CV for Apple Pages

resume template

Patrizia is a beautifully crafted resume template that can be fully customized in Apple Pages, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word. It offers a clean, and modern layout guaranteed to help your job application stand out, and can be used for nearly any industry.

Creative Resume CV for Apple Pages

Creative Resume CV for Apple Pages

If you’re a creative professional looking to make a unique resume, start with this template. It comes with a clean and creative design featuring subtle colors, icons, and shapes that makes up for a beautiful design. The template includes 2-page layouts along with a cover letter template.

Simple Resume for Apple Pages

resume template

Here we have a minimal, and professional resume template that will really help you get hired. It can be customized to your specific requirements in Apple pages, Microsoft Word, and Adobe InDesign. Download it right away, or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Free Apple Pages Resume Template

resume template

Check out this incredibly unique and stylish resume template with a matching cover letter perfectly fitting for your next job opportunity. The best thing about this template is that it can be downloaded for free.

Elegant Resume CV for Apple Pages

resume template

Still not found the right resume template for your needs? The above-featured product might be able to tempt you. It comes with a simple, and classy design that will work for virtually any business or industry under the sun. Don’t hesitate to take this truly impressive template for a spin.

Free Professional Resume for Apple Pages

resume template

If you’re looking for a job in the banking, and finance sector, this resume template can come in very handy. It has a formal and strictly professional design that can be molded to your heart’s content. Do check it out.

Minimalist Resume CV for Apple Pages

resume template

Next up is a versatile resume template fully editable in Apple Pages, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word. Use it for any job position, and it will satisfy you every single time.

Professional Apple Pages Resume Template

Professional Apple Pages Resume Template

This resume template is perfect for applying for a corporate job. It has an elegant and professional design that will surely attract attention. The template includes 3 page designs, including one for the cover letter. All templates are available in Apple Pages, Word, and InDesign formats.

Company CV & Resume for Apple Pages

Company CV & Resume for Apple Pages

This template mixes elements from both modern and minimal designs to create a stylish layout. The template is suitable for all kinds of professionals. And it comes in multiple file formats, including Apple Pages, Word, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and more.

Pastley – Feminine CV & Resume Pages Template

Pastley - Feminine CV & Resume Pages Template

This template is also available in multiple file formats. And it also sports a beautiful feminine design. It’s perfect for making resumes for professionals who work in the beauty, fashion, and design industries. The template can be customized to change colors and fonts as well.

Minimalist Resume Template for Apple Pages

Minimalist Resume Template for Apple Pages

If you prefer to use completely minimalist designs, this Apple Pages resume is for you. It comes with a clean design without any colors, shapes, or fancy layouts. It can be customized with Illustrator and MS Word as well.

Modern Resume Template for Apple Pages

Modern Resume Template for Apple Pages

This Apple Pages template is perfect for marketers and freelancers. It features a simple layout where you can effectively highlight your skills and services as well as experience. The template is available in US Letter and A4 size.

Alison – Apple Pages Resume Template

Alison - Apple Pages Resume Template

Alison is a beautifully minimalist resume template that features a stylish content layout. Even though it doesn’t use colors or shapes, the formatting of the design creates a very professional look for the CV. The template comes in Word and InDesign formats as well.

Esther – Professional Resume Template for Pages

Esther - Professional Resume Template for Pages

Esther is another minimalist resume template. This one, however, uses creative shapes, dividers, and a profile photo to create a modern look and feel. The template is fully customizable and includes 3 page designs.

Blue Creative Apple Pages CV & Resume Template

Blue Creative Apple Pages CV & Resume Template

This resume template is most suitable for creative designers as it comes with many visual elements. You can add a profile photo and use visuals to showcase your experience. The template is available in Word, Apple Pages, PowerPoint, and various other formats.

Simple Apple Pages Resume Template

Simple Apple Pages Resume Template

Another simple Apple Pages template featuring a modern design. This template is ideal for making a resume without too many visual elements. It’s fully customizable and you can easily change colors as well.

Modern Resume Template

If you truly want your CV to move to the top of the stack, give this template a shot. It comes with a neat, modern design, resume and cover letter layout, free fonts, a guide to help you skate through the customization process, and friendly customer support. What’s not to like?

Free Resume Template

Next up we have a resume template that will double the chances of landing your dream job. The template comes in a clean, and modern A4 size print-ready format, and is compatible with Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Big Set of Professional Resumes

If you’d like to have more than one option to choose from when picking a design for your resume, start by downloading this bundle. This is a pack of 6 professionally crafted resume templates. It includes a total of 169 files with each template in Apple Pages, MS Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop compatible file formats.

Clean Resume Template with 10 Pages

This is a beautiful resume template designed specifically for graphic designers and web designers. The resume comes with a 10-page design and includes 5 special pages for highlighting your portfolio with images. In addition, it also features a cover letter and an experience page as well. The template can be edited using Apple Pages, InDesign, or MS Word.

Anthology Resume CV Template

A yet another multi-format resume template that’s ideal for creatives. The template features a colorful 4-page design with a fully customizable layout. It’s also available in Apple Pages, MS Word, InDesign, Illustrator, and Sketch app file formats. The template also comes bundled with a Photoshop action for giving your profile photo a special effect to match with the template design.

Unique Resume CV for Pages and Word

A unique 3-page resume template that you can edit using both Apple Pages and MS Word. This template features all the necessary features for you to clearly highlight your skills, experience, education, references, and much more. It also includes an editable skills chart and a languages infographic. You can easily change its color with just one-click.

Professional Resume Template

If you are looking for a modern and creative resume template to stand out in your next job interview, consider this package containing a resume and cover letter template editable in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Panama – Free Resume Template

Here we have Panama, a versatile resume template that can be put to use for virtually any job position you are applying for. The package comes packed with features, and the best part is that you can get your hands on it at no cost at all.

Free Draftsman Resume Template

This is a simple one-page resume template you can use to put together a basic resume. It features a clean design with a modern layout. You can also download a free cover letter for this template from here.

Creative Resume Template

This creative resume template is available in 2 sizes: A4 and US Letter. It features color swatches for easily editing its colors and features 2 different templates with cover letter and a references letter. The template is available in Apple Pages, Word, and InDesign formats.

11 Pages Resume Template

Sometimes, a 3-page resume is not enough to cover all your skills and experience. In such cases, use this template instead. This resume template comes with an 11-page design, which includes a cover page and a back cover. It’s available in Apple Pages, Word, Illustrator, Word, and InDesign formats, making a total of 60 files.

Minimal Resume Bundle

This resume templates bundle comes with 2 different designs with a minimal and a dark design. The minimal template features a 6-page resume, which includes pages for a portfolio. The dark template features 5-page resume in 2 styles and it also includes portfolio pages as well.

Free Business Resume Template

A yet another free resume template with a one-page design. It features a basic layout with several sections for highlighting your education, skills, and experience. A cover letter design for the template is available to download separately.

Resume Template Premium Bundle)

A bundle of 15 modern and minimal resume template for the price of one. This pack includes $150 worth of resume templates in US Letter sizes and in both Apple Pages and Word formats. Each template feature a 4-page design with a cover letter.

Resume + Cover Letter Template

This 2-page resume template comes with a matching cover letter for crafting a professional CV. The template includes a unique layout with an editable design. It’s also available in Apple Pages and Word formats as well.

  • Price: $15

Creative Resume Template New

A resume template ideal for creatives and professionals. It features a 2-page design with a cover letter including a set of free icons for styling the resume to your preference.

Free Professional Resume Template

Featuring a modern layout, this free template also comes with a minimalist design. You can edit this template using Apple Pages, MS Word, InDesign, and Illustrator as well.

Professional Resume White Background

This professional resume template features a minimal and a clean layout featuring a basic design. The template comes with a 3-page design, which includes designs for a cover letter and a showcase. The template is compatible with Apple Pages 5 and above, as well as Photoshop, Word, and Illustrator.

Clean Resume Template – Apple Pages

A highly minimalist resume template with a clean design. This template allows you to highlight and include all your details without any of the clutter that comes with other resume templates. It includes 2 pages, including a cover letter.

Elegant Resume Template

You don’t always need the fancy bells and petals to make an impression. The best resumes are the ones that are minimal and professional. And this template is just that. The package comes with everything you’d need to create an attention-grabbing resume.

Resume Template – The Charlotte

Another 2-page resume template with a professional design. In addition to the resume, it also includes a cover letter template. You can edit this template using MS Word or Apple Pages 5 and above.

Free Dietitian Resume Template

Even though this template is designed for dietitians in mind, it can be used for other professions as well. The template features a unique layout with a one-page design. And it can be edited with Pages, Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Professional Resume Gray Background

This minimalist CV template comes with a professional design that allows you to properly showcase your skills, experience, and education. It also includes a matching cover letter template.

Clean Resume for MS Word & Pages

This unique resume template comes with 2 main resume pages and allows you to add as many additional pages as you like using the same layout. In addition, it includes a cover letter and a set of icons.

Modern CV Template for Pages

If you’re a designer or a coder, this resume template will be perfect for you. This resume template features graphical skills and experience charts that are great for showcasing your skill levels. It also includes a cover letter template.

Free Simple Resume Template

Another simple free resume template for creating a basic resume for a teacher. It comes in Pages, Photoshop, Word, and InDesign formats. A cover letter for the template is also available separately.

Resume CV Kit

This is a colorful resume template that features an 11-page design. This template is ideal for marketers and creative professionals. It’s available in Pages, Word, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator formats as well.

Not an Apple Pages fan? Don’t worry. We have a collection of resume templates for Word and Photoshop users as well.