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20+ Best Illustrator Logo Templates

So you need a logo right now? That’s where an Illustrator logo template can come in handy. A logo template is often a kit of pieces to build a vector logo with a few tweaks—such as changing colors or fonts. These are our top picks!

Some of the better logo template options might include multiple elements in a file that you can piece together for a design that’s a little more custom.

Logo templates are best for small, quick projects that need something cost-effective and visually pleasing. While a logo template won’t give you all the flexibility and design choices as a custom logo, they create a significantly less expensive option. (Which can be great if you have some design skills and an idea of what you want your logo to look like.)

Just make sure when you are hunting for that perfect logo template, that you find a vector set to work with. Adobe Illustrator files are the most common and will give you the tools you need to create a design that will work at any size when you are finished making the logo design.

Here are 20 fun Adobe Illustrator logo templates that we love.

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1. Logo/Badge Templates Vol. 3

illustrator logo templates

Nothing beats a great logotype. And it can be tough to find a template for this style of logo, but this one fits the bill. This set of Illustrator logo templates is packed with logotype designs that are versatile and easy to use. (Plus, each one is editable with free fonts, so anyone can customize it.)

2. Vintage Logo Templates

illustrator logo templates

It’s almost hard to believe this set of 20 logo templates is a freebie. With a sleek vintage style, almost anyone can find something that works for their brand with these Illustrator logo templates.

3. Microtech

illustrator logo templates

This geometric Illustrator icon template has a modern feel and includes free fonts to get you going fast. Use it line style or fill the go shapes with colors.

4. Logo Design Bundle

illustrator logo templates

It almost sounds too good to be true, but this logo design bundle includes 3,000 elements to create logos for all kinds of projects. This one-stop Illustrator logo template design shop is a go-to for creatives that are making lots of quick designs on the fly.

5. Hand-drawn Logotypes

illustrator logo templates

If you want a logo that looks like a custom script with your name, this set is for you. These Illustrator logo templates include plenty of hand-drawn elements – flowers, leaves, flourishes and frames – for a simple logotype design. It’s perfect for a business featuring your name or other short phrase.

6. Green Logos

illustrator logo templates

These green logos are great because of color and because of application – they are great for environmentally-themed projects. Use one of these divots for visual interest, pair with great type and you’ve got a ready-made logo.

7. Waterdrop

illustrator logo templates

This water drop logo features a cool design with interesting coloring. Even if water isn’t your core logo need, this design should be able to inspire something creative. The two-deck typography treatment is also nice.

8. Logo Creation Kit

illustrator logo templates

This logo creation kit includes plenty of design elements, plus seven finished logo designs. It might be all you need to make a few logo designs.

9. Wavebeacon: Negative Space Logo

illustrator logo templates

This logo template features a trending element – a graphic element with negative space. This logo style is really popular, and for good reason. This design works on top of photos with ease and can be visually stunning.

10. Beyond Logo

illustrator logo templates

Looking for something a little more far out? The Beyond Logo template includes an abstract art element and groovy typography.

11. Vintage Monogram Logo

illustrator logo templates

This logo template is in another trendy style – vintage monogram. Big letters can work for almost any application and this logo is balanced with accompanying text elements.

12. Logo Collection

illustrator logo templates

This logo collection is packed with illustrated elements to create a fun and simple logo style.

13. Real Estate Logo Set

illustrator logo templates

The real estate logo set has application beyond the business it features. These line icon buildings are versatile and feature modern color choices (or customize with your own). The logo template has plenty of options.

14. Minimal Logo Bundle

illustrator logo templates

This beautiful Illustrator logo template uses beautiful combinations of typography to help you create a logotype that looks custom.

15. Colorleaf

illustrator logo templates

The Colorleaf logo templates shows that you can sometimes creak the rules with logo design. Here, the palette has a rainbow style that’s quite nice.

16. Vintage Logo Templates

illustrator logo templates

If you want an old-school look to your logo, this is the Illustrator template you need. It’s packed with elaborate vintage elements and styles.

17. Industrial Logos

illustrator logo templates

This logo template features plenty of flat options that work great in color or without. These logos have a badge style that makes them appealing and highly usable.

18. Vintage Logos Collection

illustrator logo templates

This pack of vintage logotypes features trendy styles that are simple and visually interesting.

19. Adventure Logopack Vol. 14

illustrator logo templates

This nautical-themed logo template include six handmade designs with a rough feel. It’s a little modern, a little beachy and a little retro. One thing is for sure, these logo have nice balance.

20. Mega Bundle

illustrator logo templates

The Mega Bundle is packed with badge elements to design a fun, vintage logo design. This Illustrator logo template includes 1,100 elements to play with and design around.


When choosing a logo template, make sure to look for a design that seems like it would fit your brand. Many logo templates, including some of those featured above, include a handful of designs with similar elements. You’ll want to make a selection that works in both color and black and white with text elements that are clear and easy to read.

Not sure what type of design makes a modern, trendy logo? Here are some of the top logo design trends of the year to help you find something that’s trending and on-brand.