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CSS - Page 14

Learn the latest tips, techniques, and approaches for laying out your websites with CSS and stylesheets.

CSS / 5 May 2011

5 Cool CSS Hover Effects You Can Copy and Paste

Need a cool hover effect for something on your site? Look no further! We’ve created several custom examples that you can view live for inspiration.

If you like the effect, steal it! We’ve got the CSS ready and waiting for you to copy.

CSS / 5 May 2011

Create an Awesome Animated Thumbnail Gallery With CSS

Today we’re going to have some more fun with CSS3 transitions. There’s a popular jQuery trick that expands the crop of an image when you hover over it and I wanted to replicate it using only CSS. To take things further, I put this effect into action in a thumbnail gallery.

Keep reading to see the live demo and follow along step by step as we explain how this works and build the whole thing from scratch.

CSS / 29 Apr 2011

Fun With Pulsing Background Colors in CSS3

Let’s finish the week with something fun shall we? CSS keyframe animations currently have very limited browser support, but they’re still quite interesting to learn about and experiment with.

Below we build a simple web page that leverages Webkit keyframe animations to gently shift the background color on a never ending loop. Intrigued? Read on!

CSS / 21 Apr 2011

6 CSS Shorthand Tricks Every Developer Should Know

Recently, I decided that I needed a refresher in all of the various CSS shorthand properties. The best way to learn something is to teach it so here’s my attempt at exactly that.

Today we’ll learn how to use CSS shorthand for backgrounds, margins & padding, borders, fonts, list-styles and transitions.

CSS / 14 Apr 2011

3 New Tools for Creating Website Mockups on the Fly

Web developers are constantly churning out free tools that are incredibly useful in reducing the amount of small, annoying tasks that you have to deal with when building a website or mockup.

Today we’ll look at three fresh tools that you breeze through layout, placeholder images and text styles on your next site.

CSS / 8 Apr 2011

6 Useful CSS Button Recipes You Can Copy & Paste

CSS3 is completely changing the game for creating buttons on the web. Techniques that were once only possible with images are now easily executable with just a few lines of code. For this post we custom built six attractively styled CSS buttons for you to copy and paste right into your projects, zero attribution required.

As with anything good in CSS3, the buttons below work great in Webkit and Mozilla browsers, but various versions of IE will fall short.

CSS / 11 Nov 2010

Holiday Wish List: 15 Web Design Books You’ll Want for Christmas

As the holidays quickly approach so does the obligatory and awkward question always asked by friends and family: “What do you want for Christmas?” This year, rather than shrugging your shoulders, a gesture which always leads to you receiving ugly shirts that don’t fit, why not ask for something you’re actually interested in?

Below you’ll find 20 awesome web design and development books to add to your 2010 holiday wish list.

CSS / 20 Oct 2010

CSS3 Cookbook: 7 Super Easy CSS Recipes to Copy and Paste

By now you’ve probably seen enough lengthy CSS3 tutorials to last a lifetime. You’re probably starting to become familiar with what CSS3 has to offer and are ready to move past basic theory and see some practical design examples that you can copy and paste right into your code without without wading through tons of commentary.

Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we have for you today! Below you’ll find seven fun and attractive CSS tricks that you can grab and insert right into your own projects and customize at will. Keep in mind that since this stuff is still cutting edge, older browsers won’t support most of it. I’ve tried to ensure graceful degradation where possible so that you can provide a working experience to all users and a better experience to those with using webkit.

CSS / 13 Oct 2010

Introducing the LESS CSS Grid

In the past we’ve taken a look at several CSS grid systems. We’ve also gone over how LESS.js can add a lot of flexibility to the way you style web pages. Today we’re going to combine these two ideas and create a grid system that utilizes LESS.

Read on to see why on Earth we would do such a thing. If you understand the concept, you can also skip the tutorial and go straight to the download. Let’s get started.

CSS / 1 Oct 2010

35 Awesome Fluid and Elastic Layout Examples, Templates and Tutorials

Fluid and elastic layouts are extremely useful for creating websites that function perfectly on a wide variety of screen resolutions. However, they can be a bit tricky to wrap your mind around when you’re just starting out.

To aid you in your quest to understand these tools, we’ve rounded up as many examples, templates, tutorials, and frameworks as we could find. Whether you’re a fluid layout pro looking for some fresh design ideas or a complete novice that doesn’t know where to begin, there’s something here for you!

CSS / 30 Sep 2010

Create Complex Layouts in Minutes With EZ-CSS

If you’re like many developers, you’ve had your fill of grid-based CSS frameworks. Well you’re in luck because today we’re going to look at a fresh take on the concept of a CSS framework.

EZ-CSS seeks to address many of the things you hate about grid-based frameworks while retaining the functionality of aiding in the creating of cross-browser multi-column layouts.

CSS / 22 Sep 2010

Free 960.GS CSS Photography Template and Tutorial

Love it or hate it, the makes for some incredibly fast prototyping. By utilizing preset classes you can accomplish fairly complex layouts with little to no effort.

Today we bring you a free single-page template, fully coded using the The template has a few nifty CSS3 effects and uses @font-face to implement some beautiful custom typography. Below you’ll find the download and a basic step-by-step tutorial for how to build your own.

You can download the template completely free of charge and use it however you like with zero attribution.