25+ Best Middle East & Arabic-Style Fonts (Free & Pro)

Arabic fonts, often distinguished by intricate calligraphy, convey a blend of tradition and modernity that could set your designs apart. The elegant fluidity of these enchanting typefaces offer a unique flair to any design project.

In this post, we showcase a handpicked collection of the best Arabic-style fonts that embody the spirit of Middle Eastern design. Whether you’re creating logos, packaging, event invitations, or branding materials, these fonts will add a unique authenticity to your design projects.

Let’s dive in and discover how these distinctive typefaces can transform your creative work.

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Basmala – Arabic Style Font

Basmala - Arabic Style Font

Basmala is a new Arabic-style font that infuses an Islamic aesthetic into your graphic designs. Created with Latin characters for international accessibility, this font finds its ideal application in branding, product packaging, advertising, and even apparel design. It comes with comprehensive features including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and special alternates.

Hidash – Arabic-Style Middle East Font

Hidash - Arabic-Style Middle East Font

Hidash is a distinctive Arabic-style font that is perfect to enhance various projects like logos, branding, stationery, product packaging, and special event documents. Hidash comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and even multilingual support.

Arabic Calligraphy – Script Arabic Font

Arabic Calligraphy - Script Arabic Font

This is an exquisite script-style typeface, crafted to echo the beautiful contours and strokes typical of Arabic lettering. Infused with the spirit of the Arab world, it’s an excellent choice for Islamic-themed projects or Ramadan-related designs. It’s suitable for both personal and business use, making it a versatile asset for any creative needs, from product branding to artistic endeavors.

Wijhatun – Arabic-Style Font

Wijhatun - Arabic-Style Font

Wijhatun is a versatile Arabic-style font suitable for a variety of creative projects. Whether it’s used for logos, advertisements, wedding designs, product packaging, or special events, its uniquely designed uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support, alongside Opentype features enhance your work’s appeal.

Qomariah – Middle East Arabic Font

Qomariah - Middle East Arabic Font

Qomariah is a vibrant Middle Eastern Arabic font suitable for a range of creative endeavors including logos, branding, photography, advertising, stationery, and even special events. Features include uppercase and lowercase, numerals and punctuation, and multilingual support.

Khodijah – Arabic Style Font

Khodijah - Arabic Style Font

Check out Khodijah, an Arabic-style font and an outstanding addition to your creative arsenal. It merges digital flat-pen and gothic typography techniques, yielding an elegant look that draws inspiration from Hijaiyah letters. Ideal for a plethora of uses, from book covers and posters to logos and branding, Khodijah is versatile enough to enhance any Islamic or Middle Eastern-themed content.

Kasem – Arabic Style Font

Kasem - Arabic Style Font

Kasem is an Arabic-style font perfect for a wide range of uses. Its versatility fits effortlessly with logos, branding, ads, product packaging, special events, and many others. The font supports uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and even offers multilingual support.

Rahmuna – Middle East Font

Rahmuna - Middle East Font

Rahmuna is a distinct Arabic-style font that weaves the elegance and sophistication of Latin classic handwriting with the unique curves of Arabic ‘hijaiyah’ letters. This font fosters a luxurious, modern aesthetic that remains easy to use, and boosts multilingual accent support.

Almalik – Arabic Style Font

Almalik - Arabic Style Font

Almalik is a sleek, Arabic-style font crafted in a monoline shape. This font fuses traditional Arabic letters with Latin typography, embodying a fusion of Middle-Eastern charm with a contemporary twist. Almalik, flaunting dynamic swashes and fewer calligraphy shapes, is ideal for an array of uses including branding, fashion, packaging, and more.

Saihat – Middle East Font

Saihat - Middle East Font

The Saihat font brings the beauty of Arabic-style calligraphy to Latin characters for greater international accessibility. Ideal for Middle Eastern or Muslim designs, it encompasses an A-Z character set, numerals, punctuations, stylistic alternates, and multilingual support.

ANARA – Arabic Style Font

ANARA - Arabic Style Font

The ANARA is an Arabic-style font that enhances creativity across projects like branding, photography, ads, invites, and more. It offers uppercase and lowercase styles, numeral and punctuation options, along with multilingual support. Adaptable to an array of design needs, from stationery to special event signage, it’s furnished in both .otf and .ttf formats.

Huraira – Arabic Middle Eastern Font

Huraira - Arabic Middle Eastern Font

Huraira is a digital typeface that beautifully echoes Arabic calligraphy’s elegance. Meticulously designed, it includes dotted characters and alternate letters for versatility, enabling a fusion of heritage and modern aesthetics in your design work. Perfect for creating unique logos, posters, or invitations, Huraira not only adds cultural richness but also breathes fresh life into your designs.

Shayan – Arabic Style Font

Shayan - Arabic Style Font

Shayan, an engaging display font, draws its unique allure from the aesthetics of Middle Eastern Arabic. Ideal for branding, Ramadan themes, and various creative projects, it includes features like uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, punctuation, numerals, ligatures, alternates, and multilingual support.

Dhurman – Arabic Decorative Font

Dhurman - Arabic Decorative Font

Dhurman is an Arabic decorative font, that blends style and tradition in a flowing, elegant design. This font adds a modern touch to the sophistication of traditional Arabic calligraphy. Whether you need standard characters, numerical, punctuation, or alternate characters, Dhurman has it all.

Dubai City – Modern Arabic Font

Dubai City - Modern Arabic Font

Dubai City is a unique sans font that embodies Arabic stylistic elements. With over 100 glyphs, alternative fonts, and multiple ligatures, this versatile font is ideal for a range of design needs, from logos and stationery to wedding designs and product packaging.

Halwa – Middle Eastern Font

Halwa - Middle Eastern Font

Halwa is a unique Middle Eastern font that beautifully combines classic Islamic tones with a modern Arabic look. This font stands out for its graceful curves and delicate details, reminiscent of traditional scripts. Halwa comes in two formats, Regular and Alternates, and is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF files.

Berkah Raya – Arabic Style Font

Berkah Raya - Arabic Style Font

Explore creative possibilities with the Berkah Raya Arabic Style Font. Inspired by the mesmerizing art of Arabic calligraphy, this typographic asset creates a beautiful harmony ideal for various design projects – think logos, branding, social media posts, ads, and product designs.

Salsabilah – Creative Arabic Font

Salsabilah - Creative Arabic Font

Salsabilah is a stunning Arabic-style font that masterfully interweaves Islamic aesthetics in every stroke. Inspired by the rich heritage of Islamic art, this font aims to beautify your designs with elegance and cultural resonance. Perfect for projects celebrating Islamic beauty, Salsabilah includes stylistic sets, ligatures, swash characters, and multilingual support.

Arshaq – Ramadan Arabic Font

Arshaq - Ramadan Arabic Font

Arshaq is a stunning, modern font with an elegant Arabic style. Perfect for various applications including branding, logos, invitations, and headers, it offers a variety of features such as multilingual support, uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, punctuation, and alternate characters.

Syukron – Arabic Style Font

Syukron - Arabic Style Font

Syukron is a fantastic addition to any creative project. Whether you’re using it for logos, advertising, product design, or even for event promotions, it brings a unique charm. Its support for both upper and lower case, numerals, punctuation, and multiple languages offers versatility.

Ramallah – Arabic Font Style

Ramallah - Arabic Font Style

The Ramallah font captures the style of traditional Arabic script while offering flexibility to the user. Its unique features include stylistic alternates, ligatures, swash, and a stylistic set, allowing you to customize it to best suit your project. Ideal for branding, logos, covers, ads, banners, or holiday greeting cards.

Ranova – Middle East Font

Ranova - Middle East Font

Ranova is a modern, bold, and authentic Middle Eastern font, designed with an Arabic touch. Its distinctive style guarantees standout performance in various branding projects, from logo designs to product labels or t-shirt prints. Available in both .otf and .ttf formats, with options for uppercase and lowercase use, it’s as versatile as you need it to be.

Arabian Fairs – Fauxlang Arabic Font

Arabian Fairs - Fauxlang Arabic Font

Arabian Fairs is a delicate, minimalist Fauxlang Arabic font that lightly embraces the Arabic alphabet’s beauty. This versatile font is a perfect fit for branding, logo design, wedding invitations, as well as Islamic holidays and other occasions. Filled with numbers and symbols, it’s a multilingual asset that offers a tastefully Arabian touch to your design, while ensuring readability.

Samir – Elegant Arabic Style Font

Samir - Elegant Arabic Style Font

Samir is an elegant Arabic-style font, perfect for infusing a sense of cultured sophistication to any event or celebration. Ideal for wedding invitations, Eid Mubarak cards, Ramadan posters, or even branding and editorial pieces, this decorative font adds an authentic touch.

Free Arabic Fonts

Miqdad – Free Arabic Style Font

Miqdad - Free Arabic Style Font

This beautiful free font comes with creative and modern Arabic-style letters that will make your titles and headings look much more traditional. The ethnic look of the letters will add more value to your typography designs as well.

Syamsiah – Free Arabic Font

Syamsiah - Free Arabic Font

This font is also free to use in your personal projects, it comes with a clean letter design inspired by Arabic and Middle Eastern typography. The font has a modern and elegant look that is perfect for everything from posters to social media projects and more.

Billah – Free Arabic Style Font

Billah - Free Arabic Style Font

Billah is another free Arabic-style font you can use to create stylish typography designs. The font features a calligraphy-style letter design that is perfect for greeting cards and personalized design projects. It’s free for personal use.

Alisyah – Free Arabic Middle East Font

Alisyah - Free Arabic Middle East Font

Alisyah is a modern and stylish font featuring an Arabic-style design. This font is most suitable for Islamic-themed design projects as well as marketing and social media designs. The font is free for personal use only.

Sacred Ramadhan – Free Arabic Font

Sacred Ramadhan - Free Arabic Font

You can use this free Arabic-style font to design beautiful typography that stands out from the crowd. It features a creative letter design featuring Islamic-themed decorative elements. The font is free to use with your personal projects.