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20+ Best Blackletter Fonts

Blackletter is a popular typeface that’s commonly used in vintage and grunge style designs. It’s now also being used in all sorts of modern designs from website design to logo designs, tattoos, and more.

As you probably know, Blackletter is a script that dates back to early 12th century. It was commonly used in Western Europe, especially in Germany. This typeface has a strong effect that adds a certain elegance and class to both digital and print designs.

Even some of the most popular publications, such as the New York Times, still use Blackletter logo designs.

We’ve tracked down a set of Blackletter fonts that will help you add that same upper-class look to your various design projects.

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Osgard Pro

This beautiful font showcases the Blackletter typeface design at its best. Osgard Pro is a professionally designed Blackletter font that’s perfect to use with your luxury designs and high-end product promotions. It features a design inspired by classical literature such as Lord of the Rings and medieval landmarks.

Metal Blackletter

Inspired by vintage heavy metal music, this blackletter font has already been used to craft many different types of designs including T-Shirts, posters, and classic retro art. This font is free to download and use with your personal and commercial projects.

Black Baron

Black Baron is a font that also shares a classic medieval look. It also has a mixed design of both modern and Blackletter elements that make this font perfect for logo designs and website headers as well as various other print designs.

Ozymandias – Free Typeface

According to the designer of this typeface, Ozymandias is a blackletter font that’s composed of a design of diamonds and lines that connects them all to a grid. The font also uses a 30-degree angle taper that keeps all strokes balanced.

Neo Gotik

Neo Gotik is a free blackletter font that features a graffiti style gothic design. You can also use it to design logos, album covers, posters, and much more.

Bjorke – Handmade Fonts

Another beautiful handmade font that features a Blackletter script design. This font design has a great design that’s perfect for all kinds of design work from digital designs, greeting cards, and even T-Shirt designs as well. The font also comes with both regular and alternative styles.

German Blackletters 15th Century

Mimicking the design of the 15th-century German letters, this free font will help you craft many different types of designs from logos, signage, posters, and more.

La Forest Typeface

This is an elegant Blackletter display font that comes in 4 different styles: Regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge. Making it suitable for your vintage and modern luxury design works.

Holy Union Font

Another professionally designed Blackletter font you can download and use for free with your personal and commercial projects. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols.

Helmswald Post

This font follows a design similar to the logo of the Washington Post. Although, you can use it with various types of designs including logo design, website headers, social media posts, book covers, and more.

Bajern Free Blackletter Typeface

Bajern is a display typeface featuring a blackletter script. It’s ideal for crafting logos, posters, CD covers, album art, and much more. You can download the font for free.

Halja Blackletter Font

A blackletter font that’s ideal for greeting card and wedding invitation designs. This handmade font comes in 2 different styles: Regular and Illuminated featuring a bold design with sharp edges. It also includes 500 ligatures.

Jabin Blackletter Font

If you’re a designer who’s also a fan of customizations and likes to tinker with their designs, this blackletter font will be the perfect choice for you. Jabin is a versatile font that comes with 12 typefaces with different weights, curves, and contrast. You can use it with almost any kind of vintage and modern designs. You can also download it for free.

inuTattoo Script

If you’re looking for a font to create a unique tattoo design, this font will come in handy. It will also work well with other types of designs as well, including poster designs, logos, and signage.

Satanas Humanum Salvator

Professionally crafted to perfection, this blackletter font features a unique design unlike most other blackletter script designs. The font is free to download and use with your personal projects.

Glaive Typeface

Glaive is a font that comes with a design similar to the Blackletter Schwabacher family with a modern take. It looks perfect for a logo or website header design, especially for metal and rock music related design projects.

Broken Planewing

This is the perfect blackletter font you can use to design an engaging cover for a fantasy or a thriller book. The font features a unique design that makes the letters look as if they were taken from a vintage book. It will certainly add a unique style to your designs. You can use this font with your personal projects for free.

Arthouse – Display Font

Arthouse is a beautiful display font that has a similar design to Blackletter. It also has an elegant look that reminds you of The Great Gatsby. Which makes it perfect for poster designs, signage, greeting card designs, and more.

DemonLetter Free Font

DemonLetter is a premium-quality blackletter font that comes to you at the very low price of free. Various artists have used this font to design album covers, song art, T-Shirt designs, and much more.

Psalta Blackletter Font

This blackletter font also uses a narrow and condensed design that makes it the perfect choice for designing a modern website header or a logo design. The font also comes with a series of different weights you can choose from for various types of design works.

Tatafirst Free Blackletter Font

This free font uses a beautiful mix of both modern and vintage blackletter design that makes it perfect for many different types of design work. You can download the font for free.

Santiago Typeface

Blackletter fonts are also sometimes referred to as Gothic script. This is a free gothic typeface that shares a similar script to Blackletter. As you can see, it shares a lot of the same elements of the parent font family.

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