20+ Best Digital Fonts (+ Digital Clock and Number Typography)

Today, we are bringing you a collection of creative digital fonts that are perfect for giving your modern and technology-themed designs a retro-futuristic look and feel.

Digital fonts, with their clear, LCD-inspired aesthetics, bring a unique blend of functionality and futuristic flair to design projects. Whether you’re crafting a sci-fi movie poster, designing a cutting-edge app interface, or creating promotional materials for tech products, these fonts embody the essence of digital sophistication.

These digital fonts offer a direct nod to the world of electronics and timekeeping, transforming text into a statement of modern elegance and efficiency. Whether you’re seeking paid or free options, we’ve got you covered in this ultimate guide to digital typography. Let’s dive in.

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Cyber – Technology Digital Font

Cyber - Technology Digital Font

Cyber is an innovative and futuristic font, best suited for sci-fi and technology-themed projects. With its distinctive dotted design, it lends a unique touch to posters, flyers, website headers, and high-tech logos. Cyber comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, broadening the possibilities for its application. This font is a perfect blend of creativity and tech aesthetics.

Flight – Dot Matrix Digital Font

Flight - Dot Matrix Digital Font

The Flight is a unique and versatile typeface crafted with miniature grid-based dots to resemble old-school dot matrix printers. Great for editorial, branding, gaming, web designs, and more, this stylish nostalgic font adds a unique touch to any project. Its readability and charm make it a fitting tribute to dot matrix printers, known icons in global airports.

Upper Clock – Digital Font

Upper Clock - Digital Font

The Upper Clock is a strikingly modern, digital clock-style font. This unique, ETCH Clock-inspired design brings a blend of retro flat, the playfulness of memphis, and the sentimental charm of modern nostalgia to your display text. With four font styles and multi-language support, Upper Clock is more than just a typeface; it’s a versatile solution to your design needs, promising to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Date Stamp – Digital Clock Font

Date Stamp - Digital Clock Font

The Date Stamp is a unique font comprised of two distinct sets of display fonts inspired by 14-segment LCD displays. Aimed at emulating the date imprint feature on conventional film photos, these fonts can also aptly serve in digital clock apps or retro display boards to create an authentic and classic appeal.

Digital Dreamer – 1980s Computer Font

Digital Dreamer - 1980s Computer Font

Step back into the 1980s with the Digital Dreamer font. It’s a classic retro design, perfect for capturing the nostalgic essence of the period, with a modern twist. Excellent for retro-themed designs or to add vintage charm to other projects.

TImelist – Modern Digital Font

TImelist - Modern Digital Font

Timelist is a modern digital font with a balanced, symmetrical rhythm. Inspired by various digital typography designs, this typeface effortlessly combines elegance and minimalism. Its precisely adjusted proportions and subtle contrasts lend a unique, attractive look to any graphic design project, whether it be logos, brochures, or posters.

Pixcoose – Dotted Digital Font

Pixcoose - Dotted Digital Font

Transform your digital landscape with Pixcoose— a dotted digital font. This unique font melds the worlds of coding and design into a mosaic of pixels and lines, bringing your letters and numbers to life. Pixcoose is versatile; it’s perfect for branding, ads, titles, and more. It’s available in regular weight and supports uppercase, lowercase, as well as multilingual texts.

Groutpix – Innovative Digital Font

Groutpix - Innovative Digital Font

Groutpix, a unique digital font, encapsulates the spirit of innovation and creativity. This futuristic design tool uses pixels as building blocks, turning each character into a pixelated work of techno art. It’s ideally suited for enhancing visuals in ads, branding, titles, and more. Groutpix comes in regular weight and features uppercase, lowercase, and multilingual characters.

Digital Anarchy – Futuristic Digital Font

Digital Anarchy - Futuristic Digital Font

Digital Anarchy is a cutting-edge digital font with a futuristic design. This sleek typeface blends avant-garde aesthetics with crisp, sharp edges, perfect for projects that aim to break boundaries. It’s versatile for use in innovative apps, futuristic game interfaces, or any graphics needing a modern edge.

Lakonet – Digital Display Font

Lakonet - Digital Display Font

Lakonet Digital Display Font is a playful and distinctively digital typeface. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, a broad range of punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual support, effortlessly accessible without extra design software.

Digital Deco – Modern Digital Font

Digital Deco - Modern Digital Font

Digital Deco is a clever fusion of Art Deco’s opulence and modern, digital features. Its clean lines, precise angles, and smart use of negative space invite refreshing compactness to classic patterns. Best for creating logos and branding materials, this versatile typeface enhances your designs with a unique mix of vintage charm and progressive flair.

Cyberpunk Futuristic Digital Font

Cyberpunk Futuristic Digital Font

This is a unique font with a creative cyberpunk-style design ideal for crafting a hi-tech and futuristic ambiance. Offering both regular and light versions, it’s perfect for projects involving robotics, virtual reality, space, gaming, and more. This font package, easy to use for headers, comes in TTF, OTF and Web Font formats with additional design elements included.

Bugvirus – Digital Pixel Font

Bugvirus - Digital Pixel Font

Bugvirus is a crisp, blocky font that masterfully brings back the feel of retro gaming and the digital age. Perfect for use in gaming-related applications, digital media, and tech-centric projects, it’s an excellent asset for business or design purposes looking for a hit of nostalgia. With its sharp edges and minimalist design, Bugvirus is a seamless addition to any creative project.

Linkspace – Futuristic Digital Font

Linkspace - Futuristic Digital Font

Linkspace is a creative digital font, engineered with a techno-lean and inspired by the galaxy, giving a modern edge to your design projects. Ideal for space-themed games, tech events, social media covers, or YouTube banners, this unique font screams innovation and captures the essence of the evolving digital age.

Digital Caliper – Futuristic Digital Font

Digital Caliper - Futuristic Digital Font

Digital Caliper is a fresh and futuristic typeface, drawing inspiration from the digital age and high-tech innovations. Characterized by sharp lines and geometric shapes, it brings a modern, energetic vibe suitable for tech, robotics, or science-related projects.

Debug – Digital Glitch Font

Debug - Digital Glitch Font

Debug is an artistic, modern typeface designed to emulate digital glitching effects, ideal for infusing your digital art or website with a contemporary vibe. It’s an all-caps font that boasts symbols, punctuation, numerals, alternates, and multilingual support. Used by many artists, it’s perfect for a plethora of creative projects, from branding to game title designs.

Stingo – Creative Digital Font

Stingo - Creative Digital Font

Stingo is a futuristic, cutting-edge typeface perfect for the realms of high-tech, internet, computers, and innovation-centric businesses. Its dynamic style can amplify your branding and logo design, invigorate headers and titles, and bring a modern touch to posters and banners.

Best Free Digital Fonts

DS Digital – Free Digital Clock Font

DS Digital - Free Digital Clock Font

This free font features a creative letter design inspired by digital clock numbers. It has a classic 80s look and feel. And it works perfectly for both titles and paragraph text. The font is free for personal use.

Digital-7 – Free Digital Font Family

Digital-7 - Free Digital Font Family

Digital 7 is another free digital font inspired by digital clocks. It has a complete set of all-caps characters with digital numbers. The font is ideal for creative title and heading designs. This font is also free for personal use.

VFD Nova – Free Digital Clock Font

VFD Nova - Free Digital Clock Font

Use this font to give your typography a modern digital look and feel. It includes unique digital clock-style letters with sharp edges. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Digital Enter Below – Free Digital Font

Digital Enter Below - Free Digital Font

This is an all-caps font featuring digital clock-style letters. This font has a modernized look that will fit perfectly for technology-themed design projects. This font is free for commercial use.

Free Digital Geometric Font

Free Digital Geometric Font

Another stylishly creative font with a digital geometric letter design. Each letter of this font features a unique design with curves and sharp edges. It’s great for crafting bold titles. The font is free for personal use only.