20+ Best Embroidery Fonts (Script, Cursive & More)

In this post, we showcase the best embroidery fonts specially designed to ensure clarity and elegance when stitched, transforming simple fabrics into works of art.

From classic and elegant scripts to playful and modern typefaces, there’s a wide array of fonts to suit any embroidery project. Whether you’re working with a commercial embroidery machine or crafting by hand, our collection includes fonts that are easy to use and adapt to various applications.

These fonts will translate beautifully from screen to fabric, maintaining their integrity and readability even in intricate designs. Have a look.

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Stitches – Embroidery Font

Stitches - Embroidery Font

The Stitches is a font designed to mimic the style of embroidery or sewing, perfect for adding a creative touch to your embroidery project. The font comes in TTF and OTF formats and you can use it to create unique typography designs for your embroidery. It has a stiched-style letterform design that will give a truly hand-crafted look to your text.

Xmas Sweater – Embroidery Font

Xmas Sweater - Embroidery Font

Inspired by Christmas sweater designs, this font comes with a unique letter design. This conveniently adaptable font is perfect for your holiday-themed projects, especially for giving a unique look to your text, titles, and typography designs.

Christmas Candy – Hand Embroidery Font

Christmas Candy - Hand Embroidery Font

This is a delightful display font radiating festive charm. Its design, inspired by candy cane swirls and holiday decor, exhibits unique intricate details ideal for Christmas and Thanksgiving-themed projects. It enhances designs with its whimsical, joyful spirit, making it perfect for embroidery projects, personalized greeting cards, and festive decorations.

Sweet Rainbow – Script Embroidery Font

Sweet Rainbow - Script Embroidery Font

Sweet Rainbow is a script embroidery font that adds a charming touch to your creations, encapsulating the spirit of various seasons and celebrations. This whimsical, handwritten font pairs beautifully with Christmas, winter, and craft themes, as well as those of spring, autumn, and New Year’s. Ideal for greeting cards, holiday designs, and DIY crafting, its elegant letterforms express a cozy warmth as well as the crafty essence of embroidery and handmade projects.

Angela – Script Embroidery Font

Angela - Script Embroidery Font

Explore the allure of handwritten calligraphy with Angela, an embroidery font exuding elegance and modern sophistication. Its flowing, hand-drawn style is superb for projects of all sizes, from branding to packaging. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a craft enthusiast, use Angela’s versatile script to make your designs pop.

Happy Valentine – Embroidery Font

Happy Valentine - Embroidery Font

An enchanting embroidery font that perfectly encapsulates love and creativity. Displaying divine playfulness and elegance, this charming font is perfect for crafting heartfelt messages on greeting cards and enhancing any embroidery task. Easy to use and compatible with multiple systems and cutting machines, this captivating font adds a heartwarming touch to your designs.

Overthinking – Hand Embroidery Font

Overthinking - Hand Embroidery Font

Overthinking is a thick, hand-embroidery font, downloadable in OTF and TTF formats. Its commercial licensing allows its use across various platforms such as Goodnotes, Notability, Cricut, and  Silhouette among others.

Briallen Disco – Embroidery Font

Briallen Disco - Embroidery Font

Briallen Disco is an embroidery font that combines retro appeal with lively disco energy. It’s marked by a unique dot pattern, perfectly suited for creating striking displays with a nostalgic edge. It works well on all scales, making it great for everything from headlines to logos.

Pattern Silhouette – Embroidery Font

Pattern Silhouette - Embroidery Font

Pattern Silhouette is an attractive embroidery font available in both OTF and TTF formats. It features a set of unique letterforms with creative patterns that will make your text stand out. This font is a must-have for unique, eye-catching embroidery designs.

Kindly Soulmate – Cursive Embroidery Font

Kindly Soulmate - Cursive Embroidery Font

The Kindly Soulmate is a stylish handwritten script font that boasts a genuine drawn touch. Each letter is uniquely formed, infusing originality and character into your designs. This modern, classy font enhances aesthetic appeal, making your embroidery pieces leave a profound impression.

Quick Scrawl – Script Embroidery Font

Quick Scrawl - Script Embroidery Font

Quick Scrawl boasts a unique, hand-drawn look for an authentic handwritten embroidery style. It offers a complete set of upper and lowercase characters including lowercase alternates, in Regular, Bold, Light, and Italics. It even includes international characters.

Maroque – Stencil Embroidery Font

Maroque - Stencil Embroidery Font

This is a unique geometric embroidery font, inspired by the captivating patterns and motifs found in Moroccan art, architecture, and carpets. This font breathes artistic life into your creations with its decorative design elements, making it the perfect asset for those seeking an exotic cultural touch.

Angeris Disco – Embroidery Font

Angeris Disco - Embroidery Font

Angeris Disco is an entertaining embroidery font boasting a unique disco flair, characterized by an alluring dot pattern that adds a playful touch to your designs. This font is versatile and easy-to-use, making it perfect for various projects from children’s books to retro-themed goods.

Quiltix – Embroidery Font

Quiltix - Embroidery Font

Quiltix is a distinctive typeface that includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, punctuation, and symbols. Its unique style makes it perfect for adding a vintage or retro touch to logos, posters, booklets, flyers, and gift certificates. The font is available in both line and block versions and comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.

Zerpixl – Embroidery Font

Zerpixl - Embroidery Font

Zerpixl is a pixelated, playful display font that brings a futuristic feel to any project. Ideal for embroidery, tech-related branding, advertisements, titles, and more, it boasts a bold, creative aesthetic. Available in regular weight, it includes uppercase and lowercase characters and supports multiple languages. This font comes in both Truetype and Opentype files for ease of use.

Brivane Disco – Dotted Embroidery Font

Brivane Disco - Dotted Embroidery Font

The Brivane Disco is a sophisticated blend of retro elegance and disco excitement. Its distinctive dot pattern contributes to the creation of eye-catching displays that genuinely intrigue. This serif font with a disco flair is adaptable and easy to use, suitable for a range of designs in both large and small sizes.

Alavine Disco – Embroidery Font

Alavine Disco - Embroidery Font

Alavine Disco is a stylish and distinctive embroidery font that flawlessly blends elements of the disco era into a futuristic design. With its unique dot pattern lending it a touch of retro charm, this font is the perfect choice for making bold and attention-grabbing statements in your designs.

Arbane Disco – Embroidery Font

Arbane Disco - Embroidery Font

Arbane Disco is a magnificent mix of retro allure and contemporary sophistication. Distinctive for its dot pattern lending a disco vibe, it’s highly suitable for eye-catching designs – from embroidery designs to vintage product packaging and more.

Free Embroidery Fonts

Long Story Short – Free Embroidery Font

Long Story Short - Free Embroidery Font

This beautiful handwritten font will help you add unique typography designs to your embroidery projects. It has a natural flowing letter design with thin letterforms that will make your text look more authentic.

Brannboll – Free Embroidery Font

Brannboll - Free Embroidery Font

You can use this free font to craft Baseball-themed badges and titles for your embroidery projects. The font features a retro-inspired letter design. You can use it for free with your personal projects.

Light – Free Embroidery Script Font

Light - Free Embroidery Script Font

This free font comes with bold script letters that will fit in perfectly with your romantic, wedding, and Valentine’s Day-themed embroidery designs. It has creative characters with thick strokes. The font is free for personal use.

Suddenly – Free Script Embroidery Font

Suddenly - Free Script Embroidery Font

Use this free font to craft a signature-style badge, logo, or text in your embroidery designs. This font is free to use with personal projects and it comes with multilingual support.

Rustelyn – Free Handwritten Embroidery Font

Rustelyn - Free Handwritten Embroidery Font

Rustelyn is another great free embroidery font you can use to craft text with a handwritten letter design. This font includes a beautifully casual letterform design that will fit nicely with various love and romance-themed design projects.