20+ Beautiful Japanese Style Fonts (Japanese Brush, Anime, Pixel Fonts + More)

Until it opened up to the West in 1853, Japan was a mysterious land veiled by stories of honorable warriors, powerful mountains, and stunning walking artisans.

Today, the country is still as fascinating as when it first welcomed visitors to its shore. From its food, people, and music, to its unique culture, it has captured hearts everywhere.

That’s why adding a bit of Asian touch to any design is a sure win.

Whether you’re aiming for something minimalist or you want to go all out, these Japanese fonts won’t disappoint.

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Henshin – Faux Japanese Font

japanese font

Check out Henshin, a dapper Japanese-looking font that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. It comes with a full set of uppercase, and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and more. It’s simple to install and works seamlessly on both PC and Mac.

Momo – Japanese Anime Font

japanese font

If you’re looking to hunt down the best Japanese-style fonts, Momo is well worth checking out. It’s a unique Japanese anime font perfect for projects that demand an Asian, or oriental look. Don’t hesitate to take this awesome Japanese brush font for a spin.

Miyyam – Japanese English Font

japanese font

Here we have Miyyam, a modern, and eye-catching Japanese English font that will make your designs look next-level stylish. Suitable for a wide range of corporate identity, and branding projects, Miyyam is a top choice when it comes to the best Japanese fonts available on the market today.

Osake – Japanese Brush Font

japanese font

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Japanese calligraphy font, Osake is an excellent contender for your cash. Embodying the essence of the Asian culture in each of its glyphs, Osake is undoubtedly one of the best Japanese-inspired fonts out there.

Shikamaru – Japanese Kanji Font

japanese font

For an authentic Japanese feel, you must consider Shikamaru, a unique all-caps typeface with rough strokes, and Kaji-inspired characters. This Japanese Kanji font is a great choice for restaurant menus, logos, posters, apparel, book covers, movie titles, and more.

Katsumi – Japanese Kanji Font

japanese font

Katsumi is a serif typeface inspired by hiragana. Katsumi means victorious beauty. It comes with some alternates and ligatures. Katsumi would be perfect for any Japanese-themed project such as branding, movie title, restaurant menu, labels, and more.

Bukama – Japanese Font

japanese font

Bukama is a faux Japanese font with a distinctive and unusual shape. If you use this font in a special project, it will look straight away and fit into the composition of the visual display that has an Asian design theme.

Bocast – Japanese Font

japanese font

Need a vintage typeface inspired by Japanese-style fonts? How about Bocast? Inspired by handmade lettering, this font is perfect for branding, logos, labels, posters, and more.

Kyoto – Japanese Font

japanese font

Are you looking for a bold and solid display font that has a Japanese traditional feeling? We can help! Try to download our Kyoto font. The font is suitable to use for many occasions such as traveling, poetry, movie title, book title, brand identity, and many more.

Okashi – Japanese Font

japanese font

Sunrize – Japanese Font

japanese font

Sunrize took the shape from the hiragana alphabet and twisted it to match the Latin. The curve, the straight lines, and the cross depict the Japanese spirit, which is fast, active, and cute at the same time.

Samuri – Japanese Font

japanese font

Samuri is an amazing font with Japanese-style features. Developed with an exotic and relaxed shape, this font is extremely attractive to match your extraordinary project; using this font will instantly make your project look exquisite and charming, and everyone will be glad to view the look. Unlike the rest, your project will be one-of-a-kind.

Wasabi – Japanese Font

japanese font

Wasabi is a Japanese calligraphy style font that’s made using a real brush pen, which brings an authentic look to the typeface. Wasabi is an excellent choice for branding, logos, magazine, packaging, apparel, and more.

Takoyaki – Japanese Font

japanese font

Just like its name, Takoyaki brings the Japanese flavour, the smile, and a fresh and cheerful attitude toward the audience. Suited perfectly for online games, posters, movie titles, fast food menus, magazines, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers, and so on.

Kimono – Japanese Font

japanese font

Are you looking for a bold and solid display font that has a japanese traditional feeling? We can help! Try out the Kimono font. The font is suitable to use for many occasions such as traveling, poetry, movie title, book title, brand identity, and many more.

Yamatoshi – Japanese Font

japanese font

Yamatoshi is a handwritten script font inspired by Japanese calligraphy culture. Suitable to energize your design with a free spirit vibe. Seems like it was written effortlessly which makes Yamatoshi stands out for its natural charm.

Yukimi Shoji – Japanese Font

japanese font

This awesome font definitely deserves a place on our list of the best Japanese-style fonts. Harnessing the form of Japanese lettering to create an outstanding Japanese-style English font, Yukimi Shoji is bold, elegant, and eye-catching. Use it for a brand identity that communicates fresh, daring, and unique.

Mojita – Japanese Font

japanese font

Here’s a wonderful Japanese-style font with a difference. Mojita is a gorgeous display font that uses a beautifully balanced intricate design, not often seen in fonts. Inspired by Japanese Art Deco and incorporating Aztec and Mayan pattern design, Mojita includes uppercase characters only and a large number of glyphs to help you customise your projects.

Free Japanese Fonts

Battousai – Free Japanese Font

japanese font

Battousai is an incredibly unique, Japanese-inspired display font that will look stunning for your designs and explore its endless possibilities. It contains uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation, and symbols.

Torii – Free Japanese Font

japanese font

Torii is a creative font inspired by the great traditional gate of Japanese culture called the Torii. It contains all-caps letters, numbers, symbols, and multilingual accents. This font stands out for its rectangular and pointed shapes, and its use is best suited for titles, logos, and short phrases.

Okami – Free Japanese Font

japanese font

Okami is a modern font inspired by Japanese design & culture. It has a strong emphasis on logo graphic Japanese characters, with a solid, geometric feel. Its restrained forms and unique shape give this display font a dynamic nature.

Kashima – Free Japanese Font

japanese font

Kashima is a unique brush font with a Japanese style that is made using a real brush pen and will look very natural. It contains uppercase, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and numerals. Kashima font is great for apparel, branding, logo, magazine, quotes, packaging, advertising, and anything that need a styling of a Japanese brush feel.