40+ Best Victorian Fonts (+ Fancy Victorian Era Script Fonts)

We’ve weaved through the web’s endless labyrinth to gather this stunning collection of Victorian fonts. If you’re looking for a font with an elegant vintage and classic look, you’ll surely find it here.

Whether you’re hunting for a perfectly peculiar Victorian-style font to define your design project or a fancy Victorian font to sprinkle your work with a dusting of historical allure, we’ve got you covered. This post will provide the perfect toolkit for designers aiming to put a vintage spin on their creations.

The list is filled with both free and paid fonts – from charming Victorian-era serif fonts to elegant Victorian script fonts. Each font is a nod to the rich tapestry of the past, empowering you to weave an intricate, stylish narrative into your design. Let’s dive in.

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Victorian Fonts Collection

Victorian Fonts Collection

Discover the charm of the 1800s with the Victorian fonts collection! This package gives you access to a collection of 14 fonts inspired by King Edward and Queen Victoria. Designed to bring a classical vibe to your design, logo, document, or website, these decorative and ornamental multilingual fonts come with 200 alternate characters. It also includes a set of Victorian graphics, ornaments, and badges as a bonus.

Morning Glory – Victorian Font

Morning Glory - Victorian Font

Morning Glory is a beautifully designed font heavily influenced by the Victorian era’s fashion, culture, and politics. This versatile asset, perfect for bands, labels, vintage or classic brands, offers uppercase, lowercase, numeric, symbol, and punctuation characters. As a bonus, this asset includes a free poster and border vector.

Rantser – Victorian Vintage Font

Rantser - Victorian Vintage Font

Rantser, a Victorian vintage Font, offers a unique blend of classic Victorian aesthetic and modern stylistic elements. Ideal for adding a touch of nostalgia to designs, logos, documents, and websites, this typeface includes both uppercase and lowercase alternate characters. It also features numerals, punctuations, and supports multilingual languages.

Ronders – Classic Victorian Font

Ronders - Classic Victorian Font

Ronders is a Victorian-inspired typeface, showcasing a brilliant blend of vintage flair and bold solidity. Ideal for various applications such as headlines, branding, packaging, and advertising, especially with an old-school or retro theme. This classic Victorian font comes packed with features like OTF, TTF & WOFF formats, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and more.

Blazer – Victorian Font

Blazer - Victorian Font

Blazer is a Victorian-inspired typeface that infuses any design with a touch of vintage elegance and classical charm. The font makes it effortless to introduce the classic ambiance of the 1800s into your project. It includes a full set of alphabets, numbers, punctuation, and more than 10 alternates and ligatures.

Brownstone – Victorian Serif Font

Brownstone - Victorian Serif Font

Check out the Brownstone Victorian serif font, an elegant, modern font with both masculine and feminine qualities. This versatile style is perfect for a variety of projects ranging from stationery and branding to website headers and fashion-related editorial design. The Brownstone Victorian Serif Font supports a wide array of characters and comes in both .otf and .ttf formats.

Prestige Signage – Victorian Font

Prestige Signage - Victorian Font

Prestige Signage is a Victorian-inspired serif font that radiates classic sophistication and allure that’s perfect for vintage-themed projects, such as brand labels or book covers. This legible and captivating typeface includes an alphabet set, numbers, punctuation, and eight alternates that simplify designing in a regal Victorian style.

Cekoria – Victorian Style Font

Cekoria - Victorian Style Font

Cekoria is a stunning Victorian-style font reminiscent of vintage signage art. This decorative, all-caps font effortlessly merges classic serif with Victorian lettering, making it excellent for crafting memorable logotypes, branding, packaging designs, and headlines.

Black Rockie – Blackletter Font

Black Rockie - Blackletter Font

Black Rockie offers an elegant blend of classic Victorian style with a modern twist, making it an ideal font for various projects. Its distinctive yet versatile design makes it ideal for everything from logo creation, stationery, and branding to packaging design and book covers. Perfect for imparting both masculine and feminine vibes, this font encapsulates stylish versatility.

Arvoire Leonard – Layered Victorian Font

Arvoire Leonard - Layered Victorian Font

Arvoire Leonard is a richly detailed, multilingual Victorian-style font inspired by 19th-century typography, offering a modern vintage look. It includes regular, shadow, and extras in TTF, OTF & WOFF formats and presents uppercase, small-caps, numbers, symbols, and stylistic alternatives.

Sansdiego – Stylish Victorian Font

Sansdiego - Stylish Victorian Font

Sansdiego font, influenced by European empire-era writing, breathes life into classic Victorian-themed designs. This all-caps font is adorned with tasteful ornamentation and comes with various effects: Normal, Style, Double, Shadow, and Extras. The package includes a range of font formats (TTF, OTF & WOFF).

Bull Stand – Victorian Font

Bull Stand - Victorian Font

Bull Stand is a beautifully ornate, Victorian-inspired typeface capturing the elegance of the 19th-century design. Embellished with intricate detailing and sophisticated flourishes, it combines fine craftsmanship with attention-grabbing vintage appeal. This font offers a variety of alternate characters, ligatures, and swash variations, perfect for injecting a nostalgic or classical tone into projects.

Sea Horse – Victorian Font

Sea Horse - Victorian Font

Sea Horse is a striking Victorian-era inspired font, infused with vintage charm. Drawing from old typography and sign painting, this font lends an air of classic elegance to greeting cards, logos or any design project needing that touch of nostalgic sophistication. The package comes with the OTF and some poster samples, aiding you in fully appreciating and utilizing this unique font.

Aquero – Victorian Style Font

Aquero - Victorian Style Font

Check out Aquero, a distinct Victorian-style font. This elegant typeface echoes the nostalgia of vintage tattoo designs, using bold and romantic formations. It’s versatile – perfect for both classic and contemporary designs, with a high attention to detail. Plus, it supports multiple languages as well.

Dragon – Victorian Font

Dragon - Victorian Font

Dragon is a tasteful blend of old-world Victorian elegance and fantasy flair. Ideal for an array of projects, from invitation and branding materials to business cards and quotes, its calligraphy style brings a touch of charm. Boasting a variety of alternate characters available through Stylistic Sets, Alternates, and Ligatures, this font is versatile enough to adapt to various creative needs.

Victorian Letterhead – Vintage Font

Victorian Letterhead - Vintage Font

The Victorian Letterhead is a vintage font package inspired by 19th-century typefaces. It captures the aesthetic of Victorian typography, with three types; a Regular style, a more decorative Alternate style, and a Serif style. Each offers uppercase, lowercase, multilingual, alternate, and ligature characters.

Victorian Heritage – Victorian Font

Victorian Heritage - Victorian Font

Take a step back in time with the Victorian Heritage font, a vintage-style typeface ideal for labels, logos, or adding a classic feel to your website. This decorative font, which easily accesses ornamental alternate characters through a Glyph panel, effortlessly infuses your designs with Victorian charm. With multilingual support and variants in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, this font offers versatility and a stylish nod to the 1800s.

Euphoria – Victorian Font Family

Euphoria - Victorian Font Family

The Euphoria is a Victorian-style font family with 11 different styles, each adding an elegant vintage touch to your project. From business logos to greeting cards, these fonts feature uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and stylistic alternates. They can work separately or harmoniously together to create a distinct look.

Swashington – Victorian Font

Swashington - Victorian Font

Swashington is a striking Victorian-style font with a 20th-Century theme. Also reminiscent of 1970s swash fonts, Swashington is based on unique hand-drawn logotypes. This full-featured typeface includes over 270 discretionary ligatures and a broad set of swash and alternate letters, all displayed on two downloadable .pdf files for easy reference.

Bonwick Weaver – Victorian Display Font

Bonwick Weaver - Victorian Display Font

Featuring playful nostalgia with an elegant vintage charm, Bonwick Weaver is a unique decorative typeface inspired by vintage tattoo design. With its romantic, bold formation and meticulous detail, this font provides a remarkable aesthetic, perfect for both modern and classic designs.

Miztar – Victorian Style Font

Miztar - Victorian Style Font

Miztar is a Victorian-style font with a vintage theme. It’s not just unique and stylish but also versatile, fitting seamlessly into a variety of contexts from logos to posters and more. It also offers multilingual support, enhancing its accessibility and appeal across different languages.

Nicolas – Victorian Style Font

Nicolas - Victorian Style Font

Nicolas is a Victorian-style font that oozes a vintage vibe. This typeface stands out in any situation thanks to its unique and elegant design. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, ligatures and also offers multilingual support.

Salmon – Victorian Grunge Font

Salmon - Victorian Grunge Font

Salmon is a beautifully crafted font with a unique blend of Victorian flair and grunge style. Its calligraphy style is perfect for various applications like invitations, branding, business cards, quotes, and posters. Notably, it comes with alternative characters, Stylistic Sets, Ligatures, and more.

BIFASER – Victorian Font

BIFASER - Victorian Font

Check out Bifaser, an exquisite Victorian font designed to infuse your projects with period grandeur. Each letter possesses detailed elegance and perfect proportion, adding a sophisticated black letter touch. Bifaser boasts handy features like ligatures and alternate characters for enhanced design flexibility.

Omnivorous – Victorian Vintage Font

Omnivorous - Victorian Vintage Font

Omnivorous is a Victorian-inspired, decorative font with ten unique styles, including both bold and italic variants. It’s a versatile asset, perfect for any project you want to lend a classic, vintage touch to, such as T-shirts, letterheads, or labels. Simply unzip the provided file to access the OTF file and start using it right away.

Iorek Byrnison – Victorian Font

Iorek Byrnison - Victorian Font

Drawing inspiration from the powerful character, Iorek Byrnison in The Golden Compass, this Victorian-themed font is a fantastic choice for any creative project. Suitable for brands, labels, clothing companies, or anything vintage. The font comes packed with a bonus free poster and border vector too.

Lost Volution – Victorian Font

Lost Volution - Victorian Font

Lost Volution is a versatile Victorian-style font characterized by a timeless vintage theme. Enriched with over 150 alternate characters, this classic decorative typeface opens a panorama of creativity. Ideal for crafting on-sale items, home décor, on-demand printing, enhancing typography overlays, designing t-shirts, and more.

Epique – Victorian Ornamental Font

Epique - Victorian Ornamental Font

Epique is a Victorian ornamental font, perfect for a plethora of design applications. Its design blends old, ornate Victorian aesthetics with a fresh, modern feel, making it perfect for things like wedding invitations, headlines, logo types, and even apparel design. Epique provides a touch of class to any project.

Macron – Victorian Font

Macron - Victorian Font

Macron is a Victorian-style, tattoo-inspired font with a distinct black letter design. Ideal for branding, illustrations, web design, badges, and t-shirt design, this font is perfect for providing a unique vintage aesthetic to your work. It includes uppercase letters, numerals, and a wide range of punctuation, available in both OTF and TTF formats.

Phillnesia – Victorian Vintage Font

Phillnesia - Victorian Vintage Font

Phillnesia is a stylish Victorian Vintage Font that brings a bygone era to life. Its ornamental aesthetics make it an ideal choice for vintage word art typography or logos, effortlessly introducing an old-world charm in your designs. It’s a unique creative font that is well worth exploring for an authentic antique aesthetic.

Hadfim – Victorian Blackletter Font

Hadfim - Victorian Blackletter Font

Hadfim is a distinctive Victorian decorative font with a standout black letter design. It offers versatility and elegance, proving to be exceptional for various uses. The font features include alternates, ligatures, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering, punctuations, and multilingual support.

The Sign Shop – Victorian Font

The Sign Shop - Victorian Font

The Sign Shop is a font that’s ideal for logos and signage. This font mirrors an old-world sensitivity nostalgic of the Victorian era, an ideal choice for retro logos and antique-style signs. Also, it includes an additional font named “Old Taverna”, and vector bonus ornaments that enrich your designs with a vintage touch.

The Royal Consort – Victorian Font

The Royal Consort - Victorian Font

The Royal Consort is a vintage Victorian font with a classic twist, perfect for creating a decorative and timeless look. Drawing inspiration from store signs and letterhead designs of the Victorian era, this font includes stylistic alternates, special characters, and ligatures as part of its features.

Vuarlest – Classic Victorian Font

Vuarlest - Classic Victorian Font

Vuarlest, a classic Victorian-style serif font, blends vintage elegance with intricate leaf or floral-themed designs. Perfect for antique or vintage-inspired layouts and projects, it comes in four file types including .otf, .ttf, .woff, and .woff2.

Veinline – Script Victorian Font

Veinline - Script Victorian Font

Veinline is a Victorian-inspired script font that mirrors lithographic designs, beer labels, certification writings, and store signs from the 1800s and early 1900s. The font comes in regular and alternate versions that lend dynamic versatility while swashes of ornaments perfect the font for labels, headlines, logos, posters, certificates, and much more.

Best Free Victorian Fonts

Black Mild – Classic Blackletter Victorian Font

Black Mild - Classic Blackletter Victorian Font

Black Mild is a beautiful font you can use to achieve a classic look for your designs. It includes blackletter-style characters with a Victorian vibe. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Monk – Free Victorian Style Font

Monk - Free Victorian Style Font

Monk is another free font that comes with a unique letter design. This font also has a design similar to the typography styles from the Victorian era. You can use it for free with personal and commercial projects.

Masquerouge – Free Victorian Font

Masquerouge - Free Victorian Font

This is a condensed font with a Victorian-style letter design. This font is especially ideal for crafting big and bold headings for posters, flyers, and banner designs. It’s free for personal use.

Great Victorian – Free Elegant Font

Great Victorian - Free Elegant Font

You can download this font for free to craft elegant-looking typography designs. It’s suitable for everything from luxury branding designs to logos, labels, and more. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Victoriandeco – Free Art Deco Style Font

Victoriandeco - Free Art Deco Style Font

This font comes with a highly decorative letter design full of personality. You can use it to craft unique titles for your album covers, book covers, posters, and even greeting cards. The font is free for personal use.