25+ Best Viking Fonts (Viking Rune, Norse Fonts + More)

Step into the adventurous world of Norse mythology with our captivating collection of Viking-inspired fonts and typefaces.  These fonts are ideal for various design projects to bring a potent infusion of raw Viking energy that can intensify the visual impact of your content.

This collection consists of a myriad of Viking font styles that can transport your audience into the thrilling times of Viking culture. You can use them to infuse the essence of the Old Norse with grace and authenticity in your own design projects. The beautifully crafted characters and designs offer a seamless blend of vintage robustness and contemporary versatility, making them a perfect choice for those seeking unconventional design elements.

Whether you’re designing a dramatic poster, a mystic logo, or a captivating book cover, our compilation is brimming with the best Viking fonts to help you nail the look. And don’t miss our selection of Viking rune fonts too!

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Noatun – Mythical Viking Font

Noatun - Mythical Viking Font

This unique Viking-style typeface features a distinct geometric style and is available in two versions. Perfect for titles, logos, or short quotes, Noatun boasts multilingual support and includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation for versatile usage. Explore the intriguing blend of old and new brought alive in this font.

Garked – Unique Viking Font

Garked - Unique Viking Font

Garked is a unique Viking-inspired font based on ancient Nordic runes. Ideal for headline display or projects related to Vikings or Norse mythology, this typeface adds a touch of antiquity to any text, making it visually intriguing. Garked is recommended for those seeking to imbue their work with a captivating historical vibe.

Old North – Norse Rune Viking Font

Old North - Norse Rune Viking Font

Old North is a unique bold typeface inspired by ancient Norse runes that offers a distinct Viking touch. With wide Latin character support and two rune styles, it creatively uses the alphabet’s uppercase and lowercase formations. An added highlight is its stylistic alternative on A-Z, based on genuine Norse runes, providing an authentic Nordic feel.

Jegbod – Scandinavian Viking Style Font

Jegbod - Scandinavian Viking Style Font

Jegbod is a compelling Scandinavian Viking-inspired font with a tribal theme. Perfect for headers, logos, posters, or flyers, its unique geometric typeface showcases dynamic uppercase and lowercase letters influenced by Nordic runes. This font presents a distinctive addition to any design, infusing it with a touch of the glorious Viking era.

Mjölnir – Nordic Tribal Font

Mjölnir - Nordic Tribal Font

Meet Mjölnir, a tribal font that breathes life into Nordic runes and Viking-era motifs. A great choice for headlines, logos, posters, and more, this unique geometric typeface encompasses both uppercase and lowercase characters, special glyphs, and diverse language support. Included are OTF, TTF, and WOFF versions of Mjölnir, offering a captivating touch to any creative project.

Jotunheim – Runic Viking Font

Jotunheim - Runic Viking Font

Jotunheim is a visually stunning typeface with an authentic and intricate design inspired by ancient runes. Its three unique styles ranging from simple and legible to beautifully elaborate, allow creativity in combining the versions. Features include uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, basic punctuation, and reversible letters, offering a dynamic creative tool while adding an ancient flair to your projects.

Scourge – Creative Viking Font

Scourge - Creative Viking Font

This textured, runic typeface comes complete with uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, and punctuation. Offering a unique feel of authenticity and power, Scourge can enhance visual appeal, helping you create captivating and visually appealing content. Truly, a must-try for anyone looking to add a Viking touch to their design palette.

Bhiure – Decorative Viking Font

Bhiure - Decorative Viking Font

Bhiure is a distinctively Viking-inspired decorative font with a minimalist linear design. Combining boho themes with Nordic undertones, it’s perfect for adding a unique touch to various crafts, titles, and stationery. It comes with numbers and punctuation for all your design needs. Bhiure’s eclectic style is sure to appeal to hipsters and bohemians alike.

Paraoh – Unique Handmade Viking Font

Paraoh - Unique Handmade Viking Font

Paraoh is a unique and handmade Viking font that’s ideal for adding a special touch to logos, headers, titles, prints, and more. This ancient font script is easy to install on both PC and Mac, offering clean, outstanding typography results. Provided in both TTF and OTF formats, Paraoh works seamlessly with several programs including Word and Photoshop.

Nordica – Viking Style Font

Nordica - Viking Style Font

The Nordica font is a hand-sketched blackletter style imbued with a strong Nordic touch. This runic typeface can add a uniquely northern soul to your designs, making it perfect for typography posters, apparel branding, greeting cards, and invitations. Featuring only uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation, Nordica is provided in both OTF and TTF formats for versatile use.

Nowra – Ethnic Viking Style Font

Nowra - Ethnic Viking Style Font

Nowra is a captivating font that draws inspiration from Papua’s rich culture and art. Its characters are beautifully adorned with tribal motifs, embodying a blend of age-old traditions and contemporary design. Perfect for branding, posters, or merchandise, utilizing Nowra can lend your projects a unique, ethnically elegant appeal.

Lexaviers – Bold Viking Font

Lexaviers - Bold Viking Font

The Lexaviers is a creative Viking-style font inspired by movie poster designs. It embodies a natural, handmade aesthetic refined with crisp lines. Comprising of 214 characters, it offers impressive versatility for branding, from logos to packaging. This multilingual-supported typeface comes with TTF, OTF and WOFF files, able to communicate effectively in a broad range of global languages.

Faobexs – Unique Viking Style Font

Faobexs - Unique Viking Style Font

The Faobexs font presents a unique Viking style with its linear and minimalist design. Ideal for crafty creations, its diversity shines through in various uses such as in letterheads, titles, or stationery. Experiment with Faobexs to discover the boundless variations it can offer to enhance your creative work.

Mqpegrh – Decorative Viking Font

Mqpegrh - Decorative Viking Font

Mqpegrh is a stylishly minimalistic Viking-inspired font. Its linear design offers a simplistic appeal, perfect for various creative tasks, from crafting eye-catching stationery to designing unique letterheads and titles. Relish the endless variations Mqpegrh offers and elevate your creativity to a whole new level.

DarkSword – Ancient Viking Font

DarkSword - Ancient Viking Font

Meet DarkSword, an Ancient Viking Font designed to capture the essence of gothic mystique and ancient magic. Perfect for headers or text, its unique style stirs the imagination. DarkSword comes in various formats, including TTF, OTF, and Web Font (eot, woff, woff2, svg).

Viking Base – Modern Display Font

Viking Base - Modern Display Font

Viking Base is a modern and innovative sans display font with its bold strokes, amusing character, and a smattering of ligatures and alternates. It breathes new life into your creative projects, supporting over 100 languages, it’s exceptionally versatile, enhancing logos, social media posts, movie and book titles. Receive Viking Base in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats to make your work stand out.

Loki – Viking Style Serif Font

Loki - Viking Style Serif Font

Loki, a Viking-style serif font, takes inspiration from the classic Norse trickster god. Crafted as a hand-written brush script with a robust sans-serif foundation, Loki stands out in bold CAPS, perfect for attention-grabbing titles. Its high-contrast typeface, characterized by thin, sharp, and heavily bracketed serifs, embodies the spirit of Loki: unexpected, shape-shifting, and relentlessly engaging.

King Castle – Vintage Celtic Font

King Castle - Vintage Celtic Font

The King Castle is an elegant typeface with a unique display reminiscent of Celtic styles. Perfect for a range of crafty works, like stationery titles and letterheads, it includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, alternate, symbols, punctuation, and multilingual support. This font creates an original look and comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 files.

Serkan – Viking Era Celtic font

Serkan - Viking Era Celtic font

Serkan, a captivating Viking-era Celtic font, is perfect for a plethora of creative uses, from distinctive letterheads to memorable stationery. Its characteristic panache is complete with uppercase, lowercase, symbols, punctuation, numerals, and ligature. It also has alternate types and multilingual support. Available files include OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats, making Serkan versatile and convenient to use.

Windshire – Blackletter Viking Font

Windshire - Blackletter Viking Font

Windshire is a striking all-caps, blackletter font with sharp edges and thick lettering. Versatile in all sizes, this gothic typeface is perfect for various uses including posters, branding, social media posts, and even apparel. With its medieval aesthetic, Windshire effortlessly enhances any project requiring a touch of vintage charm.

Zoyavia – Unique Serif Font

Zoyavia - Unique Serif Font

Zoyavia is a charming new display typeface that’s perfect for a range of applications, from logo designs to posters. Its versatility also makes it fitting for stickers, jerseys, invitation cards, and even brochures. It has a subtle Viking-style vibe to make your designs stand out.

Best Free Viking Fonts

Rurik – Free Norse Viking Display Font

Rurik - Free Norse Viking Display Font

Rurik is a unique Viking-style font that takes inspiration from ancient Norse rune designs. It features letters with creative shapes that will give an original look to your typography. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Norse – Free Viking Font

Norse - Free Viking Font

This font also comes with a creative Norse-themed design. It has tall and narrow letters with thin lines that are ideal for title designs. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Inter Norse – Free Viking Font

Inter Norse - Free Viking Font

Inter Norse is another free Viking-style font. However, instead of using an ancient-inspired design, this font comes with a modern and futuristic look combined with ancient-rune style designs. It’s also free for commercial use.

Norront Sans – Free Viking Runes Font

Norront Sans - Free Viking Runes Font

This free font has a stylish and modern letter design featuring letters inspired by ancient Nordic runes and Norwegian landscapes. The font is free to use with commercial projects.

Second Reign – Free Viking Style Font

Second Reign - Free Viking Style Font

This font comes with a very classic letter design with elegant swirls and curvy edges. It has a vintage and Viking-style look that will fit in perfectly with packaging designs. The font is free for personal use only.