10+ Most Helpful Productivity-Boosting AI Tools in 2024

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” has new meaning in today’s digital world powered by AI. Because you can now double and triple your productivity with just a few AI tools.

In this post, we are showcasing some of the best AI tools for productivity that will help you be more efficient in many areas of your work and day-to-day life.

Whether you want an easier way to manage your inbox, schedule meetings, manage your personal budget, or even want to have your own personal assistant, this list has an AI tool to serve all your needs and boost productivity.

See if you’re already using any of these AI tools.

1. ChatGPT-4o (Personal Assistant)


ChatGPT is arguably the most powerful AI chatbot available. It’s capable of handling many different tasks from copywriting to brainstorming, research, coding, image generation, and much more. But with the new GPT 4o, you can access a whole new world of possibilities.

OpenAI showcased some of the incredible feats GPT 4o is capable of in a demo video. This new version of ChatGPT is basically a personal assistant that can help you in various ways from helping you prepare for an interview to solving math equations and even translating voice in real-time.

GPT 4o is much more intelligent than Apple’s Siri and other assistant apps. And it’s also capable of remembering your interests, habits, and choices as well. You will be able to use it as your own virtual assistant to do things faster and easier than ever in both your daily life and at work.

OpenAI just allowed free users access to the GPT 4o. The possibilities are endless!

perplexity ai

Google has been getting worse by the day with its terrible AI summaries and search results that favor only the big corporate-managed websites. Simply put, Google is no longer a reliable search engine to find good information. Microsoft’s Bing is a good alternative but an even better tool is Perplexity.

Perplexity is an AI-powered search engine that’s capable of providing you with more detailed and informative results for your searches. When you search for something, the tool will not only provide you with an AI-generated summary but will also provide links to the best articles related to the subject.

Perplexity will make it much easier for you to find the best information on the web and it will go a long way to save time on your researching process. What’s great about this tool is you can access it for free without having to register an account.

3. Asana (for Project Management)

asana ai

Asana is a platform that needs no introduction. It’s one of the best tools for project management and team collaboration. The latest AI integrations on the platform make it even more powerful.

Asana’s AI teammates feature basically provides you with an AI teammate to automate and simplify tasks for you and your actual team. Using this AI tool, you can get intelligent suggestions on things like who to assign for project tasks, create complex workflows, automate tasks, and it will even learn and adapt to your changes and priorities.

4. Clean.Email (for Email Management)


Managing your email inbox is one of the dreaded tasks for most people. If your inbox also looks cluttered and filled with spam emails all the time, then this AI tool will come in handy.

Clean.Email uses AI to organize your emails into “Smart Folders” and it will suggest which emails to clean out, which emails are from social media, and which need your attention. You can also set manual rules to auto-clean emails that aren’t important to you. It can even send unsubscribe requests on your behalf.

Clean.Email costs $9.99 per month for managing a single email account and it works with all email management apps.

5. Leonardo.ai (for Generating Images)

leonardo ai

If you often find yourself scouring the web to find the best stock photos or illustrations for your projects, having a reliable AI art generation tool is a must. Leonardo.ai is one of the best tools you can turn to for those tasks.

Leonardo.ai is not as advanced as Midjourney, but it offers a generous free plan that lets you generate a limited number of AI images daily. It has multiple image models to choose from to create everything from realistic stock photos to concept art, anime art, and so much more.

6. Grammarly (for Grammar & Spell Check)


Grammarly is a tool that you must have installed on your browser or computer. It does wonders in helping you maintain professionalism by instantly identifying your spelling and grammatical errors on the fly as you type text.

Grammarly can be installed as a browser extension to fix your writing across the web, including emails, social media posts, Google Docs, and more. You can also install it on your computer to use it on software like MS Word and PowerPoint.

Grammarly now includes AI tools for generating drafts and messages as well. And it’s free plan is more than capable of handling most of your daily writing tasks.

7. Otter.ai (for Transcribing Meetings)

otter ai

Work meetings can be quite stressful at times. Some meetings will pack too much information into 20 minutes that you will come out of the meetings not remembering anything. Otter.ai is a brilliant tool that will help with those situations.

This AI tool works as a meeting assistant that will take notes on your behalf. Especially when attending online meetings, Otter will transcribe the meeting in real time to provide you with detailed summaries and important notes of the meeting.

Otter.ai works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams apps seamlessly and it works on mobile as well.

8. Calendly (for Scheduling Meetings)


Calendly is a useful app that will help you avoid going back and forth in your emails to find the best times for scheduling meetings. With this app, you can simply sync your Google Calendar app or other app to find the ideal times for meetings and then share them with your clients and teammates to easily schedule a meeting.

Calendly is especially useful for teams, as it uses AI to identify work hours to create better scheduling for onboarding, sales calls, client check-ins, and various other meetings with minimum effort.

Calendly has a free plan that’s perfect for individuals. For teams, plans start at $10 per user per month.

9. RescueTime (for Time Management)

rescue time

Popular time-tracking app, RescueTime has introduced creative AI tools into its system to help you manage and track time more efficiently. The new Timesheets AI feature allows you to automatically divide your time between multiple clients and projects. And it removes the need to create manual timers.

RescueTime is more than just about time-tracking client projects. It can also be used to improve your productivity by tracking the way you spend your time, identifying which apps you use the most, and places where you tend to waste time to optimize your daily routine.

10. Wally (for Personal Finance)

wally ai

Wally is a personal financing app for Android and Apple devices. This app makes it easier to manage your budget and keep track of your spending habits. What makes this app special is its AI companion.

Wally app features an AI assistant that you can interact with to get insights into your finances and transactions. You can talk to this AI to ask for help planning finance goals, track spending, learn about investing, and even get context on your records.

11. Notion (for Note Taking)

notion ai

Notion is a favorite note-taking app among productivity experts, as it provides you with a flexible environment to manage all your ideas and workspaces in one place. Notion now has an AI assistant built into the platform that offers help with more complex tasks.

With Notion AI assistant, you can seek help for brainstorming new ideas. It will also help you write better notes, auto-fill tables, get answers to questions, keep track of your team projects, translate, and much more.

Notion app has a free plan but you will have to pay $8 per month to add the AI assistant to your workspace.

12. Claude (for Brainstorming & Research)

calude ai

Claude is an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. Claude, however, is capable of handling tasks a bit differently than ChatGPT. For instance, Claude is much more secure with enterprise-grade security and copyright protection. It also claims to have low hallucinations.

These features make Claude the perfect app for your important business and client projects. Especially for brainstorming ideas and doing research. Claude also performs much better at complex cognitive tasks and even generating code.


It’s important to keep in mind that most of these AI tools are still in early development. They won’t be perfect and will make mistakes from time to time. So always double-check to make sure they provide you with correct results.

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