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How to Use Figma for Web Design: 10 Tips & Ideas

Figma Templates / 26 May 2023

How to Use Figma for Web Design: 10 Tips & Ideas

Figma is a powerhouse of a platform for web design as it allows you to not just design but also test and prototype interactive versions of your websites among many other things.

What makes Figma better than other design tools? How can you leverage Figma to create more innovative website designs? In today’s post, we explore these topics to find the answers.

Instead of walking you through a step-by-step process of using Figma for web design, we wanted to highlight some of the great features and functionalities of Figma. These features will help improve your design process and workflow to do better work more efficiently.

Let’s dive in.

60+ Modern Professional PowerPoint Templates 2023

PowerPoint Templates / 26 May 2023

60+ Modern Professional PowerPoint Templates 2023

In today’s collection, we’re bringing you a set of fresh new modern, professional PowerPoint templates for creating presentations that stand out from the crowd. Give your presentation a modern edge, and convey your message in a professional way.

We handpicked a collection of unique and modern PowerPoint templates that you can use for crafting slideshows for all kinds of presentations, including startup pitch decks to business projections, photography, marketing, design, and more.

We’re also sharing our tips for creating a modern presentation, to help you get started fast.

How to Add & Import Fonts to Figma

Figma Templates / 25 May 2023

How to Add & Import Fonts to Figma

Custom fonts can greatly enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of your designs. Figma, as a powerful design tool, allows you to import and use a variety of fonts in your projects.

Whether you’re using Figma for prototyping, UI design, or preparing layouts for your developer team, you’ll want to know how to drop in your own fonts and typefaces.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding and importing fonts to Figma, discuss Figma’s “font service,” and provide helpful tips for using different fonts in your designs.

Gothic Style Design: A Modern Font & Graphic Trend

Trends / 25 May 2023

Gothic Style Design: A Modern Font & Graphic Trend

One recent emerging trend is an increased use of gothic styles and themes. This trend captures everything from imagery and color schemes to fonts and overall styling.

It’s an almost natural progression and evolution from all of the dark mode designs we’ve seen in recent years to reversion to gothic style.

Here, we’ll look at gothic style design and how you can make this design trend – potentially – work for you. Whether that’s in a poster, flyer, typographic choice, or a website. Let’s dive in!

100+ Best Lightroom Presets of 2023

Lightroom Presets / 25 May 2023

100+ Best Lightroom Presets of 2023

If you’re looking to supercharge your design workflow this year, updating your Lightroom presets with a new, powerful collection is a good idea! Lightroom presets let you instantly fix, improve, and enhance your photos with a single click. And we’ve found the perfect set of presets just for you.

Having the right set of Lightroom presets can be a huge time-saver for designers. Everything from retouching portrait photos, to adding stunning visual effects, enhancing interior photos, optimizing HDR photos, adding retro effects, and much more is possible with the Lightroom presets we’ve included in this list.

We’re also answering the most common Lightroom preset FAQs, to help you learn more about presets, use them on desktop or mobile, and more.

How to Resize an Image in InDesign

InDesign Templates / 24 May 2023

How to Resize an Image in InDesign

In this article, we’ll cover the process of resizing images in Adobe InDesign. If you’re going to work in InDesign, this is one of the first things you’ll need to master (and it’s super easy to do in a few different ways).

Resizing images is a common task in any design project, and InDesign offers several ways to accomplish this.

Follow the steps below to learn how to resize images effectively and efficiently.

DevKinsta: Local WordPress Development Made Easy

Reviews / 24 May 2023

DevKinsta: Local WordPress Development Made Easy

DevKinsta is the ultimate local development toolkit for all things WordPress. Whether you’re working on a website design, developing a plugin, or crafting a theme, DevKinsta offers some exceptional features that you can’t find in other local devkit tools.

It’s so much easier to install and setup. And it has everything a developer would need to build and test WordPress websites locally. One of its best features is the ability to deploy your websites directly to Kinsta hosting after development.

Today, we take a closer look at DevKinsta to tell you why you should use this local development suite for all your WordPress creations.

25+ Best Color Fonts of 2023

Font Collections / 24 May 2023

25+ Best Color Fonts of 2023

OpenType fonts created a whole new world of possibilities for typography. And one of the best inventions made from OpenType features is color fonts.

Some call color fonts the next big revolution in graphic design. Others say it’s going to change the way we use typography. One thing is for sure that color fonts can make your design look more incredible than any other type of font available today.

Instead of using the same boring styles of fonts, color fonts allow designers to get more creative and step out of their comfort zones when it comes to crafting titles and headings.

If you’re also thinking about exploring new creative possibilities, color fonts are the perfect place to start. We gathered a few beautiful color fonts for your inspiration. Have a look.

20+ Logo Reveal Templates for Premiere Pro 2023

Premiere Pro Templates / 23 May 2023

20+ Logo Reveal Templates for Premiere Pro 2023

Today, we have a fantastic collection of logo reveal templates for Premiere Pro. And it includes template designs for all types of businesses, influencers, and content creators.

Whether you’re designing a logo reveal for a brand new channel or looking to refresh your brand’s identity, using a Premiere Pro logo reveal template is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get it done.

Another great thing about these logo stings is that you can use them in a wide variety of content from YouTube videos to business promos, TikToks, Instagram Stories, and more.

There are both premium and free Premiere Pro logo reveal templates in this collection. Explore them all below.

30+ Best Webinar PowerPoint Templates (Remote Presentation PPT Slides)

PowerPoint Templates / 23 May 2023

30+ Best Webinar PowerPoint Templates (Remote Presentation PPT Slides)

With more people switching to remote work and office meetings taking place online, you now have to do presentations remotely. These remote presentations also require special slideshow designs as well.

When designing a presentation for an online audience, whether it’s a remote office meeting or a webinar, it needs to be accompanied by slides that feature more details and a clear design. So that you can educate your audience with more information that you don’t have the time to explain in your speech.

Designing a remote presentation is not that difficult. It can be simple, especially when using a webinar PowerPoint template. We’ve rounded up some great remote presentation templates to help you get a quick start.

These templates are great for doing all kinds of webinars, online meetings, and online class presentations. Have a look.

30+ Best Photo Collage Templates for Photoshop

Inspiration / 23 May 2023

30+ Best Photo Collage Templates for Photoshop

Photo collages are a great form of commemorating memories from the past. They also make for thoughtful gifts.

Whether it’s to celebrate friendship, a special anniversary, or even a holiday vacation, photo collages allow you to capture many memories in one place to show how much you cherish each moment.

Creating a beautiful photo collage, however, can be a tough process. Even if you’re a skilled graphic designer, it would take a while to put together a collage. Thankfully, with the help of photo collage templates, you can skip all that work.

In this post, we bring you a collection of Photoshop photo collage templates you can use to instantly create amazing photo collage designs without effort. Check them out below.

What Is InDesign (+ What Is InDesign Used For?)

InDesign Templates / 22 May 2023

What Is InDesign (+ What Is InDesign Used For?)

InDesign is a powerful desktop publishing software developed by Adobe Systems. It is widely used by graphic designers, publishers, and marketing professionals to create a range of print and digital media, such as magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, flyers, and more.

Adobe InDesign is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and is a versatile layout and page design software that enables users to create visually appealing designs for both print and digital media.

In this article, we will explore what InDesign is, its primary features, and five common use cases.

20+ Best Consulting + Management PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates / 22 May 2023

20+ Best Consulting + Management PowerPoint Templates

A killer presentation is the main weapon in a consultant’s arsenal. It’s the best tool you can use to convince and persuade clients of your skills and services. But you can’t do any of that with an ugly slideshow.

A beautiful and professional design is a must for every PowerPoint presentation. Especially when you’re trying to persuade an audience as an authoritative figure, you need carefully designed slides that live up to your reputation and brand.

This collection is all about helping you achieve that goal. We found the best consulting PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly and easily design better-looking slideshows for your consulting and management presentations.

Have a look and see if you can find a great template for your project.

30+ Best InDesign Resume Templates (INDD CV Templates)

CV & Resume Templates / 22 May 2023

30+ Best InDesign Resume Templates (INDD CV Templates)

These days, the job market is more competitive than ever – you can have years of experience and all the right qualifications to back it up. Still, if your resume doesn’t make a brilliant first impression, you might not even get called in for an interview.

Even if you’re not a professional designer, it’s super easy to create your very own resume template using Adobe InDesign using a premade template – and we’ve saved you all the hard work of finding the perfect template to use! In this article, you’ll find a huge range of premium and free resume and CV templates, all available for instant download.

Without further ado, here are the best Adobe InDesign resume templates to help you land that dream job!

How to Link Text Boxes in InDesign

InDesign Templates / 19 May 2023

How to Link Text Boxes in InDesign

Linking text boxes in InDesign allows you to create a continuous flow of text across multiple text frames on your document pages.

This feature is especially useful when working with multi-page layouts or when designing documents with columns, as it enables you to control the flow and distribution of your text content more effectively.

In this article, we’ll explain how to link text boxes in InDesign and provide some tips for working with linked text frames.

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