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35+ Best Monogram Fonts

Font Collections / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Monogram Fonts

Creating a monogram is a popular design practice for logos, badges, signage, insignias, and signatures (it actually dates back to the early 350BC!). If you’re working on a monogram design, this collection of monogram fonts and typography is a helpful starting point!

Many brands, products, and businesses still use monograms to craft unique logos that stand out from the crowd (like Volkswagen or Coco Chanel).

We’ve handpicked several unique monogram fonts with decorative designs that you can use for your various projects.

35+ Best Line Patterns & Textures

Background Textures / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Line Patterns & Textures

Whether you’re working on a product packaging design, a greeting card, or even a website background, incorporating one of these line patterns and textures can help you achieve a pro result.

No need to spend hours of your valuable time searching for beautiful line patterns. We scoured the web to find the best line patterns and textures to help you get a headstart with your design process.

This collection includes both free patterns and premium items, for a mix of affordability and top-quality. Have a look and see if you can find a pattern suitable for your project.

35+ Best Illustrator Logo Templates 2024

Logo Templates / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Illustrator Logo Templates 2024

So you need a logo right now? That’s where an Illustrator logo template can come in handy. A logo template is often a kit of pieces to build a vector logo with a few tweaks—such as changing colors or fonts. These are our top picks!

Some of the better logo template options might include multiple elements in a file that you can piece together for a design that’s a little more custom.

Logo templates are best for small, quick projects that need something cost-effective and visually pleasing. While a logo template won’t give you all the flexibility and design choices as a custom logo, they create a significantly less expensive option. (Which can be great if you have some design skills and an idea of what you want your logo to look like.)

Just make sure when you are hunting for that perfect logo template, that you find a vector set to work with. Adobe Illustrator files are the most common and will give you the tools you need to create a design that will work at any size when you are finished making the logo design.

Here are 20 of the best Adobe Illustrator logo templates we could track down, as well as a few helpful tips for using an Illustrator logo template.

25+ Best Billboard Mockups

Mockup Templates / 10 Jan 2022

25+ Best Billboard Mockups

If you’re currently designing a billboard or a banner design, then you should also prepare for how to present it to your client. Because the way you’re going to showcase your design will influence the final decision of your clients. It’s one part of the project that you should invest in, without holding back.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend days trying to find a way to showcase your billboard design. You can simply use a pre-designed billboard mockup template to get that job done.

To help you find the perfect mockup for your project, we handpicked a few mockups that are perfect for showcasing billboard designs. Check them out and start downloading — some are free, and some are part of an Envato Elements subscription. Our tips for billboard design should help get you off to a great start!

20+ Best Shadow Fonts (Free & Premium) 2024

Font Collections / 6 Jan 2022

20+ Best Shadow Fonts (Free & Premium) 2024

Adding a drop-shadow to your text in Photoshop is a great way to highlight titles and make a cool text effect.

What if there’s a font that already has a shadow effect and you can use in any software? Well, that’s exactly what a shadow font is all about.

Shadow fonts are a special type of font that comes with a built-in shadow effect. Sometimes, this effect even gives a cool 3D-like look to the font as well.

In this collection, we are showing you some of the best fonts with shadow lettering that have various styles of designs and purposes. Have a look.

25+ Cool T-Shirt Designs for Printing Custom T-Shirts

Mockup Templates / 25 Dec 2021

25+ Cool T-Shirt Designs for Printing Custom T-Shirts

Designing and wearing your own custom-made T-shirts is all the rage these days. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd as well as to show off your personality.

Due to the popularity of the trend, it’s now so easy to print your own T-shirts. There are many platforms you can use to upload a design to print custom T-shirts. All you need is to come up with a cool design. To help you get started, we handpicked a collection of cool custom T-shirt designs.

These T-shirt designs are easy to use. Just download and upload the design to a T-shirt printing service and you’re all set. You can also customize the designs as well. You can edit the text to add your own name or your favorite quote into the design.

Whether you’re a designer working on a T-shirt design for a brand or printing a T-shirt for yourself, these custom T-shirt designs will make the process so much easier. Have a look.

22 Places to Find Design Inspiration When You Are Stuck

Inspiration / 23 Dec 2021

22 Places to Find Design Inspiration When You Are Stuck

In need of a little design pick-me-up? There’s creative inspiration all around. You just have to stop, take a minute, and absorb it!

The best places to find design inspiration might not be just the usual suspects, including design blogs like this one.

Use this list to get those creative juices flowing again. We’re exploring ideas from popular inspiration websites, all the way through to a neighborhood walk or a museum.

Digital, physical, and everything in-between!

25+ Best Resume HTML Templates 2024 (Free & Pro)

CV & Resume Templates / 22 Nov 2021

25+ Best Resume HTML Templates 2024 (Free & Pro)

Are you trying to come up with a new and creative way to apply to that dream job? Then you should consider using an HTML resume instead of the traditional PDF or Word doc.

HTML resumes are far superior to PDFs that everyone uses when applying for jobs. For starters, an HTML resume helps you to stand out from the crowd.

More importantly, HTML resumes give you more freedom to design a resume that matches your skills and personality. All you need is basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

Grab an HTML resume template from our collection below to get a head start. These templates are fully customizable so you can edit the code however you like to design a unique resume.

10+ Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates 2024

App Templates / 12 Nov 2021

10+ Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates 2024

Progressive web apps are easier to manage and cheaper to build. And, when using web app templates, you can get a complete app made in half the time.

In this post, we feature some of the best progressive web app templates you can use to make various types of apps. Whether you’re a web designer, developer, or making your first web app, these templates will surely come in handy.

Times are changing and you no longer need to hire app development agencies to build a mobile app. Using a progressive web app, you can build an app with less effort and at a very affordable cost.

When making a mobile app for a simple website or a service, like an online store or a delivery service, a progressive web app is the best method to accomplish your goals.

20+ Best Android App Templates (For Mobile Apps) 2024

App Templates / 5 Nov 2021

20+ Best Android App Templates (For Mobile Apps) 2024

Developing an app takes a lot of time and work. But, what if there’s a way to build an Android app without writing a single line of code or investing thousands of dollars in app development? That’s exactly what Android app templates allow you to do.

Using an Android app template, you can build a fully functional app for your business, online store, and create powerful native and web-apps without having to break the bank.

In this post, we feature some of the best pre-made Android app templates you can use to build your own mobile apps without coding.

40+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2024

Bootstrap / 2 Nov 2021

40+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2024

Planning to develop a new web app? Or create a stunning backend membership area for your services? Then it’s time to start thinking about designing an admin dashboard.

Creating an effective admin dashboard that your users enjoy coming back to over and over again can be a challenging task.

You have to work with user experience designers to make sure the design offers the best experience to your users.

Thankfully, we have a solution that’ll help you save a lot of money and time, by starting with one of these stunning admin templates!

10 Best Brand Identity Design + Examples

Inspiration / 29 Oct 2021

10 Best Brand Identity Design + Examples

Creating a brand identity is one of the most important parts of creating any new business. After all, it’s what helps create your brand image.

One of the best ways to create an effective brand identity is to learn from the very best that already won the world with its brands. Today, we take a look at some of those winning brand identities and rebrand designs. And talk about what makes them effective.

If you’re a designer or a brand strategist working on a new business branding, you’ll learn a lot of useful things from this guide. First, let’s start with the very basics.