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20+ Text & Typography Templates for Final Cut Pro (Animated Text)

Final Cut Pro Templates / 5 Jul 2022

20+ Text & Typography Templates for Final Cut Pro (Animated Text)

Using typography in videos is more than just about animating text. It’s a process that requires creative thinking. If you don’t pick the right template, you could ruin the entire video.

For example, typography in explainer videos needs to be very clear and have animations that flow with the video to help educate the audience about a product or service. And it’s an entirely different process for designing typography for a movie credits scene, YouTube intro, or adding song lyrics to a music video.

What if you could find typography templates for all those different types of videos in one place? Well, that’s exactly what we did.

In this article, you’ll find brilliant text and typography templates for Final Cut Pro. Download, customize, and start making amazing videos.

45+ Best Retro Text Effects & Styles

Font Collections / 30 Jun 2022

45+ Best Retro Text Effects & Styles

Are you looking for a way to design stunning retro text effects without having to spend hours in Photoshop? Then you’ll love our collection of retro text effect templates and styles that you can use to cut your design work in half.

Whether you’re working on a retro-style title for a website header, designing a badge for a T-shirt, logo for a brand, or crafting unique quote pictures for a social media campaign, this handpicked collection has a text effect for all kinds of design work.

No need to choose. You can actually download all these text effects for a single price. Simply subscribe to Envato Elements and start downloading everything on the platform. See if you can find some inspiration for your next design from this great collection of retro text effects!

We’ve also featured our tips for retro design, to help you get you started with any retro-style design project.

20+ Modern Google Docs Resume Templates 2024

CV & Resume Templates / 30 Jun 2022

20+ Modern Google Docs Resume Templates 2024

Google Docs is arguably the best app you can use to make a great resume. Why? Because it’s Free!

Unlike Microsoft Word, you don’t have to buy an expensive subscription to use Google Docs. And you can use templates to quickly make resumes without effort. It’s just what you need when you have to put together a quick resume for that dream job opening that just appeared on your Twitter feed.

Whether you’re preparing a resume for your first job application or revamping an old resume, we’ve gathered some great Google Docs resume templates for you to choose from.

In this list, you’ll find many different styles of resume and CV templates for all kinds of professions. There are a few free templates in there as well. Go have a look.

35+ Best Medical PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates / 29 Jun 2022

35+ Best Medical PowerPoint Templates

We’ve prepared a handpicked collection of the best medical PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly make a professional medical-related presentation all by yourself.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for an event presentation. You have to do the research, prepare the speech and lots more. On top of all that, you also have to design an engaging PowerPoint presentation as well.

Thanks to PowerPoint templates designed by professionals, you no longer have to use a mundane default template or spend hours designing the perfect slideshow. Here are a few of the best PowerPoint templates you can use for all kinds of medical themed presentations.

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, nurse, researcher, or medical sales rep, these presentation templates will get you off to a great start. And our series of tips on what to look for in a medical PowerPoint Template should help as well!

20+ Best Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Templates 2024

PowerPoint Templates / 28 Jun 2022

20+ Best Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Templates 2024

Colorful landscapes, mesmerizing views of nature, and the richness of different lands are just a small part of what you can imagine when we touch on the theme of travel PowerPoint templates. These examples are a great way to quickly and easily create a travel-related presentation.

Whether you’re showcasing your own travel photos, creating a presentation for a particular hotel, or making plans for a trip, loads of these travel PPT templates will fit the bill.

These travel PowerPoint templates are really helpful for travel agencies, for introducing new hotels and places for vacation, for teachers in schools and universities, for working on international projects, and so on.

20+ Best Lightroom LUTs for Photography (For Stunning Photos)

Lightroom Presets / 23 Jun 2022

20+ Best Lightroom LUTs for Photography (For Stunning Photos)

One of the most common misconceptions about photography is believing that you need to have an expensive camera to take better photos.

But if you’ve ever explored the Instagram page for iPhone Photography Awards, you’ll see how people around the world use the simple cameras on a smartphone to take incredible shots that win awards.

The secret behind these stunning photos, however, lies in post-processing. That’s where photographers use tools like Lightroom to improve the photos by enhancing certain adjustments and with vibrant filters.

Today, we bring you lots of amazing Lightroom LUTs and effects you can use to give new life to your own photos. There are many different kinds of LUTs in this list, including a few free downloads. Have a look.

20+ Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro (For Instagram + More)

Premiere Pro Templates / 22 Jun 2022

20+ Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro (For Instagram + More)

Getting more views and engagement for Instagram and TikTok content is now tougher than ever, especially with millions of new videos being uploaded every day.

Making interesting video content is no longer enough to grab the attention of your followers. You also need to make videos that look trendier and more creative.

This is where you can take advantage of Premiere Pro and use vertical video templates to make more unique content for your social channels.

We gathered a collection of cool vertical video templates you can use to make all kinds of social media video content. Whether it’s an Instagram story promoting a product or a TikTok to get more followers, this list has all kinds of vertical video templates for Premiere Pro. Check them all out below.

25+ Beanie and Hat Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Mockup Templates / 22 Jun 2022

25+ Beanie and Hat Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Beanies and hats are one of the most popular branded “swag” items out there, and are a common choice for businesses wanting to create products with their brand or logo on them – it’s both a functional item, and a marketing tool! But what if you go through all the trouble of creating a design, choosing a hat style and paying for manufacturing and shipping, only for it to arrive and look nothing like you imagined?

That’s where our list of mockup templates comes in. We’ve curated a list of the very best, professionally designed mockups out there for you to choose from – simply insert your design into the template, and you’ll instantly have a realistic idea of what your design will look like.

Plus, we’ve included both free and premium options, with a range of different hat types and aesthetics, to make sure that there’s something for every possible need.

Let’s get started!

20+ Best Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates / 19 Jun 2022

20+ Best Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates

As a social media professional, presentations are an inevitable part of your job and a vital part of your career growth. Presentations can be a challenge, but they’re also an opportunity. Whether you’re presenting a new social strategy, proving the ROI of a campaign, or pitching a business to a new client, the basics of successful presentation are the same.

If that gives you nervous butterflies, not to worry! Honing your presentation skills takes time, patience and practice.

That said, if you want to knock your next social media marketing presentation out of the park, you must check out our list of the best social media PowerPoint templates.

20+ Best Product & Service Catalog Templates (Free + Pro)

Brochure Templates / 17 Jun 2022

20+ Best Product & Service Catalog Templates (Free + Pro)

When it comes to guiding purchase decisions and educating customers in person, nothing is more effective than a product or service catalog.

Some might argue that websites have replaced the need for catalogs. But when dealing with a client or customer in person, the feel of a professionally designed catalog in their hands has a much better impact than just viewing a web page on a phone or tablet.

That’s exactly why many businesses, even startups, still invest in product and service catalogs.

If you still don’t have a catalog for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of big opportunities. Thankfully, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to make a great-looking catalog. Just use templates.

Explore our handpicked product catalog templates collection below to find a suitable design for your business. And start generating more sales!

20+ Photography Presentation Templates for PowerPoint (+ Photo Album PPTs)

PowerPoint Templates / 17 Jun 2022

20+ Photography Presentation Templates for PowerPoint (+ Photo Album PPTs)

Are you in the photography business? Does your boss want you to develop a presentation on photography? Maybe a client wants to see a PowerPoint photo presentation with your portfolio.

Photo presentation templates save you time. All you’ve got to do is add the information and images you want to add. Voila! You’ve got a professional PowerPoint presentation that’s ready to present. There’s no wasted time trying to come up with a theme or design.

In this article, we bring you photography PowerPoint templates for every budget. These PowerPoint photography templates are more professional, modern, and creative, and can be easily customized to your specific needs in just a few clicks.

Read on.

20+ Photoshop Light Leak Actions + Overlays

Photoshop Actions / 16 Jun 2022

20+ Photoshop Light Leak Actions + Overlays

Looking for light leak effects to give a retro film look to your photos? Then you’ll find our Photoshop light leak effects collection much more useful.

Light leaks used to be a terrible side effect of using analog film cameras. If you bought a cheap camera or accidentally opened the back cover exposing the film, you usually end up with a bunch of photos full of light leaks.

Today, light leaks have turned into such a popular trend that people are actually looking for ways to add light leaks into photos. Mainly because it creates a beautiful nostalgic film look in photos.

You can also add light leaks into your photos using Photoshop actions and overlays. This collection is filled with many different styles of light leaks you can download and use right away. They are very easy to use. Go try them out.