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Roshan is a blogger and a freelance writer with years of experience in digital marketing, web design, and UXD. He also loves to code websites in his free time.

20+ Best Nautical Fonts (Sea + Sailing Style Fonts)

Font Collections / 22 Sep 2022

20+ Best Nautical Fonts (Sea + Sailing Style Fonts)

The nautical style of design is one of the most popular trends used in many different types of designs, including logos, labels, greeting cards, and especially children’s designs.

A key element of a great nautical-themed design is typography. Whether it’s a sailing or pirate-style design, you need the right nautical font to make your overall design look the part.

Well, you don’t have to go anywhere to find the perfect font for your nautical design. We did the work for you. In this post, we feature a collection of fantastic nautical fonts. There are many different styles of sea, sailing, and pirate fonts in this collection to suit all kinds of design projects.

You’ll find both premium and free nautical fonts in this list. Be sure to download them all!

30+ Best Adobe XD Icons + Icon Sets (+ How to Add Them)

Adobe XD Templates / 21 Sep 2022

30+ Best Adobe XD Icons + Icon Sets (+ How to Add Them)

One of the most commonly used elements in UI design is icons. As a UX or UI designer, you can never have too many icon sets in your collection.

If you’re looking for a cool new custom icon set to make your designs stand out from the crowd, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we bring you a collection of unique Adobe XD icons sets you can download and use right away.

With the help of our handpicked Adobe XD icons selection, you’ll be able to expand your library with more amazing icon sets to use with your professional and creative designs.

20+ Best Figma Resume & CV Templates

Figma Templates / 20 Sep 2022

20+ Best Figma Resume & CV Templates

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to create a resume, Figma is a great platform you can use for the task. It’s not only free to use but also works directly on your browser.

Since the app is free and cross-platform, Figma also has a very large community where users share design resources with others, including Figma resume templates.

We found some of the most amazing CV templates you can use in Figma to make a professional-looking resume for your job application.

This collection includes resume templates for all types of industries from graphic designers to UX designers, writers, developers, and more. The best part is most of the templates are free to use. Have a look!

25+ Best Graffiti Fonts (Bubble, Drip, Tag & Cursive Graffiti Styles)

Font Collections / 15 Sep 2022

25+ Best Graffiti Fonts (Bubble, Drip, Tag & Cursive Graffiti Styles)

Graffiti art is one of the purest forms of creativity. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and experimenting with new ideas.

This is exactly why many designers use graffiti-style art, patterns, backgrounds, and fonts—to add bold and creative looks to the designs.

If you’re also a fan of graffiti-style typography, you’ll definitely fall in love with this collection. We found the best graffiti fonts with various styles of letter designs from bubble graffiti fonts to graffiti tag fonts and more.

Explore the fonts collection below and be on the lookout for some freebies too.

20+ Best Figma Dashboard Templates (Admin Dashboard UI Kits & More)

Figma Templates / 14 Sep 2022

20+ Best Figma Dashboard Templates (Admin Dashboard UI Kits & More)

Designing an admin dashboard is a sophisticated process that requires careful planning and, most importantly, teamwork.

Communication between the designers and developers is crucial to crafting the perfect dashboard UI that delivers the best user experience.

Although, most developers and designers often fail to communicate their ideas with each other. A great way to make this process easier is to use templates. With pre-made dashboard templates, you can show your ideas and concepts in visual form, even if you’re a developer without design experience.

Today we have a big collection of Figma dashboard templates for you. These templates are ideal for sharing your ideas with the team. As well as for designers to get a head start in your dashboard UI projects. Have a look.

15+ Best Figma Persona Templates (For User Personas)

Figma Templates / 13 Sep 2022

15+ Best Figma Persona Templates (For User Personas)

User personas are an important part of the user experience design (UXD) process. They provide insights that lead to making key design decisions that contribute to delivering the perfect user experience.

There’s a lot of work that goes into researching data to create user personas. But in UXD, that’s only one part of the process. You also need to present the data in a beautiful way to make it more appealing to clients during presentations. This is where persona templates come in handy.

With Figma persona templates, you can create stylish profile-like designs to showcase all your gathered data for a user persona in a more professional way.

All the work for these user persona templates has already been done for you. All you have to do is copy and paste the user data into the template. Pick a template and get started.

10 Pro PPT Tips: PowerPoint Design Ideas

PowerPoint Templates / 9 Sep 2022

10 Pro PPT Tips: PowerPoint Design Ideas

It’s not difficult to design a PowerPoint presentation. Designing an effective presentation, however, is an entirely different story.

Studies show that 91% of presenters feel more confident when presenting a slideshow with a great design. But, the problem is that 45% of professionals find it difficult to design creative layouts.

A PowerPoint presentation is not just about creating a few slides with bright colors and images. It mainly needs to be able to convey your message more effectively, maintain your audience’s attention, as well as to persuade and convince them.

Designing such a slideshow is not a Herculean task. You just need to know the right tricks.

In this guide, we share some useful PowerPoint tips and PowerPoint design ideas to help you learn how to craft creative slide layouts more easily. Without further ado, let’s get started.

30+ Car & Van Decal and Wrap Mockup Templates

Mockup Templates / 7 Sep 2022

30+ Car & Van Decal and Wrap Mockup Templates

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of van and car mockup templates. You can use these mockups to showcase your car wrap and decal designs like a pro.

Vehicles play an important role in the branding process for many businesses. Whether it’s promoting the brand through a company car or delivery van, they offer exposure and opportunities for representing your business to local audiences.

If you’re working on such a car decal design, make sure to grab a car mockup from our collection to present your design to clients in a more realistic way. We made sure to pick many different types of vehicles for this list so you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Let’s dive in.

What Is Motion Graphics? Examples & Templates

After Effects Templates / 1 Sep 2022

What Is Motion Graphics? Examples & Templates

Something weird has been happening in the world of design. Those static graphic designs you’ve been using on web and mobile designs have been coming to life.

No need to worry. It’s all because of this new style of animated designs that is taking over called motion graphics.

Motion graphics is considered to be the future of graphic design. It’s so popular that almost every website and mobile app now utilize some form of motion graphics on its user interfaces. Not just to make the designs look good but also to make them more interactive and encourage user engagement.

But what are motion graphics? How can you use them to make your designs better and more effective? Let’s find out.

20+ Premiere Pro Templates for Instagram (And Export Settings)

Premiere Pro Templates / 31 Aug 2022

20+ Premiere Pro Templates for Instagram (And Export Settings)

Instagram has grown into a massive social platform where everyone has to compete for views and engagement. However, the accounts with a proper video marketing strategy are always on the lead.

Video is arguably the most effective content format for driving engagements and sales. According to recent stats, 91% of active users on Instagram watch videos every week. They just love short-form content. What’s more important is that 50% of users admit to visiting a website to buy a product after seeing a video on Instagram Stories.

Needless to say, having a video content plan with great-looking designs and animations is crucial for not just brands and businesses but for all types of Instagram influencers.

You can get started by downloading a few Premiere Pro Instagram video templates from the collection below. These templates are easy to edit and they allow you to produce more professional-looking videos for your channel. Have a look.

Affinity Publisher vs InDesign: Pros, Cons & Advice

Affinity Publisher Templates / 25 Aug 2022

Affinity Publisher vs InDesign: Pros, Cons & Advice

Affinity Publisher is arguably the best Adobe InDesign alternative available today. But how good is this desktop publishing software? Can you replace InDesign with Affinity Publisher for professional work?

Today, we take a closer look at both Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign to find answers to these questions. We’ll compare the best features and benefits of using these popular apps to figure out which platform is suitable for your needs.

The similarities between the two publishing software are uncanny. They basically offer the same set of features and tools but with just a few differences. Although, these differences affect your overall experience in a big way. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this comparison.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

10+ Best Figma Fonts for UI Projects (And How to Add Them)

Figma Templates / 23 Aug 2022

10+ Best Figma Fonts for UI Projects (And How to Add Them)

Typography is one of the most important aspects of UI design. Although most of the time, users never really notice it since designers do a great job of finding the perfect font to offer the best user experience.

But, only the designers know how much work they had to put in or how many iterations of the design they had to create to find that perfect font for a UI project.

Typography is extremely important, not just for apps like Twitter and Facebook, but for every user interface. Because text takes the center stage of every design. Without the right font, your entire UI design will be in jeopardy.

We want to help you find the best font for your designs with this Figma fonts list. These fonts have cleaner and simpler designs to enhance readability and overall offer a more improved user experience.