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Inspiring advice, tips, and suggestions for improving your graphic design skills, logo design, working with templates, and more.

10 Most Impressive Product Label Designs of All Time

Graphics / 28 Feb 2020

10 Most Impressive Product Label Designs of All Time

As the retail industry continues to grow, businesses need to find new ways to make their products stand out. There are countless products that come and go from the shelves. And any design could end up looking stale when everything else looks the same.

How do you earn a place in the consumer’s mind? It’s a combination of diligent market research, professional design, and a strong dose of inspiration. Or simply put, hire a label and sticker printing company to get the job done.

Are these designs the most impressive product labels of all time? It’s really a matter of opinion. But they all stand out in their own way, following many of the best practices in design. They’re all products available on the market today.

Delivering a clear message without writing much is an art. There’s a number of elements that successful stickers have in common to convey a strong message. Elements like bold typeface, simple images rather than complex ones, and novel ideas to trigger memories. The followings are only 10 of those amazing examples.

Christmas Graphic Design: 5 Tips for Classy Festive Design

Christmas Templates / 27 Nov 2019

Christmas Graphic Design: 5 Tips for Classy Festive Design

From holiday cards to party invitations, to sales promotions, to baubles on a website design. It’s time to start thinking about ways to spruce up your graphic designs for the Christmas season!

The trick is creating something that looks classy and festive, not gaudy and overdone.

You want Christmas to be threaded through your design, not being garishly overwhelming!

Here are five tips to get you on your way with ideas to get you thinking about Christmas graphic design projects with some downloadable elements you can make your own.

How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word (Using a Template)

Brochure Templates / 13 Nov 2019

How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word (Using a Template)

Did you know you can make a brochure using a common tool such as Microsoft Word? It’s actually a really capable tool for brochure design, for creating a high-quality, professional outcome.

With a good template, you can turn a simple Word document into a carefully designed brochure that you can get printed or push as a PDF online.

Here, we’ll walk through the steps using a template that you can download from Envato Elements.

You can use what you learn for any type of brochure, using Microsoft Word – a tool you’re already familiar with! Whether you’re looking for a tri-fold, A5, or larger brochure, these steps will work for any type of design.

Favicon Examples, Best Practices and Techniques

Graphics / 11 Nov 2019

Favicon Examples, Best Practices and Techniques

Do you ever pay attention to those tiny icons at the tops of browser tabs? How about when you save a shortcut to a website or page online? Those tiny images, or favicons, are designed especially for that purpose.

There’s a pretty distinct difference between what makes for a good or bad tiny icon. You’d be forgiven for thinking that design decisions at the tiny scale matter less. But a poorly designed favicon can reflect badly on your brand.

Today we’re looking at what these icons are, basic design techniques for them, and the specs you’ll need to follow.

How + Why to Use a Website Wireframe Template

Graphics / 6 Nov 2019

How + Why to Use a Website Wireframe Template

Wireframing is one of those design processes that happens organically and intentionally. How many times have you sketched an idea during a meeting? How many times have you created a presentable wireframe for a client meeting?

Both types of wireframes are equally important parts of the design and iteration process.

The latter takes a little more effort to create, and that’s where a wireframe template comes in. Here’s everything you need to know about using them effectively, and how they can help to save you time, improve the quality of your wireframes, and help you get your ideas down in a physical format.

How to Make a Flyer for an Event (Using a Template)

Flyer Templates / 16 Oct 2019

How to Make a Flyer for an Event (Using a Template)

Event flyers can be fun projects that give you a little more freedom with your design. Many events come with a design style of their own, providing ample opportunity to bend or break some of your brand rules.

The downside to event flyer design is that it often comes with tight turnarounds. So how do you make a flyer for an event quickly, that is designed well?

Start with a template. Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to create an event flyer from a template, from thinking about content to preparing the file for printing. We’re going to use a template from Envato Elements.

How to Make a Brochure Quickly & Easily

Brochure Templates / 29 Aug 2019

How to Make a Brochure Quickly & Easily

Creating a simple brochure can be a quick and easy design project once you have the assets and content you need ready to go. Today we’re walking you through how to make a brochure quickly, and easily!

While brochures can get complicated with fancy folds, cuts, or finishes, most beginners can make a brochure that looks good and can be printed in house or from an online printer.

The trick to making the process as simple as possible is to create a brochure-making routine and follow the steps in a logical order. It also helps to have all the right tools.

Here’s how to make a brochure.

The Difference Between UI and UX

Graphics / 27 Aug 2019

The Difference Between UI and UX

In today’s creative and technical environment, the terms “UI” (User Interface) and “UX” (User Experience) are being used more than ever. Overall, these terms are referring to specialties and ideas that have been around for years prior to the introduction of the abbreviated terminology.

But the problem with these new abbreviations is more than just nomenclature. Unfortunately, the terms are quickly becoming dangerous buzzwords: using these terms imprecisely and in often completely inappropriate situations is a constant problem for a growing number of professionals, including: designers, job seekers, and product development specialists.

Understanding the proper separation, relationship and usage of the terms is essential to both disciplines.

What Is a Logo Template? (And Should I Use One?)

Logo Templates / 26 Aug 2019

What Is a Logo Template? (And Should I Use One?)

If you’ve ever needed a logo in a pinch, you know how stressful that can be! For a quick design, a logo template can be just the tool to help you develop a logo fast and even show potential ideas off before a design gets too far along.

If you’ve never used a logo template before, a good template comes in vector form with everything you need to tweak and play to get the right logo design fast.

Here’s how it works, and a few tips on whether it is the right choice for you.

10 Tips for Designing for Wearables and Watches

Graphics / 20 Aug 2019

10 Tips for Designing for Wearables and Watches

Every day, we see more and more people sporting an Apple Watch or similar. These devices are constantly changing the way we think about wearable technology and how to design websites and apps for unique interfaces.

Wearables present challenges unlike other design projects. Function is a primary concern, as is the size, with what will be one of the smallest screens designers have ever worked with.

The key is creating a design that is visually pleasing but is user-friendly and provides a functional experience.

Here are 10 things to consider as you design for a wearable interface (with examples other designers are already imagining).

How to Design a Poster for an Event: 7 Key Tips

Poster Design / 5 Aug 2019

How to Design a Poster for an Event: 7 Key Tips

Event poster design is a lot of fun. For most poster projects, you really get to express creativity with a one-off design for a single event. While you may still have constraints such as brand typography or color palette, there’s often lots of leeway to create something visually impressive.

With a goal of enticing people to show up or buy tickets, you have to design with impact for these kinds of project. But you also need to convey quite a bit of information in a concise way.

Here’s how to design a poster for an event.

How to Print a Brochure: 3 Options Compared

Brochure Templates / 29 Jul 2019

How to Print a Brochure: 3 Options Compared

You’ve designed a brochure. Now what? With so many printing options out there, how do you know what option is best? The decision can depend on budget, paper, and printing needs, turnaround time, as well as other factors. And not all print options are created equal.

Today, we’re going to compare three different option for printing a brochure so that your design can shine on paper.

Make sure to click through the examples as well, for some more images of beautifully printed brochures! Or, browse through our complete guide on how to design a brochure.