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25+ Infographic Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates / 18 Apr 2023

25+ Infographic Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Animated infographics are one of the best ways to showcase a product roadmap, timeline, or statistics in videos.

Infographics allow you to transform numbers, data, and information into visual form in a way that appeals to the general audience. And it also helps back your claims and builds trust with your audience, which is an important part of making business promo videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects provide you with all the tools you need to craft attractive animated infographics for your videos. Although, it might take hours of work to make them.

To save you time and effort, we handpicked a collection of infographic templates for Premiere Pro. These templates are easy-to-use and feature lots of editable and animated elements. Have a look.

How to Create an Invoice in Word (In 3 Simple Steps!)

Microsoft Word Templates / 17 Apr 2023

How to Create an Invoice in Word (In 3 Simple Steps!)

From small businesses to one-off needs for freelancers, Microsoft Word can be a reliable – and easy – option for creating quick invoices. Most people have it, and you can get a surprisingly well designed invoice made with relatively little effort!

You can use a template that comes with the software by default, create your own, or download a predesigned option from a marketplace such as Envato Elements. (The latter option is the easiest by far.)

Here, we’ll walk you through how to create an invoice in Word using an example template. You can download it here and follow along.

35+ Professional PowerPoint Templates (And How to Use Them)

PowerPoint Templates / 17 Apr 2023

35+ Professional PowerPoint Templates (And How to Use Them)

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or energy to design a pixel-perfect PowerPoint slideshow for every presentation they make. This is where professional PowerPoint templates can be a live-saver!

Whether you’re in charge of designing a slideshow for the weekly team meeting, or a freelancer pitching to clients, designing unique and attractive PowerPoint presentations for each meeting can be a painful task—even for a pro.

Well, let’s change that, shall we? In this post, we’re going to show you a very simple way you can make stunning presentations using professional PowerPoint templates that will knock your client’s socks off.

How to Insert a PDF Into PowerPoint

PowerPoint Templates / 14 Apr 2023

How to Insert a PDF Into PowerPoint

Inserting a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation can be useful for several reasons. It allows you to showcase relevant information from external documents, such as reports, charts, or diagrams, without recreating the content.

By embedding a PDF, you ensure data accuracy and maintain the original formatting. Additionally, incorporating a PDF can save time and effort, as it directly integrates existing resources.

This article will guide you through the process of inserting a PDF into your PowerPoint presentation using various methods.

25+ Best Photoshop Glass Effect Templates, Textures & Text Effects

Photoshop Actions / 14 Apr 2023

25+ Best Photoshop Glass Effect Templates, Textures & Text Effects

One of the coolest effects you can create in Photoshop is the glass effect. It allows you to add more depth and realism to your photos and designs.

The glass effect is commonly used in movie posters, logo designs, and even in photography to create surreal looks. And there are many different styles of glass effects in graphic design, ranging from the popular broken glass effect to glass text effects, shattered glass effect, and more.

We made sure to include them all in this collection. You can easily download and use these Photoshop glass effect templates and PS actions to create cool-looking effects in just a few clicks.

Check out the entire glass effects collection below and start downloading.

35+ Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

Lightroom Presets / 14 Apr 2023

35+ Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

One of the most important aspects of selling real estate property is making the houses, apartments, and the property look good on your website, flyers, and banners. It’s the first step in attracting prospects. Thankfully, there are amazing real estate Lightroom presets you can use to enhance your photos with just one-click.

You invest so much time and effort into making your properties look good but it all goes to waste if the photos you take don’t reflect the real beauty of the property. This is why you should not only hire the best photographers to take professional photos but also use the right post-processing effects to enhance those photos.

In this collection, we feature some of the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography.

Whether you’re managing a real-estate agency or a photographer working for one, these presets will help make your photos of property look more amazing and attract more clients to your business.

50+ Best Responsive Website & App Mockup Templates

Mockup Templates / 13 Apr 2023

50+ Best Responsive Website & App Mockup Templates

Are you looking for the perfect mockup template to showcase your website or app in a professional way? Well, look no further. In this post, we’re bringing you a collection of responsive mockup templates that can beautifully showcase your website design.

Whether you’re building a portfolio, promoting a mobile app, a SaaS business, an online tool, or a services website, these website and app mockup templates will allow you to present different features of your websites and apps while grabbing everyone’s attention.

You can download all these mockup templates for a single price by joining Envato Elements. The platform gives you access to over 500,000 design elements with unlimited downloads for a monthly subscription.

How to Add Notes to PowerPoint

PowerPoint Templates / 12 Apr 2023

How to Add Notes to PowerPoint

Notes in PowerPoint are additional text elements that can be added to each slide, serving as a reference or guide for presenters. They are not visible to the audience during the presentation. Notes help presenters remember key points, elaborate on slide content, or provide reminders for engaging the audience.

Using notes can enhance a presenter’s confidence, ensuring a smooth and well-organized delivery. They also offer a valuable resource when sharing presentation files with others, providing context and supplemental information, making it easier for recipients to understand the slide content and intended message.

This article will walk you through the process of adding notes to your PowerPoint slides and managing them effectively.

25+ Best Box Mockups for Packaging Design

Mockup Templates / 12 Apr 2023

25+ Best Box Mockups for Packaging Design

Today, we are showcasing some of the best packaging box mockups for presenting your packaging designs to clients. There are both pro and free box mockups in this collection. Be sure to download them all.

Packaging design is an important part of making a great first impression as well as offering a better user experience to customers. You can instantly tell how much effort a business has put into the quality of a product just by looking at the packaging design.

This applies to designers as well. The mockups you use to present your projects to clients are a lot like the packaging for your designs. So, make sure to use high-quality mockups to impress your clients.

These box mockup templates will help you achieve that goal. There are many different types of box mockups in this list for various products. Whether you’re working on a pizza box design or a luxury cosmetic product, there’s a mockup here for all your needs. Take a look.

50+ Best Photoshop Text Effects 2023 (Free & Premium)

Photoshop Actions / 12 Apr 2023

50+ Best Photoshop Text Effects 2023 (Free & Premium)

The title is the most important part of almost every design. Whether it’s a poster, flyer, banner, or even a website header, the title is what attracts the audience’s attention and keep them hooked.

When it comes to designing titles, sometimes you have to get creative and make unique text designs that stand out from the crowd. And this is where Photoshop text effects can be used to go above and beyond with your designs.

Photoshop text effects allow you to completely transform your ordinary text into incredible designs without an effort. They are quite popular among YouTubers and Twitch users for designing channel cover images as well.

We handpicked a collection of the best Photoshop text effects you can use to design all kinds of titles and headings. There are both premium and free text effects in the collection. Have a look.

20+ Best Pinterest Templates for Posts & Banners (Free & Pro)

Inspiration / 11 Apr 2023

20+ Best Pinterest Templates for Posts & Banners (Free & Pro)

If you plan on including Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy, we handpicked the best Pinterest pin templates to promote your brand and products.

Even though it hasn’t been making rounds in the news lately, Pinterest is still one of the top social networking platforms available today. With more than 445 million monthly active users, Pinterest has a healthy balance of male and female audiences.

While over 60% of its users are women, men make up around 40% of the platform audience. This makes Pinterest the perfect place to promote your brand to a female audience and men.

The Pinterest templates we gathered for this collection include designs for various types of content from fashion-themed pins to digital product pins as well as for bloggers and influencers as well. Be sure to download them all.

35+ Best Double Exposure Photoshop Actions & Effects

Photoshop Actions / 11 Apr 2023

35+ Best Double Exposure Photoshop Actions & Effects

The popular double exposure effect is not an easy effect to master. Only a Photoshop expert can pull it off. But, there’s a quick workaround you can use to achieve that same effect without any effort—with a double exposure Photoshop action.

Double exposure is a popular effect now being used in advertising, website designs, movie posters, and print media. Back in the day, photographers created this effect using their cameras by combining a silhouette photo and a fill photo. Designers took this effect to the next level using Photoshop. And the digital version of the effect gives you more control and freedom to achieve the perfect blend.

You don’t need expert skills to create this beautiful effect. Simply take a look through our collection of the best double exposure Photoshop actions and use it to instantly apply the effect to your photos.