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12+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

Inspiration / 23 Feb 2021

12+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

TikTok quickly took over the world with its trendy video-based content format. With over 800 million active users, TikTok is more than just about dancing videos and memes. It’s now a platform for marketing.

TikTok is now bigger than Reddit, Twitter, and even Snapchat. As a result, everyone from small personal brands to big corporate businesses is now on TikTok promoting their products.

The key to promoting a brand or a business on TikTok is to have the perfect video templates and the elements to represent your brand in a professional way through the content. They help set your brand apart from the rest.

That’s why we’re bringing you a collection of high-quality TikTok video templates and elements you can easily download and use to create branded content for your audience. Have a look.

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram (+ Rules, Ideas and Tips)

Instagram Templates / 22 Feb 2021

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram (+ Rules, Ideas and Tips)

Designing a giveaway or contest on Instagram can be fun, increase engagement, and help boost your presence online. But it’s more than just asking people to tag a friend to win a prize.

A great giveaway takes planning, a prize that’s worth people’s time, and an understanding of the rules to maintain the integrity of your social media account (that’s the really important part, to make sure you stay on the right side of the guidelines).

Here’s how to do a giveaway on Instagram!

100+ Beautiful, Premium PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) Templates 2021

PowerPoint Templates / 22 Feb 2021

100+ Beautiful, Premium PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) Templates 2021

PowerPoint presentations, love them or hate them, are an essential part of today’s corporate world. Whether for business use or design purposes, the look-and-feel of your PowerPoint presentation can make a tremendous difference in how impressively your pitch comes across.

To help out with making your next PowerPoint presentation particularly impressive, we have searched the internet for professional and elegant PowerPoint templates that you can easily apply to your work.

We’ve also collected a series of tips for finding a beautiful PowerPoint template if you need some extra help.

20+ Simple PowerPoint Templates (With Clutter-Free Design)

PowerPoint Templates / 19 Feb 2021

20+ Simple PowerPoint Templates (With Clutter-Free Design)

When it comes to creating PowerPoint slideshows, using a simple PowerPoint template can be a key approach. It may seem like a good idea to throw the kitchen sink: data, stats, charts, and shapes into every slide, but you’ll never be able to win over your audience with a cluttered slideshow design.

That’s why professionals always use simple slide designs to highlight only the most important parts of a presentation. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert designer to create these professional slideshows. There are pre-made templates you can download and customize with a few clicks.

To help you get started, we handpicked a collection of simple PowerPoint templates with clean and clutter-free designs for creating professional looking PowerPoint slideshow presentations.

We’re also sharing some simple presentation tips to get you started with a clear, simple talk.

SEO for UX Designers: Ideas to Incorporate Into Every Project

UX Design / 18 Feb 2021

SEO for UX Designers: Ideas to Incorporate Into Every Project

Almost everyone you talk to is interested in search engine optimization. And for good reason: You want as many people to see your website as possible and find it in relevant search results.

But did you know that user experience can be one of the most important factors that contribute to SEO and overall search rank? So, you have to start thinking about it at the design and development level or you’ll never get ahead of the SEO game.

Here, we’ve got a few ideas that UX designers can incorporate into every project to help boost search.

25+ Best Bold & Thick Fonts in 2021

Font Collections / 18 Feb 2021

25+ Best Bold & Thick Fonts in 2021

Big bold fonts help you craft titles and headings that grab attention from miles away. That’s why they are commonly used in poster, banner, and billboard designs.

If you’re searching for a similar thick font to use in your designs, you’re in luck. In this post, we present to your some of the best bold and thick fonts you can use to create more attractive titles.

Whether you want a bold serif font or a thick sans font, our collection includes all kinds of thick fonts with modern, vintage, retro, and handwritten designs. There are a few free bold fonts as well.

Check out the fonts collection below and be sure to download them all.

20+ Best Video Transition Effects (For After Effects + Premiere Pro)

Premiere Pro Templates / 17 Feb 2021

20+ Best Video Transition Effects (For After Effects + Premiere Pro)

Video editing is an art form of its own. It takes careful and creative thinking to create a video that captivates an audience. Not just in filmmaking but it applies to YouTube, Instagram, and many other types of video content as well.

The art of transitioning from one scene to the next is one of the most challenging tasks video editors have to deal with. Especially when it comes to creating content for online audiences, people expect to see attractive effects in transitions.

Let’s face it, the default transition effects included with video editors have already been used way too much. It’s time to think differently and add some unique transition effects to your own videos.

It takes a lot of work to create transition effects. But, with the help of these transition effect templates, you won’t have to spend hours designing and creating effects. Just download the After Effects or Premiere Pro templates and start editing.

10 Tips for Presenting Designs to Clients to Keep Projects Moving Forward

Business / 16 Feb 2021

10 Tips for Presenting Designs to Clients to Keep Projects Moving Forward

It’s a common part of the job – presenting design work to clients. Practice doing it well so you can keep projects moving in the right direction and toward the finish line.

If you need a little push, these tips can help. We’ll be looking at how to lay the groundwork, approach challenging topics, clearly show your solution, and weave a narrative with your client.

Let’s dive in!

25+ Startup & Business Proposal PowerPoint Templates 2021

PowerPoint Templates / 16 Feb 2021

25+ Startup & Business Proposal PowerPoint Templates 2021

Presenting a project proposal or startup idea in a slideshow can be a daunting task. But it gets easier when you have the right PowerPoint proposal template at your side.

PowerPoint proposal templates allow you to design more attractive and persuasive slideshows to present your various business proposals, ideas, and projects in your meetings.

In this post, we bring you a collection of startup and business proposal PowerPoint templates, handcrafted by professional designers. All you have to do is download the template, open it in PowerPoint, and copy-paste your own content into the slides. And you’ll have yourself a high-quality PowerPoint presentation within minutes.

50+ Best Instagram Templates & Banners

Instagram Templates / 15 Feb 2021

50+ Best Instagram Templates & Banners

Are you working on a content plan to grow your Instagram following or promote your brand? Then we have a selection of amazing Instagram post and story templates you can use to make your content shine.

The key to growing a following on any social network is to produce high-quality branded content tailored to your audience. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or even hire freelancers to create great content for Instagram. You can use templates instead.

With these Instagram templates and banners, you can create gorgeous posts, stories, and promotions for your Instagram audience all by yourself. You can edit and customize these Instagram templates with a single click.

20+ Best Invoice Templates for InDesign & Illustrator (Free + Premium)

Inspiration / 12 Feb 2021

20+ Best Invoice Templates for InDesign & Illustrator (Free + Premium)

A great-looking invoice template is a must-have for both freelancers and small businesses. It comes in handy especially when you have to process invoices to dozens of clients every month.

If you don’t have an invoice template yet or looking to upgrade your invoice with a new design, now is the perfect time to grab one.

In this post, we bring you some of the best invoice templates you can easily edit and customize using InDesign and Illustrator. With these templates, you’ll never have to worry about sending ugly invoices or pay monthly fees for online invoicing tools ever again.

You’ll also find invoice templates with various styles of designs below. We handpicked them to suit different types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who provide services. There are some great free invoice templates too. Start downloading.

5 Tips for Boosting Your Domain Authority With SEO

Web Standards / 11 Feb 2021

5 Tips for Boosting Your Domain Authority With SEO

With so many factors contributing to search engine optimization and rank, there’s almost too many things to do. A strong domain authority can help you establish a better presence online with search and it starts with optimizations you can make on your website.

Before you get too excited, remember that boosting search rankings is a long-game, and domain authority is just one piece of the puzzle. But it can be quite relevant and is a part of website best practices.

Domain authority and SEO have a symbiotic relationship and boosting one is also good for the other. Here are five methods you can deploy.