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10+ Best Affinity Photo Tutorials for Beginners & Professionals

Software / 16 Aug 2022

10+ Best Affinity Photo Tutorials for Beginners & Professionals

Affinity Photo is arguably the best Photoshop alternative available right now. And if you’re still thinking about switching to this graphic editing software, now is the perfect time to do it.

To help you with the transition, we handpicked some of the best Affinity Photo tutorials and guides to take you from beginner to expert user in no time.

Affinity Photo has tools and features that are almost identical to Photoshop. And the software is super cheap. This makes it very easy to start using the software, especially if you’re coming from the Adobe platform.

With these tutorials, the process will be seamless. You’ll never have to go back to Photoshop ever again.

60+ Best Google Slides Themes & Templates 2022

Google Slides Themes / 15 Aug 2022

60+ Best Google Slides Themes & Templates 2022

Google Slides is one of the best free tools available for creating a quick slideshow presentation. And we’ve collected some of the best Google Slides themes and templates to help you create a visually stunning slide deck.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best Google Slides templates you can use to create a professional presentation without designing everything from scratch. This collection includes various types of Google Slides themes, including templates for marketing purposes, startup pitch decks, product presentations, and much more.

The collection includes both free and premium Google Slides templates. Feel free to browse and pick one that matches your project and presentation!

45+ Best Affinity Designer Templates & Assets 2022 (Free & Premium)

Affinity Designer Templates / 13 Aug 2022

45+ Best Affinity Designer Templates & Assets 2022 (Free & Premium)

Affinity Designer is one of the most comprehensive graphics editing software available today. And it’s the best Adobe Illustrator alternative you could find. Today, we’re bringing you a handpicked collection of those amazing Affinity Designer templates and Affinity Designer assets.

The software is affordable, supports a wide variety of file types, and very beginner-friendly. The community for Affinity Designer is growing. Many marketplaces are now listing templates, textures, icon packs, and other resources specifically made for Affinity Designer.

We’re featuring a mixed collection of Affinity Designer templates and assets that includes all kinds of resources. And we only include the assets that come in .AFDESIGN file format, the default file format for Affinity Designer.

It’s worth noting that Adobe Illustrator files are also fully compatible with Affinity Designer. In addition to .afdesign files, you can download and use AI files and templates without any issues.

20+ Best Brand Kit Examples & Templates in 2022

Inspiration / 13 Aug 2022

20+ Best Brand Kit Examples & Templates in 2022

A brand kit is one of the most important elements of creating a successful brand identity. It plays a key role in how you create a consistent brand look across all your business and marketing efforts.

Every business and brand should have a brand kit, no matter how big or small. It will help you save a lot of time, money, and headaches when promoting your business.

Let’s figure out what a brand kit really is and how to create one. We also have a few great examples and templates for you as well.

Let’s dive in!

20+ Best Clean Fonts With Modern Designs (Free & Pro)

Font Collections / 12 Aug 2022

20+ Best Clean Fonts With Modern Designs (Free & Pro)

A clean and simple design can say a lot about the authority and confidence behind a brand or business. And it’s especially true for designing logos.

The world’s biggest brands like Apple, Samsung, Nike, and many others follow this same strategy to maintain their bold design approach by using minimalist designs for marketing campaigns.

One of the elements that are common across all their minimal designs is a clean font. Today, we will help you find that perfect clean font for logos, labels, packaging, and all kinds of your modern design projects.

There are several different styles of clean fonts in this collection. Whether you’re working on a professional logo design for a corporate brand or a casual custom T-shirt design, you will find plenty of fonts to choose from on our list. Have a look.

50+ Best CV & Resume Templates 2022

CV & Resume Templates / 12 Aug 2022

50+ Best CV & Resume Templates 2022

A first impression can either make or break your chance of landing a dream job. So choosing one of the best resume templates can give you a fantastic head start. These modern CV templates for Word, Pages, and InDesign are the perfect starting point for creating your new and improved resume!

These beautifully designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd, help you showcase the right skills, and improve your chances of landing the job. Some of the templates are free, and others cost a few dollars. All of them are absolutely beautiful!

Having a modern, professional resume doesn’t necessarily mean you will land the job, but it’s a great way to make sure you get the interview! And once you’ve chosen one, remember to read through our guide on how to customize a CV or resume template to make your own mark.

Color Overload: 10 Tips for Creating Color-Packed Designs

Trends / 11 Aug 2022

Color Overload: 10 Tips for Creating Color-Packed Designs

A high-color design can be a difficult thing to create without the final design feeling overwhelming. But designers are taking this chance and experimenting with a bit of color overload to create stunning projects that don’t overwhelm users.

Here, we’ll look at 10 different examples with 10 tips to help you navigate this color trend as you complete a website or other design project.

Leave the muted color palette behind, and dive into a world of vivid color!

60+ Beautiful Geometric & Polygon Background Textures 2022

Background Textures / 11 Aug 2022

60+ Beautiful Geometric & Polygon Background Textures 2022

Looking for a great polygon background texture for your design? Then you’re going to love this collection of free and premium geometric and poly background textures.

Low poly and geometric backgrounds are now turning out to be one of the most popular trends in design this year. They’re being used for both website and graphic designs to give the designs a retro and a pop-art look.

Suffice to say, these textures do add an attractive, modern look to any project.

We’ve handpicked a few great free and premium poly and geometric textures you can use with your next project!

20+ Cute PowerPoint Templates (Free & Pro)

PowerPoint Templates / 11 Aug 2022

20+ Cute PowerPoint Templates (Free & Pro)

Looking for adorable and cute PowerPoint templates to make more creative and lovable presentations? Then this collection of PowerPoint templates is made just for you.

When it comes to presenting adorable pet-themed products, cute kids brands, or even teaching children, a beautifully designed and colorful slideshow goes a long way to capture the attention of your audience.

These cute PowerPoint templates are made with that same goal in mind.

For this collection, we gathered some of the most adorable PPT templates. But be warned, they will instantly make you fall in love with the templates.

40+ Best Fonts for Flyers 2022

Flyer Templates / 10 Aug 2022

40+ Best Fonts for Flyers 2022

When it comes to flyer design, choosing the right font can make a big difference. This collection of the best fonts for flyers can help you find a unique typeface for your next design project.

Whether you’re working on a flyer design for a business event, a party, a music festival, or a club event, it’s important to pick a font that matches the overall theme of the flyer and the business.

You need to find a font that suits the design of the flyer, the message of the event, and the target audience.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours searching for that perfect font. We’ve done the heavy work for you and handpicked the fonts in this collection to match all those types of flyer designs (and more!).

We’re also sharing our tips for choosing a flyer font to help guide you through the process.

How to Make a Booklet in Word (With an Easy Template)

Business Templates / 10 Aug 2022

How to Make a Booklet in Word (With an Easy Template)

Learning how to make a booklet in Word is a valuable design skill. Even if you are used to working in something like InDesign, it’s likely a client or colleague may ask for a Microsoft Word-based booklet. It’s easy with a quick template that you can download, replace content, and use.

Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to create a booklet from a professional template for Word, from thinking about content to preparing the file for printing.

We’re going to use a template from Envato Elements (where there are loads of great options!), but you could use any booklet template for Word that you’ve tracked down online.

20+ Best Fonts With Tails (Swash Fonts)

Font Collections / 10 Aug 2022

20+ Best Fonts With Tails (Swash Fonts)

There’s no denying that calligraphy swashes, or fonts with tails, bring a certain pizazz to your text. If you’re looking for the best fonts with swashes, here’s a collection of the best premium and free fonts with tails that will make you swoon.

In this article, we’re bringing ou a number of stunning swash fonts, created by a slew of talented designers from around the world.

The best part is that you can download as many as you want, as often as you want!