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Design Trend: Imagery Without People

Trends / 14 Dec 2020

Design Trend: Imagery Without People

Where did all the people go? In the same way streets are a little less crowded, so are design projects. It’s a design trend that’s rooted in practicality – what kind of imagery is appropriate in the world we live in now?

With so many rules and changing norms, the easy answer can be to eliminate images that focus on people and faces altogether. And while it is a little different than what we might be used to, it’s not a bad solution to a current design problem. It’s also something you can probably deploy with existing image assets if you need to retool a current design.

Projects that feature imagery without people can have other practical applications as well that aren’t pandemic-related. Let’s take a look.

25+ Best Affinity Designer Templates & Assets 2021 (Free & Premium)

Affinity Designer Templates / 11 Dec 2020

25+ Best Affinity Designer Templates & Assets 2021 (Free & Premium)

Affinity Designer is one of the most comprehensive graphics editing software available today. And it’s the best Adobe Illustrator alternative you could find. Today, we’re bringing you a handpicked collection of those amazing Affinity Designer templates and Affinity Designer assets.

The software is affordable, supports a wide variety of file types, and very beginner-friendly. The community for Affinity Designer is growing. Many marketplaces are now listing templates, textures, icon packs, and other resources specifically made for Affinity Designer.

We’re featuring a mixed collection of Affinity Designer templates and assets that includes all kinds of resources. And we only include the assets that come in .AFDESIGN file format, the default file format for Affinity Designer.

It’s worth noting that Adobe Illustrator files are also fully compatible with Affinity Designer. In addition to .afdesign files, you can download and use AI files and templates without any issues.

30+ Best Free Google Slides Themes & Templates 2021

Google Slides Themes / 11 Dec 2020

30+ Best Free Google Slides Themes & Templates 2021

Google Slides is one of the best tools for creating presentation slideshows, especially with the number of free Google Slides themes and templates available. It has quickly gone from being a free PowerPoint alternative to become the go-to app for creating professional slideshows.

Another great thing about Google Slides is templates. With a great Google Slides theme or template, you can instantly craft a beautiful presentation in just a few minutes without expert design skills.

Today we wanted to show you how amazing Google Slides templates can be. So we brought you a collection of free Google Slides themes and templates to use in your projects.

Usually, a premium Google Slide template is the best way to design a professional-looking presentation. But, there are some amazing free templates you can use with your non-commercial and personal projects. Here are a few of those templates you can download right now.

The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac (2021)

Software / 10 Dec 2020

The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac (2021)

You don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop on your Mac to edit images like a pro. There are plenty of Photoshop alternatives for Mac that you can download or use in-browser to create just the right images and graphics for your projects. And some of them are completely free!

None of these are necessarily one-size-fits-all solutions. Each tool tends to serve a specific purpose; Do you want to edit online or on a desktop? Are you editing photos or multiple file types? Is all the work for web or will images get printed?

Here’s a list of the best Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2021, but not in any particular order. Have a read through to find the one that’s right for you.

100+ Best Modern Serif Fonts 2021

Font Collections / 10 Dec 2020

100+ Best Modern Serif Fonts 2021

It’s time to delve into a collection of the best beautiful, modern serif fonts. Serif fonts are ideal for printed literature, detailed typography, or for creating a more formal effect. And these popular serif fonts really stand out from the crowd.

We’ve gathered more than 100 of the best modern serif fonts that you can quickly start using in your work. You’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make to your design project, compared to the more generic system fonts that get all too commonly used.

There’s nothing like a distinct serif typeface to really set your layout apart, and create something beautiful.

Many serif fonts risk feeling a little old a dated. Not these. Our pick of modern serif fonts all look fresh, innovative, and ready for creating design work that sets a trend! And our tips for choosing a modern serif font will help you pick just the right one for your project.

When (And How) to Outsource Design Work to Someone Else

Business / 10 Dec 2020

When (And How) to Outsource Design Work to Someone Else

If it has ever crossed your mind that a certain element of a design project would be better if you had help, then outsourcing work could be a viable option.

Design agencies, small shops, and freelancers can all benefit from having a bench of partners that can help with projects. Successful outsourcing is based on a mutual relationship between parties that have a similar design style and work ethic.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about outsourcing graphic design work.

50+ Best Free Photoshop Patterns 2021

Background Textures / 9 Dec 2020

50+ Best Free Photoshop Patterns 2021

If you’ve been looking for a creative tileable pattern to make your designs look even more beautiful, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of the best Photoshop patterns with various design styles and aesthetics (both free and premium).

When designing a background, whether it’s for a book cover, business card, or a website, using a creative pattern goes a long way to add a personal touch to the overall look of the design. Not to mention that patterns also help highlight certain types of content above the background as well.

Crafting such a pattern is not easy. So why not save the trouble by simply downloading some of the amazing premium and free Photoshop patterns that we’ve handpicked just for you.

30+ Best InDesign Magazine Templates 2021 (Free & Premium)

Brochure Templates / 9 Dec 2020

30+ Best InDesign Magazine Templates 2021 (Free & Premium)

Designing a magazine from scratch can be a lot of work. You have to come up with unique layouts for multiple pages, design the covers, format paragraphs, and much more. Did you know that you can get a great head-start by simply using an InDesign magazine template?

That’s right! With a magazine template, you get a complete magazine pre-designed by a professional. All you have to do is edit the design to change the colors while replacing the text and images.

We handpicked a collection of amazing InDesign magazine templates to help you find the right design for your project. There are all kinds of magazine templates in this collection ranging from fashion magazines to business magazines and more.

Let’s have a look.

15+ Most Helpful Affinity Designer Tutorials (+ Reviews) in 2021

Affinity Designer Templates / 8 Dec 2020

15+ Most Helpful Affinity Designer Tutorials (+ Reviews) in 2021

Affinity Designer is a vector or raster app. It’s a competitor to Adobe’s Illustrator and allows you to design various elements for print or digital publication.

It’s part of the Affinity package of design tools made by Serif. Use it to do anything from making a business card to mock up an app. Affinity Designer is made for Mac iOS, Windows, and the iPad.

Here, we’ve collected some of the best for everyone from beginners to more seasoned pros, a mix of video and written tutorials. It’s a great place to start for upskilling with your first steps in Affinity Designer!

50+ Best Free Keynote Templates 2021

Keynote Templates / 8 Dec 2020

50+ Best Free Keynote Templates 2021

Today we’re bringing you a collection of the best free Keynote templates for making all kinds of presentation slideshows, including business, creative, agency, and startup pitch decks.

Keynote is a great tool for making effective presentations. But, let’s face it, when it comes to the default templates included, your options are limited. Luckily you can still download and use Keynote templates made by other designers. For this collection, we handpicked some of the best free Keynote templates just for you.

Sure, these templates might not have the polish of premium Keynote templates you can spend a few dollars on. But, for the very low price of free, these will give you more than enough to design a stand-out slideshow.

Showcase Your Creativity With a Free .Design Domain Name

Reviews / 8 Dec 2020

Showcase Your Creativity With a Free .Design Domain Name

Highlight your skills and improve your branding with the right domain name. The right .design domain is waiting for you.

Some of the biggest names in design, including Adobe, Spotify, and Airbnb already use a .design domain for creative projects.

Now is the time to grab one for your business while you can get the first year free.

20+ Best YouTube Thumbnail Templates in 2021

Inspiration / 7 Dec 2020

20+ Best YouTube Thumbnail Templates in 2021

With over 500 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, it’s now tougher than ever to build a successful channel on YouTube. Creating quality content is not enough, you also need to market your videos effectively to get more views.

Using high-quality video thumbnails is one of the best ways you can use to attract attention to your videos. Think of it like fancy packaging for your video content.

The thumbnail cover you use for your YouTube video is the first thing users see when browsing videos on YouTube or searching on Google. By using creative and descriptive thumbnail covers, you’ll have a higher chance of getting more clicks and views for your channel.

Big brand channels on YouTube have their own dedicated designers creating unique thumbnail covers for each video. But, you don’t have to spend any money on designers when you have YouTube thumbnail templates.

In this collection, we’re bringing you some of the best custom YouTube thumbnail templates you can use to create attractive thumbnail covers for all kinds of videos. Have a look.