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20+ Best Figma Tutorials for Beginners

Figma Templates / 20 Apr 2020

20+ Best Figma Tutorials for Beginners

Figma is one of the hot interface design application tools out there. It’s made for collaboration and working with others on digital-based projects. You can design and illustrate (it has vector tools!), prototype, and generate code.

Plus, you can work seamlessly with others and participate in fully integrated design collaboration.

If you haven’t started to use Figma yet, it can be a little intimidating. You can of course learn more about the tool direct from Figma, but there’s lots more to explore as well.

To make it easier we’ve gathered twenty Figma tutorials for beginners to make learning this tool a breeze!

50+ Best Keynote Templates of 2020

Keynote Templates / 17 Apr 2020

50+ Best Keynote Templates of 2020

Even though Apple’s Keynote app gives you plenty of tools and options for creating beautiful presentations, it can be tricky to find the time to build a beautiful, custom design. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this collection of the best Keynote templates!

With these templates, you don’t have to spend hours designing presentation slides. You can simply edit the slides that have already been crafted by professional designers, customize charts, change colors, and voila! You have your own beautiful, unique Keynote presentation.

We picked out a few of the most professional looking Keynote templates that’ll work perfectly for your next presentation (and we’ve also collected some tips for using Keynote templates to help you as well!). And if you’re not sure whether to use Keynote or Powerpoint, we also have a quick look at 3 reasons to choose Keynote over PowerPoint.

20+ Best InDesign TriFold Templates 2020

Brochure Templates / 16 Apr 2020

20+ Best InDesign TriFold Templates 2020

In this post, we’re featuring a handpicked collection of the best InDesign trifold templates you can use to make professional brochures for promoting businesses and brands.

Brochures are the most effective way to promote your brand to a target audience to explain your business goals, mission, as well as to showcase products and services. With the right brochure design, you’ll be able to win more clients and stand out from your competition at the same time.

With these trifold brochure templates, you’ll be able to create a professional brochure for your business or agency all by yourself, without having to hire freelancers or expensive design agencies.

How to Narrate a PowerPoint Presentation (And Record Your Voice)

PowerPoint Templates / 15 Apr 2020

How to Narrate a PowerPoint Presentation (And Record Your Voice)

For a presentation that you aren’t actually giving in person, you can narrate it within PowerPoint, recording your voice so that others can play it back when they watch the presentation.

It’s a nifty trick that popular with slide shows and presentations on networks such as SlideShare, YouTube, and even individual websites. And it can even help you when rehearsing your presentation as well.

Here’s how to narrate a PowerPoint presentation by recording your voice, in a few quick steps!

How to Install Photoshop Plugins (In 2 Minutes!)

Software / 15 Apr 2020

How to Install Photoshop Plugins (In 2 Minutes!)

An Adobe Photoshop plugin is a tool that can shave time off projects in the popular photo editing tool. Here’s a quick guide on how to install Photoshop plugins in just a couple of minutes.

There are plugins that do almost anything, and can quickly become a seamless part of your workflow. Adobe’s Camera Raw plugin is used by photographers everywhere, for example.

Installing a plugin seems to keep getting easier all the time. You can follow manual steps or click to add plugins right from Photoshop.

Either method takes less than 2 minutes and almost anyone can do it.

25+ Best Mobile App UI Design Examples + Templates

App Templates / 14 Apr 2020

25+ Best Mobile App UI Design Examples + Templates

Today, people spend more time on their phones than any other device. As designers, you now have to think more carefully about user interface design for apps than ever. As it plays a key role in improving usability and user retention.

To help you find inspiration for your next app design project, we put together this collection of best app designs.

We look at some of the inspirational and creative app UI designs. We handpicked lots of mobile app examples with templates covering different aspects of app designs. Including onboarding screens to in-app UI screens and more.

The examples we feature below are downloadable templates. If you’re working on an app design, feel free to download them and use them with your own projects. Or even experiment with them to learn how professionals craft app UI layouts.

25+ Best Figma Plugins for Creating Design Systems

Figma Templates / 14 Apr 2020

25+ Best Figma Plugins for Creating Design Systems

Figma is rapidly becoming one of the most versatile apps for UI and UX designers. With the ability to use the app directly on a browser without any platform or hardware limitations certainly made this SaaS app truly one of the best design tools available today.

Similar to Sketch, Figma also has a large collection of third-party plugins. With these plugins, you can extend the features of the app to supercharge your design workflow and get stuff done more easily.

There are more than 500 different plugins available on the official Figma plugins library. Today, we take a look at some of the best and most useful plugins you can use to create your own workflows and design systems. And of course, all of them are free to install and use. Let’s have a look.

60+ Best Free Fonts for Designers 2020 (Serif, Script & Sans Serif)

Font Collections / 13 Apr 2020

60+ Best Free Fonts for Designers 2020 (Serif, Script & Sans Serif)

We’re amazed at the number, and quality, of free fonts available today. Designers have an incredible choice of free fonts to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a serif, script, or sans-serif font, today’s collection of the best free fonts for designers has you covered!

Utilizing a great-looking font is a key part of making any type of design look more professional. Of course, you don’t always have to use premium fonts to achieve that same level of professionalism. If you can’t afford to spend money on premium fonts to make your designs look great, you can always turn to one of the thousands of free fonts.

This collection includes the best free script fonts, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, decorative fonts, and much more to match any kind of design project you’re working on. Go ahead, scroll down and start downloading. Most font are free, with a few premium options mixed in if you’re looking for something that really stands out.

You can scroll to the bottom for our top font picks for each different font style!

10 “Random Act of Kindness” Ideas for Designers

Inspiration / 13 Apr 2020

10 “Random Act of Kindness” Ideas for Designers

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring a smile and make your day. More than ever these random acts of kindness are needed to help get your community (and the world) through tough times.

As a designer, you can use your creative ability to spread kindness. Your skills give you a unique way to brighten someone’s day, help a local business or charity, and make a difference.

Not sure where to start? We have a few ideas that you can borrow, add your creative flair to, and use to spread kindness and happiness.

Keep smiling!

40+ Best Sketch Templates of 2020

Sketch Templates / 10 Apr 2020

40+ Best Sketch Templates of 2020

Sketch is a unique app that offers amazing features and functionality for creating app UI designs and mockups. Creating an effective UI for an application requires time, detailed attention, and—most importantly—an idea to get started with!

In order to streamline the design process for creating your next app interface, we’ve collected the best Sketch UI templates and materials that you can use for your next app project.

All these packs come with hundreds of UI design elements and can be easily implemented in your design.

We’ve also got you covered if you’d like a refresher on how to install a Sketch template, or learn about a few Sketch tips you probably didn’t know!

20+ Best Club Flyer Templates

Flyer Templates / 9 Apr 2020

20+ Best Club Flyer Templates

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking party flyer (we’ve written about how to design your own flyer before). But for an even quicker solution, these pre-made templates come with attractive designs made by professionals. All you have to do is open the template with Photoshop or Illustrator and edit them.

Whether you’re planning a summer beach party, a birthday party, or a club night, this collection has a template for every fun occasion. Plus, our tips for club flyer design and our club flyer background graphics will help get your project off to a great start.

20 Must-Have Apps + Tools for New Remote Workers

Software / 8 Apr 2020

20 Must-Have Apps + Tools for New Remote Workers

If you are new to this whole work-from-home thing, don’t fret. The right tools and apps can make it a lot less stressful, and we’re here to help with everything from productivity apps, to office plants!

Working from home might be a little different for newly minted remote workers, but you can do it.

Here’s a guide packed with resources to make it easier, and help you cope with this unusual transition that so many people are having to go through.