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80+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2024

Photoshop Actions / 23 Jan 2024

80+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2024

Filters are one of the best features of Instagram. Everyone loves the idea of prettifying their photos in an instant and sharing them with their friends and family. But have you ever wanted a set of Instagram filters for Photoshop? I know I have.

The good news is, you don’t just need the Instagram app to apply filters to your photos. You can actually create even more beautiful photos with customizable filters using Photoshop actions and upload them to not just Instagram, but any other social network you want.

We handpicked a collection of free and premium Instagram Photoshop actions for creating creative and stylish Instagram filter effects in Photoshop. With a single click, you can apply these effects to your photos and customize them to your preference.

We’re also sharing our tips and advice on how to use Instagram filters in Photoshop.

What Is Brand Management? a Comprehensive Guide

Business / 23 Jan 2024

What Is Brand Management? a Comprehensive Guide

Brand management, at its core, is about crafting and nurturing a brand’s identity, ensuring it resonates with the target audience, and stands out in the marketplace.

Managing a brand is an intricate process that involves many different aspects. It’s a combination of strategies, practices, planning, and execution that come together to create a brand’s image.

In this guide, we will break down these components and explore the process of brand management in depth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a brand or a marketer looking to get into brand management, understanding how brand management works is a must for finding success.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is a Widow or Orphan in Typography?

Font Collections / 22 Jan 2024

What Is a Widow or Orphan in Typography?

In the realm of typography, two terms often cause confusion for designers and typesetters alike: widows and orphans.

These seemingly small details can significantly impact the readability and aesthetic quality of a text. Understanding what they are and how to manage them is crucial in producing polished and professional-looking documents.

In this post, we explore the concepts of widows and orphans in typography and offer tips on how to handle them effectively.

80+ Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits (Free & Pro) 2024

Lightroom Presets / 22 Jan 2024

80+ Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits (Free & Pro) 2024

You don’t have to be a pro photographer or a graphic designer to optimize and enhance your portrait photos. With the right Adobe Lightroom preset for portraits, you can apply stunning effects, all by yourself.

In this collection, we feature the best Lightroom presets available for quickly optimizing your portrait photos, selfies, wedding photos, and family photos.

Using these Lightroom presets for portraits, you can enhance your photos like a pro by applying effects instantly (and even customize them to your preference with ease). And don’t forget to read through our tips for using presets on portrait photos for helpful advice on how to integrate them into your workflow!

Geometric Patterns: 10+ Colorful Examples & Ideas

Inspiration / 22 Jan 2024

Geometric Patterns: 10+ Colorful Examples & Ideas

Geometric patterns are a cornerstone of design, offering an intriguing blend of symmetry and visual appeal. With their ability to convey different moods and styles, these patterns are incredibly versatile.

Geometric patterns have a rich history that dates back centuries, possibly even back to cave paintings. It’s no secret that these patterns, ranging from simple shapes to complex arrangements, can transform any space or design project.

In this post, we explore vibrant ideas for colorful geometric patterns, each offering a unique way to enhance your design aesthetics. Have a look and see if you can find a creative geometric patterns to use in your own design project.

60+ Best Animated PowerPoint Templates 2024 (Free + Premium)

PowerPoint Templates / 19 Jan 2024

60+ Best Animated PowerPoint Templates 2024 (Free + Premium)

In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best, animated PowerPoint templates (both premium and free) to create stunning presentations filled with stylish object and transition animations.

Designing a PowerPoint presentation is not an easy job. It requires a lot of work and time. When crafting presentations, most people completely ignore one of the key elements of a creative slideshow: animation. Adding creative animations and effects not only makes your presentation slides interactive, but it’s also useful when emphasizing key points and data.

Of course, you don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to design animated slideshows. You can simply use a pre-made animated PowerPoint template. We handpicked these templates just for you.

We’re also featuring a series of tips for creating animations and transitions in PowerPoint with some extra pointers and advice.

10+ Inspiring Web Design Blogs to Follow in 2024

Inspiration / 19 Jan 2024

10+ Inspiring Web Design Blogs to Follow in 2024

Web design is an ever-evolving field where there’s always something new to learn and discover.

As a designer, staying on top of these new trends, strategies, and technologies is crucial to building a strong and lasting career. And the best way to do that is by following web design blogs.

In this post, we highlight the most inspiring and useful web design blogs you should follow this year.

These blogs are not just sources of inspiration; they are treasure troves of knowledge, offering insights into new technologies, design philosophies, and practical tips that can transform the way you approach your projects.

80+ Modern Corporate Brochure Templates 2024

Brochure Templates / 18 Jan 2024

80+ Modern Corporate Brochure Templates 2024

Brochures are an incredibly important part of identity and branding for any type of business. Whether you’re keeping customers informed, marketing a new product, or selling your services. A beautiful, modern brochure template can be a great starting point.

We’ve tracked down some of the most beautiful, creative brochure designs to help you quickly get started with a professional template. They’re modern and stylish, and can help your business stand out from the crowd.

All these brochure designs come in the form of a ready-to-go template, fully print ready, and most just cost a few dollars.

We’re also sharing a few helpful tips for designing a corporate or business brochure, and a guide on how to choose your brochure design software to help get you started.

20+ Best Watercolor Fonts for Creative Typography Designs

Font Collections / 18 Jan 2024

20+ Best Watercolor Fonts for Creative Typography Designs

Today, we delve into a selection of the finest watercolor fonts available, carefully chosen for their aesthetic beauty, legibility, and versatility in various design contexts.

Watercolor fonts bring a touch of artistry and whimsy to any design project. These fonts, known for their fluid, hand-painted appearances, are perfect for projects that require a personal, handmade feel.

Each font in our collection stands out for its ability to convey emotions and add a distinctive flair to both print and digital media. From bold brush strokes to delicate and subtle watercolor effects, these fonts cover a range of styles to suit different design needs.

Our list includes both premium and free watercolor font options. Dive in and download them all!

70+ Annual Report Templates (Word & InDesign) 2024

Inspiration / 17 Jan 2024

70+ Annual Report Templates (Word & InDesign) 2024

Are you working on an annual report? Looking for a way to impress your client or boss with this report? Then use a simple annual report template to make your document look more professional.

Preparing an annual report is not an easy job. You shouldn’t have to spend hours making it look pretty as well. That’s why we handpicked this collection of annual report templates so you can quickly load them up with InDesign or MS Word to edit and copy over your content. It’s that easy.

Whether you’re working on an annual sales report, financial report, or a marketing report, we found templates to fit all kinds of documents. This collection includes both free and premium templates, as well as our tips for designing the perfect annual report to get you off to a great start.

25+ Best Cardboard Box Mockups (Free & Pro)

Mockup Templates / 17 Jan 2024

25+ Best Cardboard Box Mockups (Free & Pro)

Whether you’re designing packaging for a small boutique, a large eCommerce brand, or a niche product, having a high-quality mockup is essential for making a strong impression.

There’s no need to spend hours scouring the web to find them because we handpicked the perfect set of cardboard box mockups for all your needs.

Our collection includes mockups for all types of designs, from simplistic free cardboard box mockups to more complex shipping box mockups. They are available in different sizes and shapes, perfectly created to match your various product packaging requirements. Not only will these mockups save you from investing extra time, but they can also elevate your design presentation for clients.

Explore the list below and find the perfect cardboard box mockup for your packaging design.

25+ Best Expanded & Wide Fonts in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Font Collections / 16 Jan 2024

25+ Best Expanded & Wide Fonts in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Expanded and wide fonts are a designer’s secret weapon when it comes to creating standout visuals. These fonts, known for their extended letterforms and broad characters, offer a bold and commanding presence in any design.

In this post, we explore a curated selection of the best expanded and wide fonts available, each chosen for its distinct personality, versatility, and ability to make an impact. Whether you’re working on branding projects, advertising, or want to make a statement in digital or print media, these fonts bring a unique blend of style and readability that can elevate your work.

Our collection includes both premium and free options. We’ve curated a seamless blend of expanded fonts, keeping in mind the diverse requirements of various projects. Be sure to download them all.