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Roshan is a blogger and a freelance writer with years of experience in digital marketing, web design, and UXD. He also loves to code websites in his free time.

10 Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid (With Examples)

PowerPoint Templates / 27 Jun 2023

10 Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid (With Examples)

One of the most important aspects of a successful presentation is designing an effective slideshow. Unfortunately, it’s also a part most professionals often neglect or don’t pay attention to.

This is why most of the bad presentation designs share a pattern. They are usually made using the default PowerPoint templates. They use the same default fonts as every other presentation. They also include terrible stock photos. And try to stuff as much information as possible into a single slide.

We noticed all these mistakes and more while exploring some of the most popular presentations on SlideShare. They were slideshows with thousands and even millions of views. But, they were riddled with mistakes and flaws.

In this guide, we show you how these mistakes can be harmful as well as give you tips on how to avoid them. Of course, we made sure to include some examples as well.

35+ Best InDesign Newsletter Templates (Free & Premium)

InDesign Templates / 27 Jun 2023

35+ Best InDesign Newsletter Templates (Free & Premium)

Newsletters are an important part of every company. It’s an effective way of staying in touch with customers, clients, and even investors. However, designing the perfect newsletter can be a challenging task.

But now, thanks to pre-made newsletter templates, the process is much easier. There’s no need to hire design agencies or spend weeks crafting designs. Newsletter templates come with complete designs made by professionals. We’ve found a few of those amazing newsletter templates for you.

In this collection, we feature some of the best InDesign newsletter templates for making all kinds of business, corporate, and agency newsletters for communicating with customers. These templates are fully customizable. All you have to do is open the template in InDesign, change colors, copy-paste your text, and it’s ready to print.

Have a look and see if you can find a newsletter design for your company.

30+ Best Modern eBook Templates in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Business Templates / 26 Jun 2023

30+ Best Modern eBook Templates in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Writing a book is surely a difficult process. Then also coming up with a great design for your eBook is a challenge of its own. But you won’t have to worry about that, thanks to our collection of eBook templates.

Many businesses, brands, and even bloggers know that eBooks are a powerful marketing tool for promoting products and services. It’s also a popular incentive for growing your email lists.

With this collection of eBook templates, putting together a modern-looking eBook for your marketing needs will get much simpler. Here, you’ll find templates for all sorts of purposes.

These templates are easy to customize and you can just copy-paste your book content into the template and have it ready to download within minutes. Have a look.

40+ Best Headline, Header & Title Fonts

Font Collections / 22 Jun 2023

40+ Best Headline, Header & Title Fonts

The headline or title can often be the most important part of a design. Which is why it’s always worth taking extra time to choose the best title font for your next project. The typeface you choose for your headline can draw people in, and grab their attention.

Well, you don’t have to waste any time searching for the perfect headline or title font because we did all the work for you. We put together this list of the best title fonts to use with all kinds of posters, flyers, websites, social media posts, and many other types of designs.

Plus, we’re sharing some tips for choosing a title font, to help point you in the right direction.

20+ Best Business Stationery Templates (+ Examples) 2024

Business Templates / 21 Jun 2023

20+ Best Business Stationery Templates (+ Examples) 2024

Consistency is the key to creating a brand that’s instantly recognizable and memorable. To achieve that goal, every element of your brand identity should share the same DNA, including the business stationery designs.

How exactly do you design professional business stationery that fits your brand without spending a fortune on hiring a design agency? The answer is business stationery templates.

With the help of pre-made templates, you can quickly assemble a complete set of stationery designs for your business featuring your brand style, colors, and the same fonts. And we have the perfect specimens for you to get started with.

In this collection, you’ll find many different styles of business stationery templates suitable for all kinds of brands and companies. Have a look and be sure to download them all.

20+ Best News & Sports Templates for After Effects

After Effects Templates / 20 Jun 2023

20+ Best News & Sports Templates for After Effects

Today, we have some of the best After Effects templates you can use to make your news and sports-related content look more professional and attractive.

Whether you’re working on video elements for a news broadcast channel or trying to make your YouTube videos look more professional, these After Effects news templates will go a long way to creating a consistent branded look for your channel. As well as to establish your channel as an authority in the industry.

There are many useful templates in this collection for creating high-quality intros, news segment animations, lower thirds, and much more for all kinds of news and sports videos.

In addition to the premium templates, we included a few free After Effects news templates too. Be sure to download them.

40+ Best Space & Galaxy Background Textures

Background Textures / 20 Jun 2023

40+ Best Space & Galaxy Background Textures

Space and galaxy-themed backgrounds sit perfectly behind bold text and objects. These colorful space textures make your designs appear brighter than a single color background as well — they have a wonderful personality.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous space background for a web design project, or even just to use one as your desktop background, you can find many different types of space and galaxy themed backgrounds and textures in this collection.

We’ve brought together stars, planets, galaxies, stunning intergalactic scenes, and more.

It’s the perfect way to take your next graphic design project into another world!

70+ Best App Landing Page Templates 2024

App Templates / 19 Jun 2023

70+ Best App Landing Page Templates 2024

Whether your app landing page is encouraging people to sign up, register, join, or subscribe, it’s a key thing to get right. A carefully designed mobile app landing page can make-or-break your conversion rates, and it’s worth taking the time to get right!

Landing pages can hold a huge amount of value, and if you’re looking to create a specific layout, we have just the collection to help you. We’ve tracked down over thirty-five of the best-looking app landing page templates for your next project. Every one of these templates is easy to work with and customize for your own mobile app.

We’re also sharing a few landing page tips for your next project, to help point you in the right direction.

Plausible: A Lightweight, Privacy-Friendly Google Analytics Alternative

Reviews / 19 Jun 2023

Plausible: A Lightweight, Privacy-Friendly Google Analytics Alternative

Plausible is an open-source web analytics platform that offers simple and easy-to-understand analytics with a lightweight script that’s 45X smaller than Google Analytics script. It’s the best alternative to Google Analytics. Here’s why.

Google Analytics has been the go-to choice for web analytics for a long time. But lately, website owners have been looking for alternatives to switch over. The main reason is Google’s push for Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Google forced all users to switch to the new GA4 system by July 2023 or risk losing website analytics data. GA4 is an upgrade that greatly benefits apps and marketers, but not so much for website owners.

In addition to adding more load to your website, GA4 is much more difficult to understand. The GA4 analytics dashboard has a frustrating user interface that requires taking a training program just to navigate its menus.

When considering these reasons and the many other downsides to using Google Analytics, Plausible is a much better analytics platform you can use to gather insights and user data. Let’s take a closer look and find out why.

20+ Best Figma Email Templates (Using Figma for Email Design)

Figma Templates / 16 Jun 2023

20+ Best Figma Email Templates (Using Figma for Email Design)

Today, we have a collection of professional Figma email templates for designing various types of emails for your clients and projects. There are both premium and free templates for you to download.

Figma is one of the best tools you can use to design professional emails and newsletters. The ability to create interactive prototypes and the power of design systems and style libraries makes it the perfect all-in-one platform for crafting email designs.

The best part is how easy it is to hand off your Figma designs to developers. Figma offers many tools to easily convert your designs into HTML and CSS when teaming up with developers.

With the help of Figma email templates, this process becomes much simpler. You can now skip most of the basic work that goes into designing the email structure and focus on customizing and refining the design to match your brand. Check out the templates below and see for yourself.

What Is a Digital Brochure? (20+ Templates and Examples)

Brochure Templates / 14 Jun 2023

What Is a Digital Brochure? (20+ Templates and Examples)

Using digital brochures is one of the best ways to reach your audience more easily and to save thousands of dollars spent on printing costs.

Digital brochures are the most effective way to deliver information to a wider audience. And they are the easiest to make as well.

In this collection, we have some modern and stylish digital brochure templates for various types of businesses. You can use them to design marketing brochures in digital formats in just a few steps.

Let’s dive in and have a look.

Sketch vs. Figma vs. Adobe XD: Which Design Tool Is Best for Beginners?

Sketch Templates / 14 Jun 2023

Sketch vs. Figma vs. Adobe XD: Which Design Tool Is Best for Beginners?

There comes a time when every designer needs to decide which design tool they’re going to settle down with for the rest of their career. If you’re in the process of finding your perfect design tool or looking for a replacement, this guide is for you.

Sketch app used to hold the throne as one of the most versatile design apps out there. That’s until two new contenders surfaced to challenge the throne—Figma and Adobe XD.

Both Figma and Adobe XD apps are not only developed by industry leaders but offer some amazing features that managed to steal many users away from Sketch. Of course, Sketch is still one of the best UX design tools available today as well.

For beginning designers, it can be frustrating to find the right tool for their work. In this article, we aim to provide a solid answer to that problem, by comparing Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD against one another. Let’s dive in.