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35+ Best Infographic PowerPoint Templates (For Data Presentations)

PowerPoint Templates / 24 May 2024

35+ Best Infographic PowerPoint Templates (For Data Presentations)

Data visualization plays a big role in delivering more convincing and effective presentations. If you look at any of the slideshows on Slideshare, you’ll notice that they all have at least one or two infographic slides showing stats and data about the subject matter.

That’s because presenting data is the best way to prove and validate your claims. It’s actually very easy to create an infographic slide in PowerPoint to present your data in visual form.

In fact, there are pre-made PowerPoint infographic templates you can use to easily add beautiful infographic slides to your own presentations.

For this post, we handpicked some of the best PowerPoint infographic templates for you to explore. Have a look and see if you can find a great infographic design for your slideshow.

40+ Best Fonts for Procreate & How to Add Them

Font Collections / 23 May 2024

40+ Best Fonts for Procreate & How to Add Them

One of the best things about Procreate is how flexible the app can be depending on your needs. If you’re a beginner, Procreate is a great place to start practicing your craft. But the app also has advanced features for experienced artists. Like the ability to install and use custom fonts.

Using custom fonts in artwork is a great way to add more creativity. For example, if you’re not good at calligraphy or hand-lettering, you can just use a hand-lettering font to add beautiful titles and subtitles to your Procreate designs.

In this post, we showcase some of the best fonts for Procreate with hand-crafted designs. You can download these and use them however you like. And we’ll also show you how to install fonts in Procreate.

Let’s get started.

40+ Bottle Mockup Templates (Free & Pro)

Mockup Templates / 22 May 2024

40+ Bottle Mockup Templates (Free & Pro)

Bottles are one of the most versatile packaging items on the planet, and not only can the right bottle design make your product stand out on the shelf, but it’ll also act as an incentive for the consumer to purchase it.

Whether you’re designing a range of bottles for a line of products, or wanting to promote your company by selling bottles with your logo on them, there are tonnes of ways to customize them – but it’s important to make sure that the design looks perfect before you commit to printing or manufacturing them in bulk.

We’ve curated a list of the best free and premium bottle mockup templates for you to download and customize with your bottle design, to bring your creation to life instantly. Read on, and pick your favorite!

30+ Best Photoshop Overlays (Free & Pro)

Photoshop Brushes / 21 May 2024

30+ Best Photoshop Overlays (Free & Pro)

If you enjoy using effects to make your photos look more magical, then you’ll fall in love with this collection of Photoshop overlays.

With Photoshop overlays, you can add cool effects to your photos with just a few clicks. Whether it’s to add snow, a romantic bokeh, smoke effects, or a classic vintage look, there are many different types of overlays you can experiment with.

You’ll find some of the best of all those types of Photoshop overlays in our handpicked collection below. These are perfect for editing photos, designing posters, flyers, and various other graphic design projects.

Most overlays on the list come in JPG and PNG formats. You’ll be able to use them in Photoshop and other photo editing apps such as Affinity Photo. Have a look and remember to download the free templates too.

30+ Best Cinematic LUTs (For a Film & Cinema Look)

Premiere Pro Templates / 21 May 2024

30+ Best Cinematic LUTs (For a Film & Cinema Look)

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of beautiful cinematic LUTs for giving a true film look to your videos and photography.

With these LUTs, you can instantly give a professional look that will make your videos look like they were produced by a Hollywood filmmaker. They will also speed up your color-grading process.

In this post, you’ll find lots of different styles of LUTs with cinematic and film looks for all types of content. While most of them are specially optimized for videos, you can use these LUTs to enhance photos as well.

We included both pro and free LUTs in this list. Be sure to download them all.

35+ Best Business Proposal Templates (With Creative Designs)

Business Templates / 20 May 2024

35+ Best Business Proposal Templates (With Creative Designs)

Creating a winning business proposal starts with choosing the right design for your document.

It has to be designed in a way to represent your brand, your mission, as well as to clearly communicate your goals behind the proposal. This is why most big brands spend thousands of dollars to hire teams and agencies to create their business proposals.

You don’t really have to go to such lengths to create professional and effective business proposal documents. With the help of pre-made business proposal templates, you can eliminate the middle-man and make the document yourself.

We handpicked a collection of the best business and project proposal templates with incredible designs. All you have to do is download a template, edit the file in MS Word or InDesign, add your own project proposal content, and print it out. It’s that simple!

20+ Best Neon Effects for Photoshop (Text, Sign, & More)

Photoshop Actions / 20 May 2024

20+ Best Neon Effects for Photoshop (Text, Sign, & More)

Neon effects can transform a simple graphic into a striking piece of art, evoking the retro-futuristic vibe of neon signs that line vibrant cityscapes.

In this post, we showcase the best neon effects for Photoshop. Whether you’re creating eye-catching advertisements, stylish event flyers, or compelling social media graphics, these neon effects offer a dynamic aesthetic that captures attention and sets a mood.

You’ll find all kinds of effects in this list, ranging from Photoshop PSD neon effect templates to actions specifically designed to create fantastic neon text effects in Photoshop. Have a look.

30+ Best Consulting + Management PowerPoint Templates 2024

PowerPoint Templates / 17 May 2024

30+ Best Consulting + Management PowerPoint Templates 2024

A killer presentation is the main weapon in a consultant’s arsenal. It’s the best tool you can use to convince and persuade clients of your skills and services. But you can’t do any of that with an ugly slideshow.

A beautiful and professional design is a must for every PowerPoint presentation. Especially when you’re trying to persuade an audience as an authoritative figure, you need carefully designed slides that live up to your reputation and brand.

This collection is all about helping you achieve that goal. We found the best consulting PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly and easily design better-looking slideshows for your consulting and management presentations.

Have a look and see if you can find a great template for your project.

50+ Best Event Flyer Templates (+ Flyer Printing Tips)

Flyer Templates / 16 May 2024

50+ Best Event Flyer Templates (+ Flyer Printing Tips)

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional-looking party flyer (we’ve written about how to design your own flyer before). But for an even quicker solution, these pre-made templates come with attractive designs made by professionals. All you have to do is open the template with Photoshop or Illustrator and edit them.

Whether you’re planning a summer beach party, a birthday party, or a club night, this collection has a template for every fun occasion. Plus, we’re sharing tips for printing your flyer as well.

25+ Best Monoline Fonts for Creative Design Projects

Font Collections / 16 May 2024

25+ Best Monoline Fonts for Creative Design Projects

Monoline fonts offer a variety of aesthetic options that can adapt to different themes and purposes. And today, we explore a carefully curated collection of the best monoline fonts available.

Characterized by their consistent line weight, monoline fonts are relatively simple but can add an edge of sophistication to your designs. Be it a monoline script font to offer a touch of elegance and finesse, or a monoline cursive font to channel exceptional vibrancy without sacrificing clarity; our collection embraces them all.

With the right monoline font, you can achieve a cohesive, polished look that resonates with your audience and enhances your design vision. Find your favorite in the list below.

35+ Best Photoshop Smoke Brushes

Photoshop Brushes / 15 May 2024

35+ Best Photoshop Smoke Brushes

Have you ever wondered how designers create those beautiful smoke effects in posters and photo manipulations? Well, all you need is a quality Photoshop smoke brush and you can create those same effects all by yourself.

A smoke brush can be quite useful on many different occasions, whether it’s for adding a bit of artificial smoke to a cup of coffee, creating a fog-like effect, or adding a stylish fading effect for a poster.

We browsed the web and handpicked a collection of the best Photoshop smoke brushes you can use to create all kinds of smoke effects. These will be great additions to your arsenal of graphic elements.

20+ Best Restaurant Logo Ideas & Templates (Free & Pro)

Logo Templates / 15 May 2024

20+ Best Restaurant Logo Ideas & Templates (Free & Pro)

A well-crafted logo sets the tone for the dining experience, instantly communicating your restaurant’s style, cuisine, and ambiance. We’ll help you find that perfect logo for your establishment.

We’ve carefully curated a selection of templates and restaurant logo ideas that will inspire your branding journey. Whether you’re running a cozy café, a fine dining establishment, or a trendy food truck, these professional logo designs will help you make a memorable first impression.

Each template has been chosen for its versatility, adaptability, and ability to represent a wide range of restaurant themes, from sleek and modern to rustic and vintage. We made sure to include a few free templates too. Have a look.