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80+ Best Microsoft Word Brochure Templates 2023

Brochure Templates / 6 Apr 2023

80+ Best Microsoft Word Brochure Templates 2023

Today, we’re bringing you a set of professionally designed Microsoft Word brochure templates to help you get a head start on your next brochure project.

Every designer has a collection of pre-designed templates. These templates not only allow you to enhance your workflow but also save hours of time otherwise spent searching for an inspiring starting point.

Whether you’re working on a brochure for a business, a case study, report, or a project proposal, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in this collection of templates (and even more with our quick brochure design tips, and our full series on brochure templates!)

20+ Best Cinematic LUTs (For a Film & Cinema Look)

Premiere Pro Templates / 5 Apr 2023

20+ Best Cinematic LUTs (For a Film & Cinema Look)

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of beautiful cinematic LUTs for giving a true film look to your videos and photography.

With these LUTs, you can instantly give a professional look that will make your videos look like they were produced by a Hollywood filmmaker. They will also speed up your color-grading process.

In this post, you’ll find lots of different styles of LUTs with cinematic and film looks for all types of content. While most of them are specially optimized for videos, you can use these LUTs to enhance photos as well.

We included both pro and free LUTs in this list. Be sure to download them all.

60+ Best Hand Lettering & Hand Drawn Fonts 2023

Font Collections / 5 Apr 2023

60+ Best Hand Lettering & Hand Drawn Fonts 2023

Hand lettering fonts can add a unique flourish to your design. They’re full of fun, character, and style. Whether you’re looking for a realistic calligraphy effect, or something more abstract, our collection of the best hand lettering fonts is a great starting point!

Hand lettering fonts span a huge range of styles. They range from bold and masculine block-style typefaces, through to stylistic and feminine freehand. All of these have their place, but in completely different types of project!

Whether you’re designing a poster, crafting a logo, or putting together a wedding invitation, this selection of our favourite picks covers a huge range of styles.

10 Cool PowerPoint Tips and Tricks You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

PowerPoint Templates / 4 Apr 2023

10 Cool PowerPoint Tips and Tricks You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

PowerPoint is a versatile tool capable of many amazing tasks. It has lots of great features but unfortunately, most users aren’t even utilizing half of the software’s capabilities.

Today, we’re going to change that. In this guide, we share some of the best PowerPoint tips and tricks for doing cool things with the presentation maker.

You’ll learn cool tricks like inserting QR codes in PowerPoint slides, converting presentations to videos, removing the background of images, and much more.

These PowerPoint tips will not only allow you to design presentations more easily but they will also help impress your audience. Let’s dive in.

70+ Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits (Free & Pro) 2023

Lightroom Presets / 4 Apr 2023

70+ Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits (Free & Pro) 2023

You don’t have to be a pro photographer or a graphic designer to optimize and enhance your portrait photos. With the right Adobe Lightroom preset for portraits, you can apply stunning effects, all by yourself.

In this collection, we feature the best Lightroom presets available for quickly optimizing your portrait photos, selfies, wedding photos, and family photos.

Using these Lightroom presets for portraits, you can enhance your photos like a pro by applying effects instantly (and even customize them to your preference with ease). And don’t forget to read through our tips for using presets on portrait photos for helpful advice on how to integrate them into your workflow!

80+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2023

Photoshop Actions / 4 Apr 2023

80+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2023

Filters are one of the best features of Instagram. Everyone loves the idea of prettifying their photos in an instant and sharing them with their friends and family. But have you ever wanted a set of Instagram filters for Photoshop? I know I have.

The good news is, you don’t just need the Instagram app to apply filters to your photos. You can actually create even more beautiful photos with customizable filters using Photoshop actions and upload them to not just Instagram, but any other social network you want.

We handpicked a collection of free and premium Instagram Photoshop actions for creating creative and stylish Instagram filter effects in Photoshop. With a single click, you can apply these effects to your photos and customize them to your preference.

We’re also sharing our tips and advice on how to use Instagram filters in Photoshop.

50+ Best VSCO Lightroom Presets 2023

Lightroom Presets / 3 Apr 2023

50+ Best VSCO Lightroom Presets 2023

VSCO is a popular photography app for both Android and iOS, known for stunning filters and effects. Today we’re featuring a selection of VSCO Lightroom presets, inspired by the VSCO app, to help you achieve similar results with greater power and flexibility.

If you have a copy of Lightroom, you probably want to have more control over the specific nuances of how a filter is applied. We’ve found this collection of Lightroom presets that feature pretty much the same filters, effects, and adjustments included in the VSCO app.

The only difference is they are quite a bit easier to customize and change in more dramatic ways. Plus, you can apply these Lightroom presets to your photos with just one click!

60+ Best Free Premiere Pro Templates 2023

Premiere Pro Templates / 3 Apr 2023

60+ Best Free Premiere Pro Templates 2023

Are you looking for a way to create a quick title scene or a slideshow in Premiere Pro? Then these free Premiere Pro templates will come in handy.

One of the best features of Premiere Pro is the ability to use templates. With templates, you can instantly create various types of video projects. Even if you don’t have much experience in using the app, templates are fairly easy to use.

There are plenty of amazing Premiere Pro templates out there. But, most of them are premium templates. Don’t worry, if you’re low on budget or looking for a template for a personal project, we’ve got you covered.

In this collection, we feature some of the best free Premiere Pro templates we’ve come across (as well as a few premium ones too). You can use them to create all kinds of projects from titles to lower-thirds, slideshows, and much more.

20+ Best Fonts for Contracts & Legal Documents

Font Collections / 31 Mar 2023

20+ Best Fonts for Contracts & Legal Documents

Choosing a font for a legal document is not an easy task. Because the typography of each document has a direct impact on the legibility and tone of the legal documents you create.

If you were to use a font like comic sans to create a legal contract, your clients will never take you seriously. It will also affect your authority as a professional.

We’ll help you avoid making that mistake. In this post, we showcase some of the best fonts for legal documents. There are various styles of fonts in this list for lawyers, business owners, freelancers, and more.

These fonts will help you maintain professionalism across all your legal documents. Have a look. We also included a few free fonts to experiment with.

20+ Best Business Proposal Templates (With Creative Designs)

Business Templates / 31 Mar 2023

20+ Best Business Proposal Templates (With Creative Designs)

Creating a winning business proposal starts with choosing the right design for your document.

It has to be designed in a way to represent your brand, your mission, as well as to clearly communicate your goals behind the proposal. This is why most big brands spend thousands of dollars to hire teams and agencies to create their business proposals.

You don’t really have to go to such lengths to create professional and effective business proposal documents. With the help of pre-made business proposal templates, you can eliminate the middle-man and make the document yourself.

We handpicked a collection of the best business and project proposal templates with incredible designs. All you have to do is download a template, edit the file in MS Word or InDesign, add your own project proposal content, and print it out. It’s that simple!

35+ Best Western Fonts (Old Western and Cowboy Typography)

Font Collections / 30 Mar 2023

35+ Best Western Fonts (Old Western and Cowboy Typography)

The old western design style is a trend that never goes out of style, just like the old-west style movies that are breaking box office records even today.

It’s a very popular trend used in logo design, badge design, product labels, posters, and more. And the most important element in all these designs is the font. You can’t make an old western-style design without a classic western font.

We’re here to help you find that perfect old western font for your project. This collection includes many different styles of western fonts with classic country designs.

Whether you’re looking for a cowboy font for a movie poster or western font for a vintage logo design, this list has them all. Be sure to download the free fonts too.

20+ Best Adobe XD Email Templates

Adobe XD Templates / 29 Mar 2023

20+ Best Adobe XD Email Templates

Email is still the king of direct marketing for promoting products, services, and brands. But designing emails that get more clicks and views is the challenge.

The secret to winning this challenge is to use appropriate and relevant design layouts for your emails with the right colors, visuals, call to actions, and branding. It may sound like a difficult process but we have a very simple solution.

Start with an Adobe XD email template. When using a pre-designed email template, you can avoid having to start your design from scratch, save a ton of time, and make sure your emails look more attractive. And with Adobe XD, you can customize the email template for free.

We’ll help you find an amazing Adobe XD email template for your business emails and newsletters. Have a look and start downloading.