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25+ Handwriting Text Templates for After Effects

After Effects Templates / 31 Aug 2023

25+ Handwriting Text Templates for After Effects

When it comes to creating typography for elegant, romantic, and luxury videos, a handwriting text effect is the best approach for any project.

The handwriting design simply adds a very personalized look to your videos, especially for wedding, lifestyle, beauty, and even luxury brand videos that can’t be matched with any other typography design.

Adding a title or heading with a handwriting-style font is easy. But the tricky part is creating that handwriting animation to make the text come alive in your videos. This process takes some advanced skills.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With the help of these handwriting animation templates for After Effects, you’ll be able to create stunning handwriting text effects for your videos without effort. Check them all out below.

25+ Best Earthy & Nature Fonts 2024

Font Collections / 29 Aug 2023

25+ Best Earthy & Nature Fonts 2024

Fonts with a serene and earthy vibe are an excellent choice for giving a more authentic and grounded look to your typography designs. And that’s exactly the theme of this fonts collection.

In this post, we are showcasing some of the best nature fonts with earthy, rugged, and organic looks. These are must-have fonts for reminding the digital world of the beauty of nature.

When crafting logos, headings, and typography for eco-friendly brands, outdoor-themed businesses, or organic products, your choice of font will go a long way to establishing authority and authenticity.

You’ll find plenty of incredible nature fonts here for all those types of design projects. Be sure to download the free nature fonts as well.

30+ Photoshop Photo Effects for Stunning Creative Photos

Photoshop Actions / 24 Aug 2023

30+ Photoshop Photo Effects for Stunning Creative Photos

One of the best things about using Photoshop is how it gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild and experiment with different effects.

When Photoshop first went mainstream, everyone used it to make photo manipulations and try different styles of effects on photos to make them look more fun and unique.

Well, now you can do all those fun things using pre-made templates. Today, we brought you a collection of cool Photoshop photo effects you can use to make your photos look more creative and unique.

You’ll find lots of different photo effects and photo overlays in this list. They are easy to edit and use with various types of photos. We included a few free photo effects and tutorials as well. Download them all below.

40+ Best DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Templates 2024

DaVinci Resolve Templates / 17 Aug 2023

40+ Best DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Templates 2024

Today, we have a collection of DaVinci Resolve slideshow templates that are perfect for making all kinds of professional videos.

Slideshows are a big part of almost every video project. Whether it’s to include a wedding photo slideshow or make a business promo video, slideshows fit in well with many different types of videos.

Normally, it takes quite some time to make a great slideshow scene in a video editor with cool effects, animations, and transitions. But creating such amazing photo and video slideshows in DaVinci Resolve will only take a few clicks when you have the right template.

Check out our DaVinci Resolve slideshow templates collection below and download a few templates to use in your video editing projects.

20+ Best Fast & Racing Fonts in 2024

Font Collections / 9 Aug 2023

20+ Best Fast & Racing Fonts in 2024

Today, we speed through a collection of racing fonts that are made just for typography designs that capture the essence of speed and motion.

Whether you’re working on a sign for an auto repair shop, a banner for a racing event, or even want to add an energetic look to your social media posts, this collection has fast racing font designs for all types of projects.

These fonts are also great for adding a thrilling look to your typography designs as well as for showcasing growth and momentum. There are many different ways you can utilize fast fonts for adding a creative look to your projects.

We managed to find both premium and free racing fonts for this collection. You can find them all below. Have a look.

70+ Best Free Photoshop Patterns 2024

Background Textures / 8 Aug 2023

70+ Best Free Photoshop Patterns 2024

If you’ve been looking for a creative tileable pattern to make your designs look even more beautiful, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of the best Photoshop patterns with various design styles and aesthetics (both free and premium).

When designing a background, whether it’s for a book cover, business card, or a website, using a creative pattern goes a long way to add a personal touch to the overall look of the design. Not to mention that patterns also help highlight certain types of content above the background as well.

Crafting such a pattern is not easy. So why not save the trouble by simply downloading some of the amazing premium and free Photoshop patterns that we’ve handpicked just for you.

35+ Feature-Packed Mockup and Scene Generators

Mockup Templates / 3 Aug 2023

35+ Feature-Packed Mockup and Scene Generators

How to effectively showcase your work can always pose something of a dilemma. There are plenty of one-off mockups available for different purposes, but we’re starting to see the release of more and more incredible “scene creators” that let you create your own mockup scene.

These provide unique sets of multiple items that let you combine your design work with multiple items and products, achieve all manner of different presentations — something really unique!

Today, we’ve gathered over 15 scene creator packs that provide an awesome starting point — for office, corporate, kitchen, Christmas, or fashion mockups!

We’re also featuring tips for using a mockup generator to help get you off to a quick start.

45+ Stunning Vintage Mockup Packs & Graphics

Mockup Templates / 2 Aug 2023

45+ Stunning Vintage Mockup Packs & Graphics

Vintage design is all about presentation. You may have spent hours designing a vintage logo or a layout for your client, but in order to fully reap the rewards of your hard work, you’ll want to present it in a vintage mockup template.

All of these examples help to showcase the design you’ve poured time and attention into.

We’ve featured a huge collection of free and premium vintage mockup sets that match your design aesthetic, all with a classic, retro style!

Plus, we have a series of vintage design tips to help guide you in the right direction with your next piece of vintage design work.

30+ Pro Magazine Mockups (Cover + Spread)

Mockup Templates / 1 Aug 2023

30+ Pro Magazine Mockups (Cover + Spread)

Are you working on a professional magazine design? Then you’ll need a professional magazine mockup template to present your design to your clients.

We’re here to help you complete that step without an effort. In this collection, we bring you a set of handpicked professional magazine mockups for showcasing both covers and the spread.

You can also easily customize these mockups to create a beautiful scene and make your magazine designs look more realistic as well. Our tips for choosing a magazine mockup will help to point you in the right direction!

30+ Brushes and Images for Creating Grungy Edges

Photoshop Brushes / 25 Jul 2023

30+ Brushes and Images for Creating Grungy Edges

Creating complex edges manually in Photoshop can be an arduous task. Fortunately, there are tons of free brushes and images online that will make this process a breeze.

Giving your design a unique edge can go a long way towards framing the rest of the graphic, and creating an effect that stands out.

If you’re going “grungy”, try to make sure that this effect extends across every part of your image.

Keep reading to see our collection of 20 brushes and images with torn, burned and grungy edges!

25+ Best Matte Photoshop Actions & Effects 2024

Photoshop Actions / 24 Jul 2023

25+ Best Matte Photoshop Actions & Effects 2024

Today we bring you a handpicked collection of matte Photoshop actions that will allow you to apply an aesthetically pleasing visual effect to your everyday photos.

The matte effect is widely used in fashion, lifestyle, and portrait photography as well as many other digital marketing materials for giving a soft and unique look to images and photographs.

This collection features both free and premium matte Photoshop actions you can use with various projects from optimizing outdoor photos to wedding photography, landscapes, and much more.

30+ Action-Packed Photoshop Actions & Effects

Photoshop Actions / 22 Jul 2023

30+ Action-Packed Photoshop Actions & Effects

Actions are one of the most overlooked features in Photoshop that most designers don’t often pay attention to. Yet, they are also one of the features that could help save you hours of your time.

Another great thing about Photoshop actions is that you don’t even have to spend time creating and perfecting them. You can simply grab one of the thousands of Photoshop actions already made by professional graphic designers and start applying them to your photos to create instant effects.

So, whether you’re a pro looking to save time or just want to quickly experiment with several advanced effects, here are a few of the coolest Photoshop Actions you can use to add magical effects to your designs and supercharge your workflow.