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Learn how to work with fonts, lay out typography, pair different typefaces, and find collections of inspiring fonts to use in your next project.

Articles / 5 Jul 2007

Five Tips for Better Typography

When designing online, people often overlook the need to careful consideration of font styles, sizes and colours. How you display and position the words on your page can have a dramatic impact on how long people stay on your site, and how much they take in.

If you follow our five simple steps below, you will see a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of your designs. You’ll benefit from readers spending a little more time browsing through your pages.

Articles / 18 Jun 2007

Introduction to Online Fonts

Often, when designing a website, the first things you consider are the colour scheme, logo and layout. All vital aspects, without a doubt, but make sure you take time to think about the fonts you are going to use along with all the elements surrounding typography. After all, your visitors are there to read the words you’ve written.

When the Internet was first conceived, there were only a couple of fonts available to use. With the introduction of CSS, designers now have much more control over which fonts are displayed and how they are laid out on the page.