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iPad Mockups

A beautiful iPad mockup can be a great way to show off your iPad app, responsive website, or interface design. Anything that’s designed for a tablet looks great in an iPad mockup, and this series helps you get started. Find the best iPad mockups for different models, and learn how to use them!

An iPad mockup is a fun and realistic way to show off a website or app design in a three-dimensional or photorealistic display. An iPad mockup can be used alone or as part of an overall representation of a web design when used side-by-side with desktop and mobile display mockups.

5 Places to Find iPad Mockups

ipad mockups

When looking for an iPad mockup, you can choose between free and more premium options, which often have more elaborate or realistic backgrounds.

5 Things to Look for In an iPad Mockup

ipad mockups

How do you know if an iPad mockup is the right choice for your project?

Answer: Your project will look good in the mockup and you’ll be ready to show it off.

Here’s what to look for when browsing through iPad mockups.

  • Make sure the mockup is for the latest version of the device on the market. (You don’t want your mockup to look like a first generation iPad do you?)
  • Opt for a mockup that’s vector-based if you aren’t sure of everywhere you might use it. This will give you plenty of scalability.
  • Look for an iPad mockup with room for customization so that it is easy to import your design into the mockup template.
  • Look for a mockup that looks realistic but isn’t too cheesy. It can help others visualize how the content in the mockup might look in a real situation.
  • Choose a mockup with options for multiple orientations since users can use an iPad vertically or horizontally.

Quick Tips on Adding Your Design to an iPad Mockup

ipad mockups

The more frequently you use an iPad mockup, the more comfortable it will become. Most designers have one or two go-to mockup options they use for current devices to make workflows quick and easy.

When adding your design, start by getting comfortable with the file structure of the mockup.

Then get an appropriate screenshot of your design for an iPad. Make sure to get both vertical and horizontal grabs for iPad mockups.

Find the appropriate layer and add your image to the mockup design. Make sure the image fits the canvas properly and is in a layer behind the edges of the device rendering, providing a more realistic design.

5 iPad Mockup Packs to Get You Started

iPad Pro Mockup Templates

iPad Pro is quite popular among creatives and professionals. This is a mockup that showcases the new device with the Apple Pencil. It also includes 7 different perspective views for you to easily present your designs using the mockup template.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

100 iPad & Apple Device Mockups

This is a massive bundle full of all kinds of Apple device mockups. The pack comes with different Apple mockups you need for various design projects, including mockup templates for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 6 and more making a total of 192 devices. The templates come in 7 different background settings as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

iPad Mini Studio Mockups

If you’re looking for a set of professionally photographed iPad device mockups, look no further. This bundle features 8 high-resolution iPad Mini mockups photographed in a studio environment. You can add any custom background to these mockups as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

4 Free iPad Mockups

4 Free iPad Mockups

This free bundle includes 4 premium-quality iPad mockups. It comes with 4 mockup templates featuring different views and settings of a black iPad. The templates feature smart objects for easier editing as well.

  • Price: Free

iPad Pro Responsive Mockup

This is a set of iPad Pro mockup templates that you can use to showcase your designs and creative work using 5 different scenes. It also includes 3 AI files for easily customizing the mockups however you like.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription